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Scene Of The Week - January 8, 2017 + POLL

8 Jan 2017

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

BLINDSPOT, "Nor I, Nigel, AKA Leg in Iron", January 4, 2017, Actors: Jaimie Alexander, Luke Mitchell, The Scenes: Jane consoles Roman & Roman is shown pictures of the dead FBI Agents
Kollin Lore:
Jane consoles Roman. This was a very touching scene that sees Jane console Roman, letting her brother know that she will support him through his ordeal and that they'll figure things out together. Alexander and Mitchell have proven to have fabulous chemistry and their scenes, especially this one, were showstealers.
Samantha Benjamin: Roman is shown pictures of the dead FBI Agents.

BONES, "The Hope in the Horror", January 3, 2017, Actors: T. J. Thyne, Eric Millegan, The Scene: Hodgins visits Zack
Justyna K:
First of all, I was really hoping that Zack wouldn't turn out to be the bad guy. He's been such an important character in the first three seasons of this story and seeing just how much the others cared for him, it would be heartbreaking to see what's become of him. Luckily, it seemed that everyone else agreed and the premiere ended up being quite a turning point for Zack, with the rest of the team finally knowing the truth and promising to help him. When it comes to the memorable scenes, there were a few I could include in the article but nothing quite as powerful as Hodgins and Zack's reunion. These two were such great friends and I didn't realize how much I missed them until that moment. I still remember, in "The Pain in the Heart", when Zack admits he was responsible for the explosion in the lab and Brennan makes him realize he went against his logic, the plan and got himself badly hurt, just to keep Hodgins safe... In this scene, Hodgins is grateful for the e-mails and advices Zack came up with to help in Jack's recovery but his old friend has to tell him that the treatment won't work for long and all he truly could share with him was hope. Zack talking about a power of hope was something I didn't expect. Their conversation quickly turns emotional, especially when it becomes clear how painful news this actually is for Hodgins. Both actors did an excellent work in the scene. Kudos to cast & crew for the strong premiere and such a powerful moment!

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, "The Fugitive", January 1, 2017, Actors: Andre Braugher and more The Scenes: Holt tying a half Windsor knot
Saloni: Holt tying a half Windsor knot to convey to their witness that he's acting like a child. I was in splits! Even Rosa was containing her laughter. Andre Braugher is such a gem. Gina being hit by a bus is a close second.. but there was a lot of weird foreshadowing, she said it herself.. so when it happened I don't think I was too surprised. But they cannot, cannot, cannot lose her. I don't think they'll kill her off. I hope not. Also picked by Laura Markus

CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, "When Do I Get to Spend Time with Josh?", January 6, 2017, Actors: Pete Gardner, David Hull, The Scene: White Josh helps Darryl move into his new office (picked by Laura Markus)

EMERALD CITY, "Prison of the Abject", January 6, 2017, Actors: Jordan Loughran and more
The Scene: Tip revealed to be a girl
Marko Pekic:
Long time Oz fans know the story of Princess Ozma and the revelation of Tip's identity worked so freaking well. The writers did a perfect job in combining the stories and even though I saw it coming from a mile away it was a perfect scene to finish the two-hour special.

FREQUENCY, "The Edison Effect", January 4, 2017, Actors: Peyton List, Rob Mayes, Kenneth Mitchell, The Scenes: Raimy visits Kyle at the hospital & Raimy kills Nightingale
Luana Arturi:
Raimy visits Kyle at the hospital. I love how this show deals with the consequences of Raimy's communications with her father. I know sometimes it's difficult for everything to fit together, but the thing that makes it all so special are the little details, like the fact that once Raimy and Frank save Julie, she will be with Daniel, and Kyle won't even remember her, their relationship will exist only in her memory. Raimy crying as she listened to him talk about their family dinner was heartbreaking, I just hope that, no matter what happens, she gives him a real shot.
Marko Pekic: Raimy kills Nightingale. So much pain has built up in Raimy and it peaked when she faced her mother's murder. Even though she knew everything would be over tomorrow she had to take the shot and kill Nightingale.

FRESH OFF THE BOAT, "How to Be An American", January 3, 2017, Actors: Constance Wu, Randall Park, The Scene: Jessica tells Louis she knew she would marry him right away
Marko Pekic:
Jessica tells Louis she knew she would marry him right away as well. Halfway through the episode, I wanted to jump into my TV and kick Jessica out of the show. But then the writers and Constance brought it back in. In an emotional confession Jessica told Louis that she fell for him right away and the screen lit up right away.

INCORPORATED, "Sweating the Assets", January 4, 2017, Actors: Allison Miller, Julia Ormond
The Scene: Laura confronts her mother (picked by Bradley Adams & Samantha Benjamin)

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, "The Gang Turns Black", January 4, 2017, Actors: Charlie Day and more, The Scene: Charlie's solo about his life (picked by Laura Markus)

LETHAL WEAPON, "Homebodies", January 4, 2017, Actors: Clayne Crawford and more, The Scenes: Riggs consoles dying Owlsy & Riggs sits alone in the disco
Kollin Lore:
Riggs consoles Owlsy as she is dying. This scene had me bawling my eyes out. It was a very tender moment as the young chemist cried into Riggs' shoulder before passing away. And Riggs, seeing the parallels of his life to hers, holding her close like the daughter he never had. So tragic.
Samantha Benjamin: Riggs sits alone in the disco.

ONE DAY AT A TIME, "Strays", January 6, 2017, Actors: Justina Machado and more
The Scene: The family says goodbye to Carmen (picked by Bradley Adams)

SHERLOCK, "The Six Thatchers", January 1, 2017, Actors: Martin Freeman, Amanda Abbington, Benedict Cumberbatch, The Scene: Mary's death
Justyna K:
After such a long time, Sherlock is finally back. And in the premiere we have to say goodbye to a character who's made a powerful impact on the story and the relationship between the main duo - Mary. It's an incredibly heartbreaking scene, with Mary dying in John's arms and saying just how much he meant to her before her time runs out. His pain, the guilt and anger are perfectly potrayed by the wonderful Martin Freeman. The sound of despair he makes after Mary's death has been haunting me for a week. The entire reaction, John breaking down and confronting Sherlock about his broken promise, is something I'll definitely remember from the episode. Mary's death, her sacrifice to save Holmes' life, makes this moment a true turning point, a game changer in the story that I can't wait to explore in the next episodes. Kudos!
Luana Arturi: Martin Freeman was amazing in portraying John's pain, guilt and anger all at the same time, I don't know exactly what was the purpose of the personal way they went on this episode, but I can see value in his conflicting feelings. I'm just gonna miss Mary, she wasn't my favorite person, but she was so much fun to watch, especially with Sherlock, it was hilarious when both of them made fun of John, I wish we'd gotten more of that. But, then again, there's never enough Sherlock.
Saloni: Mary's death. John's reaction. I want to say I was so surprised about his cheating on them. I also loved the opening scene with Sherlock and Mycroft in front of the committee, but Mary's death scene was just so heartbreaking.
DarkUFO: Mary's death and John's subsequent reaction. Also picked by Donna Chidley

SWEET/VICIOUS, "Fearless", January 3, 2017, Actors: Eliza Bennett, Dylan McTee, Taylor Dearden, The Scene: Jules confronts Nate
Aimee Hicks:
Writers hold a great deal of power and if they choose to wield that power for the greater good something transcendent can occur. That’s exactly what happened here, the writers have crafted an incredibly important story and through the gifted talent of Eliza Bennett they’ve given all the women who have had to endure the same horrific crime as Jules another strong voice to dutifully and respectfully represent them. Eliza Bennett is an acting force of nature that has been handed some extremely heavy and emotional material yet has never once wavered under the pressure of such a critical story. In moments like this, she always delivers such a raw performance that it’s impossible to not feel the pain inside of Jules. There have been a lot of standout moments throughout this season as Jules tries to cope with the aftermath of the rape, but none more important than this one. Jules has been carrying a lot of emotional pain inside of her because of what Nate did to her and the pain finally became too much for her to keep bottled up. She shoved him against the wall and made sure he heard every word she had to say as she forced him into a vulnerable position where she had all the power. It was very poignant that she reminded him that the way she was restraining him was the same thing he’d done to her. She was his victim once, but she made it clear that she will never be his victim ever again. This moment allowed Jules to have a much needed emotional decompression and in a way regain some of the power he’s held over her. It’s important to note that confronting Nate didn’t magically make everything better, she’s still carrying a ton of emotional trauma, but it was the right thing for her to do to start reclaiming her life. While the whole scene was phenomenally powerful the end was also very important. When Jules finally let her emotions out and had that big emotional release at the end it was Ophelia she found comfort in. Once Ophelia embraced her Jules clung on and pressed closer to her friend. Jules isn’t a character that seeks out comfort from others, but in this moment she needed that friendly embrace after confronting the demon that has been looming over her. This part showed the vulnerability hiding under the tough exterior Jules usually tries to keep in place. It should also be noted how much Taylor Dearden softened Ophelia in this scene as she tried her best to comfort her friend. Gone was all of Ophelia's normal sarcasm and bravado. She was just a friend doing everything she could to being a smidge of comfort to her distraught friend. These actresses are the perfect duo and together they make moments like this extra powerful by allowing their real life friendship to shine through. Throughout the entire scene, Eliza Bennett perfectly walked the line with this scene as she delivered her lines with a strong commanding tone but shaky with deep-rooted emotion. Eliza and the writers should be extremely proud of this scene because it is so important to tell this story in the way they are. This scene deserves all kinds of recognition and I’m fairly certain that anyone who saw this episode would agree that this was, without question, the most powerful scene of the entire week, if not the entire television season so far.
Dahne: This scene is by far the most powerful scene I have seen so far this TV season. Not only was it moving, but it was emotionally devastating and yet at the same time, empowering. Throughout the season, Sweet/Vicious has done a fantastic job of showing the aftermath of rape and how there are lingering consequences for the victim. Because of that, Jules has been too afraid to confront Nate, choosing instead to avoid him whenever possible. However, when Jules realizes that the assault is coming between her and her other relationships, she has enough. She gets up the courage to tell Nate that it was rape, not sex and to really show him how his actions have resounded throughout all aspects of her life. It is the single most courageous moment of any show this season and Eliza Bennett does a beautiful job of being both strong and broken, determined and grief-striken, shaken but taking back her life from the man who ruined it. If you haven't tried Sweet/Vicious, I strongly urge everyone to at least watch this scene.
Luana Arturi: This show is so good, and it touches on some very important themes other shows wouldn't dare to. After what seemed like forever we finally saw Jules get the courage to confront her atacker, she pinned him against the wall and gave him a piece of her mind. She told him how broken she feels, how much she envies his lack of shame and how disgusting it is that he thought for a second that it was consensual. Eliza Bennett showed once again just how good she is, and how perfectly she can portray so many feelings at once, the anger, the disgust, the shame, the anguish and even the relief of getting it all off her chest. I'm in awe of this woman and this show, I just hope we get to watch this story unfold properly and the people at MTV realize this is worth keeping, in spite of the ratings. Also picked by Bradley Adams

THE LIBRARIANS, "And the Curse of Cindy", January 1, 2017, Actors: John Harlan Kim, Rachael Perrell Fosket, The Scene: Ezekiel Jones has a heart-to-heart with Cindy
Kollin Lore:
Ezekiel was given a rare chance to shine in 'The Curse of Cindy.' In this scene the Australian thief consoles a broken, teared up Cindy, letting her know that she doesn't need other people to validate herself, relating her life to his life as a poor, victimized child who rose up and took his life by the reigns. His speech was well written and well delivered, and one that pulls at your heartstrings. Moments like these don't come often in The Librarians, but when they do it is very impactful.

THE MIDDLE, "Escape Orson", January 3, 2017, Actors: Neil Flynn, Patricia Heaton
The Scene: Mike asks Frankie how her day was
Mike asks Frankie how her day was and then proceeds to give her a kiss. It was so sweet! Aw, Mike.