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American Crime - Season Three: Episode Three - Review: The Green Motel

Episode Three was a true winner. The story moves along tremendously, the characters are getting more substance and their stories are getting more gripping and compelling with every tidbit of information revealed. "Season Three: Episode Three" was written by Janine Salinas Schoenberg & Mois├ęs Zamora and directed by Victoria Mahoney.

The episode opened with a shocker right away, we witness Diego (Clayton Cardenas), Isaac's friend, raping a woman in the fields. The casual facial expression was completely terrifying as it seemed like he just checked off one of his choirs. Diego's influence over Isaac is strong but for unknown reasons, Isaac is still fighting strongly for Coy. They share a lot of close scenes forging a bond and Diego doesn't like it at all. Diego's need to proof he is an alpha and a boss on the farm is truly disgusting. Clayton Cardenas
is really terrifying in the role and freaks the s#i+ out of me in the process.

Coy is a dreamer and delusional about the way he is trying to get clean but he didn't deserve the beating Isaac gave him. He didn't deserve to pay for Isaac's stupidity. Connor Jessup was still very convincing and seeing him lying on the field, victimized with no power to fight back was such a throwback to season 2, truly heartbreaking

Also, still looming around the Hesby farms is Luis. He was still searching for his son, Teo. Benito Martinez's Luis carries so much power, strength, and emotion while continuing his search for Teo. Eventually, he found a clue about Teo's whereabouts which lead him to Itzel. She was another worker on one of the fields and revealed that Teo saved her from getting raped and after that, no one ever saw him again. And while the start of the episode indicated that Diego was the one responsible for Teo's disappearance, Diego doesn't punish people in the dark he loved to do it upfront so everyone would fear him. Isaac seems like a more relatable choice, he has a lot of hidden anger and an affinity for young boys.

I'm still very much infatuated by the performance Felicity Huffman is pulling off as Jeanette. This fear infused housewife fighting for some justice just has so many levels of extraordinary to it. Jeanette's interaction with her husband and brother-in-law were felt just so strong cause of all the detailing Felicity added to her acting, it is just so compelling. The fear in her eyes, the mumbling she adds when Jeanette needs to be strong and speak and generally the whole vibe she is giving off are creating a powerful character and story to follow. I still love the chemistry between Jeanette and JD and I hope for more juicy moments in the future.

Meanwhile, Ana Mulvoy-Ten is still killing it in her role of the underage prostitute Shae. Such extremely fabulous work but this young and talented actress. I love the depth of story they are exploring with this sex-trafficking victims as they've put Shae through counseling. Her confession about how she felt safe with her pimp in comparison to her messed up family was simply moving. It tore my heart a bit, to be honest. No kid in the world should feel safer with a pimp than its family.

As said in the review for Episode One, Regina King deserves an award for this role and she once more proved it this episode. Kimara's reaction to Reggie's rejection was truly heartbreaking and took my breath away. She barely contained the tears and her struggle felt so real. Kudos to Regina for this one, really magnificent. Still, Kimara couldn't pass the episode without sharing scenes with Shae. Shae stole a phone and was with one foot out of the shelter but after Kimara's interference and heart to heart with Shae, she made things right and bought the girl a camera so she could take pictures. I really love their interaction and the bond that is forging between them.

What did you think of Episode Three? Did it captivated you or are you feeling indiferent to all of the stories introduced in season 3? As always feel free to share your in the comment section down below and share this review on the social media via the links on the left.