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Sleepy Hollow - Columbia - Review: “President Lincoln, Where’d Your Head Go?”

Sleepy Hollow - Columbia - Review: “President Lincoln, Where’d Your Head Go?”
4.1 - “Columbia”
Directed by Russell Lee Fine
Written by Albert Kim
Reviewed by Kelly Anne Blount

We return to Sleepy Hollow for a new season. Abbie is dead and Crane is being interrogated by a stranger in a weird room. He talks about battling evil with Abbie. From Crane’s estimation, he has been held for approximately two weeks.

Crane sees an opportunity and attacks the stranger. He frees himself and makes a run for it. Crane finds a room with photographs and manuscripts of monsters he and Abbie have fought in the past, as well as clues about the people who took him. He also sees blueprints of the Lincoln Memorial.

Crane climbs to freedom, escaping into the woods, which quickly give way to a tarmac at a Reagan National Airport.

The show cuts over to two unknown law enforcement agents. They have a fun banter and what appears to be a good working relationship. We find out that the women is Agent Diana Thomas, from Homeland Security. Her partner’s name is Eric.

Agent Thomas and Eric are called out to the Lincoln Memorial. Guess what’s missing? President Lincoln’s head!

Crane arrives at the Lincoln Memorial as well, but it’s too late. The head is already missing.

A monster attacks the Agent Thomas and her partner. Eric is mortally wounded. Crane bursts into the room and tells Agent Thomas to shoot the beast. She does and the monster disappears. Agent Thomas wants to know who Crane is and what the heck is going on.

Crane tells Agent Thomas that he needs to pursue the demon right away or all will be lost. Thomas isn’t sure if she should believe Crane or not.

A short time later, Agent Thomas is getting grilled by her boss. Her boss thinks she’s crazy. He tells her to go home and get some rest. I wonder if he’s in on it? What do you think? Something struck me as odd about his demeanor.

Interesting, Agent Thomas doesn’t head home, instead she finds the manhole cover that Crane climbed out of and is in the underground facility he was being held in.

Crane shows up at the same facility. Agent Thomas almost shoots him.

Crane is impressed with Agent Thomas’ skills. He wants her to help him track the demon. She thinks Crane is crazy, because, “Demons don’t exist.” I give her about two more minutes before she starts to believe. He convinces her, after all, she saw the demon kill her partner, Eric.

Aw, Crane tells Agent Thomas that he too has lost a partner. Poor, Abbie.

Crane tells Agent Thomas that he is the only person that can find the people who killed her partner.

Malcolm Dreyfuss is the worst. He wants to buy a company, but the owner doesn’t want to sell. He wants that company no matter what the cost. I think someone is about to get murdered! We also find out that Dreyfuss is tracking Crane.

Uh oh! The demon takes another victim, a man running a souvenir shop that sells patriotic mugs, flags, etc. Poor guy!

Commercial Break: Oooh! There’s a preview for that movie SPLIT. I’m a total scaredy-cat but I desperately want to go! I don’t know if I can handle it! What do you think? Are you going to go see it this weekend?

Back to the episode, Crane is trying to get ahold of Jenny. He misses her and hopes that she has found the next Witness. Crane admits that he too has left Sleepy Hollow and that he is, “out of his element.”

The man the demon attacked is dead. His body looks just like Agent Thomas’ partner.

Interesting! George Washington founded a group to keep track of the supernatural. Crane knows of it and is excited it is still intact. Agent Thomas refers to it as, “The Vault.”

Crane and Agent Thomas head to The Vault. Jake, the guy working at The Vault is a HUGE fan of Crane! He fanboys over him for a few minutes. It’s adorable. He even takes a selfie with Crane.

Jake introduces Crane and Agent Thomas to Alex, who works with the artifacts in The Vault.

Crane is freaking out. He has found, “the secret history of America.”

He finds out that a confederate soldier named, Booth a.k.a. John Wilks Booth, raised the demon that killed Agent Thomas’ partner. This means that President Lincoln was killed by a demon.

Crane tells Alex, Jake, and Agent Thomas about the demon and how he killed President Lincoln. He concludes that the beast was brought back by cutting the head off the Lincoln Memorial.

Crane and Agent Thomas investigate an ancient tunnel connected to The Vault. As they are investigating, Agent Thomas tells Crane that she was in the military, but left to have a baby. She met her partner, Eric, in the military and it’s clear that she misses him. Agent Thomas admits that her daughter has a medical condition and that there is nothing she can do to help her daughter. She fainted two weeks ago and hasn’t spoken since. According to her daughter’s doctors, “she’ll grow out of it.”

Crane and Agent Thomas find a wall scratched up by the demon. The demon is obsessed with the stars and stripes. Uh oh! Agent Thomas shows Crane a newspaper ad, there is going to be a Stars and Stripes concert where everyone will be dressed in patriotic gear, this is going to anger the demon and put them all at risk. Eek!

Alex figures out that copper is the demon’s weakness. Crane states that they need to build weapons made form copper to fight the demon. Alex is excited about the task.

The patriotic parade is underway. Ha ha! Crane’s outfit gets made fun of because, “everything is Hamilton now!” Ha ha ha! That’s hilarious!

Crane tries to draw out the demon. He holds up a flag and starts singing a patriotic song. He’s adorable and brave. Good combo!

Alex and Jake have created copper bullets. Crane leads the demon back to a building where the bullets are being held. The demon disappears for a few moments before Jenny appears and blows him away with copper bullets.

Crane and Jenny catch up. They have not found another Witness yet. They both miss Abbie.

The news is reporting a “wild animal attack.” It appears that Mr. Dreyfuss is behind the attack. By killing someone, he is now able to take over another company, the man killed was holding out on signing the deal.

Dreyfuss says they can let Crane go for the time being. He tells one of his men that he finished the ceremony while he was away and that the prize is ready to be extracted.

Dreyfuss says that there is no amount of blood that he won’t spill in order to get “these,” which appear to be an artifact.

Crane and Agent Thomas are hanging out at the Lincoln Memorial. Crane says that he’s going to hang out in Washington D.C. for a while. Agent Thomas wants to find out who is responsible for Eric’s death. Crane warns her that once she starts down this path, there’s no going back.

The episode ends with Agent Thomas heading home to see her daughter, Mollie, who hasn’t spoken since she fainted several weeks ago. Her daughter is in her room and appears to be content, but she still won’t speak. When Agent Thomas leaves her daughter’s bedroom, Mollie pulls out a hidden sketch book. The sketch book is filled with images of Ichobod Crane.

Dun, dunnnnnn, dunnnnnnnnn!

My Thoughts:

Interesting first episode of the season. It doesn’t feel the same without Abbie. It also didn’t feel the same without Jenny playing a major role. The new agent, Thomas, seems like a good match for Crane. Alex and Jake seemed like good secondary characters as well and had good chemistry.

I did think that Thomas, Alex, and Jake all believed Crane a bit too quickly. But, hey, if you saw a demon, perhaps you’d believe right away too.

What did you think of the episode? Leave me a comment below!

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