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APB - Above&Beyond - Review: Trust the Tech

10 Mar 2017

While watching APB I never expect masterclass TV or some groundbreaking emotional stuff, I expect a thrilling ride with some neat gadget and character development. And Above & Beyond was juts that and exciting and entertaining.

And while I truly enjoy the show and all the ways they are trying to entertain us with intriguing stories and gadgets, them always scoring a win is just a tidbit annoying. I get it, it is still early on and the show is building up but their wins are way too smooth and easy for my taste

This week's case of the week involved a desperate father, Robert Ruiz (Rick Gomez), who asked for Gideon's help in capturing the drug lord who poisoned his daughter. With Gideon being the big softy we all know he is, he decided to take on the case. Captain Ned opposed as expected cause of the dangers of drug trafficking and it was great from the show to portray for us how the deals are going down. The complex process and no snitching policy within the gangs just inspired Gideon to get smarter and more inventive. Coating money with to a human eye invisible powder was a good move and made me laugh while Murphy, Goss and Brandt were patrolling through Chicago and realizing that everyone has some dirt on them.

The investigation eventually lead them to the drug lord, Marcos Cruz but they weren't able to hold him in custody. This little setback cause of Marcos stashing his product at his 90-year-old neighbor's barn was another laughable moment but still a sweet mockery of how the justice system is flawed. This course of events pushed Robert into a dark place and he went after Marcos himself, it was a predictable plot twist but once again served to set up some a strong finish for the episode. I loved the use of the super goggles here and how Teresa took out Marcos.

Also happening this week, Scott and the Mayor going after Gideon. Thankfully Gideon knows his way with words and intimidation so he pressed the Mayor to jump on his ship and jump off Gideon's neck for the time being at least. Still, Scott wasn't accepting this well and I think he won't let loss.

A surprisingly entertaining story featured the involvement of guest stars Bryant Romo and William Smillie. Officers Reyes and Cobb used some tech program invented by Aida to capture some bad guys. The two officers share some great chemistry and their interaction was hilarious as they were chasing bad guys around Chicago. The two of them certainly need to work on their shape. The AIDS drug dealer was a sweet touch, them letting him go and squirming in front of Ned was just hilarious.

What did you think of Above & Beyond? Did you enjoy what APB is offering or is the show boring you? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section down below and discuss the events of this week's episode