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Scene Of The Week - January 29, 2017 + POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND, "Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?", January 27, 2017, Actors: Rachel Bloom, Gabrielle Ruiz, The Scene: Valencia helps Rebecca plan her wedding
Laura Markus:
Valencia helps Rebecca plan her rapidly approaching wedding. Although I have been loathing the plot decisions as of late, I can't deny that seeing Valencia (finally) getting back into the fold of the show was great. But this also brings back a lot of the other characters we know and love, as well as the fierce dynamic between Rebecca and Valencia. I am very excited but also a little nervous for the finale next week, but knowing Valencia is at the helm I can breathe a little easier.

DC'S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, "Raiders of the Lost Art", January 24, 2017, Actors: Brandon Routh, Maisie Richardson-Sellers and more, The Scene: Ray, Nate and Amaya convince George Lucas to stay in film school
The whole episode was pretty much brilliant, but Ray, Nate and Amaya having to convince George Lucas to stay in film school was a highlight. This show is clearly having loads of fun with time travel stuff and that was a great example of how good it can be.

FREQUENCY, "Signal Loss", January 25, 2017, Actors: Peyton List, Riley Smith, Devin Kelley and more, The Scene: The Ending
Justyna K:
I couldn't have imagined a more intense, powerful and wonderfully done ending for the show's first season than this one. In the last few minutes Raimy realizes the truth about Nightingale and is forced to listen to this killer taking her mother through the radio before it's destroyed. As the audience watches the events of the night of Julie's kidnapping, with Frank calling everyone and asking for their help to save his wife, Raimy enters her home with the lights out, terrified that she lost her loved ones for good this time. To her surprise, as the time adjusts itself when Frank and Satch save Julie, everyone's there watching the home videos for her engagement party. Frank holds his family close in the past and Raimy realizes all's good and she got her life back in the present, and in this moment we couldn't have asked for a better ending. I'd love to see Frank there in the present as well, and if there's any chance for the show to continue it's the story I'd be happy to follow for years. It's been such a great series and the actors did an incredible work in the scene and the entire episode. There were so many things happening at once during this final moment that it made for quite an intense and memorable watching experience. The shock, the tears, the relief and all the little emotions accompanying this scene, with great music in the background, make this part an easy choice for one of my Scenes of the Week. Kudos to cast & crew for all their wonderful work!
Jimmy Ryan: Raimy gets her mother back after the events in Frank's time finally align. However Raimy is so caught up in it all that she effectively closes out the possibility of her father being alive too. Frequency has been the best and most consistent new network series this season, and things are beautifully poised should a second season eventuate.
Tyler: Raimy walks back inside to discover her Engagement Party guests watching home videos. Yay! A happy ending! I was really worried that the show was going to end on a cliffhanger - especially given it's current chance of renewal (likely to be cancelled). When it got to the less than 5 minute mark and Julie was being taken, it felt like a giant kick in the guts. As Raimy was walking back into the completely darkened house, I was certain that the timeline had been completely messed up and there was no way to fix it (since the radio broke). I literally breathed a hugh sigh of relief when it showed everyone was in the lounge room watching the videos and we got our satisfying ending (well, until the last 10 seconds anyway). Also picked by Marko Pekic

HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER, "We're Bad People", January 26, 2017, Actors: Viola Davis, Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee and more, The Scenes: Connor tells Oliver he should go to the police & Wes and Laurel enjoy each other's company in the bath & Asher beats Connor & The parallel between Wes and Annalise
Laura Markus:
Connor tells Oliver he should go to the police. I think everyone knows by now that I was no fan of how the writers treated Coliver in 3A. However, despite this, their scenes in this episode were amazing and they felt like themselves again. I still root for them and now that Oliver kinda knows the truth and holds a lot of the power this should be very interesting moving forward. And Oliver quietly saying Connor is his life. How astonishingly sweet.
Jimmy Ryan: Wes and Laurel enjoy each other's company in the bath in flashbacks. This was so well executed and emotional and portrayed the characters in a light we hadn't seen before.
Francesco Bacci: Asher beats Connor. For once, I'm on Asher's side.
Luana Arturi: The parallel between Wes and Annalise. Both being examined felt like there was a connection, like after Wes' death she feels dead inside too, and it was a wonderfully shot scene.

IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, "Wolf Cola: A Public Relations Nightmare", January 25, 2017, Actors: Glenn Howerton and more, The Scene: Dennis mentions he's not a dog person
Laura Markus:
What a great little reference to "Mac and Dennis Move to the Suburbs" you got there, Sunny. This episode was hilarious and Glenn Howerton was on fire with topical jokes and creepy humour. The fact that Dennis showed how quickly an audience can turn on you based on what pets you prefer was outstanding. And we all know that Dennis and dogs do not mix; now the whole world does too.

LETHAL WEAPON, "The Seal is Broken", January 25, 2017, Actors: Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford, Tony Plana, The Scenes: The confessional & Ronnie calls Riggs on his self pity
Justyna K:
Once again, the show proves why it's one of the best new TV dramas of the season. Thanks to the wonderful team of actors, writers and the entire crew, I continue to enjoy each and every new episode and the stories they want to tell. This week there were a few standout moments that I would like to highlight - both scenes between Ronnie and Riggs and Riggs telling Roger what happened - but the most memorable part for me has to be the talk in the confessional. It starts with the usual banter between the two partners but it quickly turns serious when Riggs admits in what a bad shape he truly is. And though his focus changes a moment later and he follows a lead in the case leaving Roger alone in the confessional, Murtaugh uses this opportunity to support him and admit he considers Martin to be his friend. Their partnership and growing friendship are what makes the show great for me, so I was happy to hear Roger realize just how important his partner is for him. These two actors are absolutely wonderful together, regardless of whether it's an emotional moment, a hilarious banter or an action scene. Kudos to Damon Wayans, Clayne Crawford and the entire crew for their great work on the show!
Dahne: Lethal Weapon has had its share of powerful scenes in the last few episodes, and I really liked Ronnie's intervention too. However, for me, the show is all about partnership and Roger calling Riggs his friend in the confessional was a sweet moment… even if Riggs wasn't around to hear it. Their relationship has come a long way since the beginning and it was great to see Roger acknowledge it.
Luana Arturi: Ronnie calls Riggs on his self pity. Ronnie tells Riggs that he won't allow him to blame his behavior on his daughter. This was exactly the push he needed to realize Miranda's death does not belong to him alone, and he can't keep putting it all on her. Clayne Crawford keeps giving this character a lot more that I thought possible.

NASHVILLE, "Love Hurts", January 26, 2017, Actors: Clare Bowen, Christian Coulson
The Scene: Damien directs Scarlett
Luana Arturi:
It was great to see someone finally challenge Scarlett, she needs to get out of her shell for once. I hope we get to see more of this, even if it means Gunner has to be set aside. Though I don't agree he messed up as much as they imply.

RIVERDALE, "Chapter One: The River's Edge", January 26, 2017, Actors: Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, The Scenes: Veronica stands up for Betty to Cheryl & Betty and Veronica Kiss
Justin Valdes:
Veronica stands up for Betty to Cheryl. Ohhh the reckoning is definitely you Veronica. I cheered throughout this scene so hardcore! Veronica is just trying to redefine herself from being that awful and b*tchy girl she was back in New York and it clearly showed in this scene. Beautifully acted by Camila Mendes. Here's hoping that her and Betty are still on good terms!
Samantha Benjamin: Veronica stands up for Betty. This was my favorite scene out of the whole pilot, and I can't wait to see how their friendship develops.
Francesco Bacci: Betty and Veronica Kiss. This scene was totally unexpected, but it opens up a series of incredible possibilities. Will The CW/Archie Comics dare to explore a possible love interest?

SCANDAL, "Survival of the Fittest", January 26, 2017, Actors: Kerry Washington, Bellamy Young
The Scene: Olivia and Mellie drink in the bathroom after the concession
Winston Mize:
These two have such a tangled and twisted history but I love seeing them now as quasi-friends/allies. This scene was pure gold as both of them are taking a moment to hide out and process the fact that they lost White House. It was a standout character moment from the premiere.

SUPERGIRL, "Supergirl Lives", January 23, 2017, Actors: Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh and more, The Scenes: Maggie accepts Alex’s apology & Alex talks to Winn & Mon-El tells Kara that he wants to be a superhero & Kara gets her powers back & Alex and Kara talk about Maggie staying over
Aimee Hicks:
When Alex sort of broke up with Maggie earlier in the episode she played right into all of Maggie’s original fears. In order for Maggie to be with Alex she had to overcome certain fears, so Alex dealt her a hefty blow leaving her uncertain of their path forward. She showed up at Alex’s apartment intent on getting answers, but she also seemed hopeful that Alex would deliver a compelling enough argument that she could justify taking her back. It’s important to note that Maggie did not show up at Alex’s place angry or looking for a fight, but she did show up with her defenses on high alert. Alex had her work cut out for her to get Maggie to let her guard down and hear her out. When Alex’s reasoning wasn’t good enough Maggie let her know and in order to nudge Alex in the right direction, she dropped the big reveal that she knew Supergirl and Kara were the same person. Not only did this moment reveal how observant and understanding Maggie is, but it also changed the whole tone of the scene as both women seemed to relax into their usual banter. Their agreement that Kara’s glasses are ridiculous and Alex’s subsequent nervous smile made it impossible for Maggie to not smile back. It only lasted for a brief moment as they both knew they had to deal with the situation at hand. Maggie understood why Alex reacted the way she did, but she needed reassurance that Alex would never react like that again. She needed to hear it because I think that more than anything in that moment she wanted to have Alex in her arms again. As soon as she heard Alex’s sincere statement about wanting to be happy with her that was enough. Still, she needed to let Alex know that this was a one time take-back and next time it wouldn’t be as easy. All of Maggie’s bravado seemed null and void the moment she had Alex back in her arms because she let go of a deep exhale as if she was able to breathe properly again for the first time since Alex had broken her heart earlier in the day. Alex also exhaled as she held Maggie close showing how fearful she was that she’d messed things up in an irreparable way. Maggie is her best friend and the love of her life and this scene was a great next step in their relationship as they are slowly coming to understand how their relationship is going to work. It showed how much effort each of them is willing to put into being together as a couple. They complete each other and whenever they are apart it has a heavy impact on each of them. They each come with a fair amount of emotional baggage, but together they can overcome those issues and be a powerful couple who love each other no matter the stupid things they each occasionally do.
Donna Cromeans: While everyone is rightfully praising the Alex/Maggie scenes this week, my personal favorite is one with Alex and Winn! I'm really enjoying the dynamic between the two of them and the blossoming brother/sister relationship. When Winn was afraid to go on the mission, Alex's talk with him to bolster his courage was a classic "Big Sister" moment. Just proves to what the moderator of the Supergirl panel at Comic-Con said, Chyler Leigh has chemistry with everyone!
Justin Valdes: Mon-El tells Kara that he wants to be a superhero. It's so awesome to see these two growing more and more closer together after a rocky beginning. They both finally have trust in one another. So pumped for more Kara/Mon-El training scenes. And the suit of course!
Virginia Fontana: The scene with Mon-El and Kara at the end, with the blanket, where he told her he wants to be a hero.
Milo: This was an excellent episode but I really liked the scene where Kara got her powers back just in time to save the day. It was a pretty cool moment that really worked.
Donna Chidley: Alex and Kara giggling like school girls over the fact Maggie stayed the night with Alex, it was a very sweet scene. Also picked by Samantha Benjamin

SUPERNATURAL, "First Blood", January 26, 2017, Actors: Misha Collins and more, The Scene: Castiel reminds the Winchesters the world needs them
Kollin Lore:
In this scene, we find out the brothers made a deal with the Reaper to take one of their own in exchange for her help to escape the detention facility. Before mama Winchester commits suicide so the Reaper can take her, Castiel stabs the Reaper behind its back and reminds the Winchesters that the world needs them, so much so that he was willing to kill for it. His speech was a very poignant moment and well acted. We really see just how much part of the family he is and it was by far the best scene in one of the all time best episodes of this series.
Dahne: Cas kills Billie and tells the Winchesters how it is. I'm not usually a Cas fan, but he made a great save here. I knew Mary was going to offer herself in sacrifice for her boys and I was ready to say a teary goodbye to the character. Imagine my delight when I didn't have to. Then he laid it on the line. Winchesters sacrificing themselves for each other is old. Time to make better plans and keep on saving the world.

SWEET/VICIOUS, "An Innocent Man" & "Pure Heroine", January 24, 2017, Actors: Eliza Bennett, Nick Fink, Dylan McTee and more, The Scenes: Tyler is arrested & Nate's true colors are exposed to the University
Aimee Hicks:
Tyler is arrested. This was an intense scene because the way the scene was set up it seemed like the show was about to have Jules arrested. Instead, they pulled a clever switch and had Tyler be the one to get arrested for Carter’s murder. Having that happen in front of Jules was made all the worse given the part she played in Carter’s death. Eliza Bennett once again delivered an incredibly intense performance. She is immensely talented and always nails these emotional moments like no one else can. This whole situation was made worse by the fact that she had just finally felt comfortable with a guy after her rape only to have him ripped away from her. It was a nice little addition that Ophelia went running to be by Jules’ side. With Kennedy’s help, she is able to keep Jules restrained from trying to fight the cops to free Tyler. It is a testament to Jules, and Bennett’s portrayal of her, that it took two other people to hold Jules back. Ophelia understood why Jules was having such an intense reaction so she held Jules to her and kept her arms tightly wrapped around her best friend. She was trying to comfort Jules while also wearing a heavy look of regret because she knew that she was the one who delivered the fatal blow to Carter. The emotions in this scene were heavy and the consequences were devastating for the characters.
Samantha Benjamin: Nate's true colors are exposed to the University. It's really hard picking just one scene from that double header finale because so many of them were fantastic, but I had been waiting for this to happen and it felt so great to see Nate exposed & even better in a way he couldn't talk himself out of.

TEEN WOLF, "Memory Found", January 24, 2017, Actors: Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Posey, Holland Roden and more, The Scenes: Scott remembers Stiles & Lydia remembers Stiles
The flashback to Motel California. I know it may not count for some since it is a flashback but technically it was in this episode and it is still one of my favorite scenes of all time. I waited impatiently through the montage of Scott's memories of Stiles so as soon as Scott pulled that flare from the locker, I shouted in delight. Scott and Stiles have gone through so much together, saved each other so many times. Their relationship is perfectly encapsulated in this one heartfelt plea from Stiles to his brother. It was good to relive their greatest moments, especially this one. The truest, strongest relationship on Teen Wolf is that between Scott and Stiles.
Tyler: Lydia remembers Stiles and opens the rift. As a Stydia shipper, I have been waiting for this moment for a very long time. As Lydia retrieved all her memories she also came to the realisation that she truly loves him which opened the rift. I have read online that a lot of people didn't like how it was done but I personally loved it.

THE FLASH, "Borrowing Problems from the Future", January 24, 2017, Actors: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Tom Cavanagh and more, The Scenes: Barry and Iris in the time vault & H.R. shows the team his planned tour of Star Labs
Barry and Iris in the time vault. For once, Barry actually comes clean about a secret before it blows up in his face. It's also a great counterpoint to season one, where Barry and Joe refused to tell Iris anything, even when her life was in danger. The show has been trying to push Barry and Iris as their grand romance for a while, but this is the first time Barry actually earned Iris' trust and proved that he can be a good superhero and a good boyfriend. Candice Patton also completely sells Iris's quiet devastation at finding out she's destined to die.
Virginia Fontana: The scene with H.R. showing the team his planned tour of Star Labs and Cisco reacting to his hologram. This cast is comedy gold when they get a funny scene like this and always play it to the hilt.

THE MAGICIANS, "Knight of Crowns", January 25, 2017, Actors: Stella Maeve, Jason Ralph and more, The Scenes: The Beast takes out Julia's shade for a moment & The '90s pop culture quiz & Quentin, Margo, Eliot and Alice get crowned
Nirat Anop:
The Beast takes out Julia’s shade, for just a moment, giving her a taste of life without pain and I’m so thankful she declined, that she asks for it back. She recognizes that her pain is a part of her and too often this plot device occurs in people suffering and makes them act recklessly, so I’m grateful it didn’t occur here. Stella Maeve was incredible during this scene, as she always is, I felt her struggle as she grappled with wanting to let go (when she felt empty as a result of it gone) but also not to lose herself, as Maeve said in Westworld, "This pain is all I have left". As complicated as Julia is, it’s Stella’s performance that makes her exceptional and someone to root for, I’m always moved by her. Every time she cries or is in pain, I feel so deeply affected. She has an ability to really make you feel. I want so badly for her to get justice against Reynard.
Milo: The '90s pop culture quiz was a highlight of the episode for me as the group were tested in order to become Kings and Queens of Fillory. Finding a way to include Patrick Swayze's speech from Dirty Dancing as a plot point was a clever one, and showed that despite the raised stakes, the show can still give us some great moments like this.
Babar: Quentin, Margo, Eliot and Alice get crowned.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "Nostalgia's a Bitch", January 27, 2017, Actors: Ian Somerhalder, Kat Graham, Candice King, The Scenes: Damon apologizes to Bonnie & Caroline forgives Damon
Justyna K:
The season started with a good premiere, but things quickly went downhill from there if you ask me. Seeing a complete destruction of a character who spent so much time on working to become the best version of himself wasn't something I was interested in watching. So after taking a few episodes break from the show I decided to come back after the winter break and I was happy to see the things are finally starting to get better for the Mystic Falls gang. After all this time, it seems that Damon used the opportunity to make amends with the people he hurt, like Bonnie and Matt. I really liked the scene when he apologizes to Matt and when Caroline realizes she forgives him, but the moment that I wanted to highlight the most is when Damon finally tells Bonnie what was in his goodbye letter and apologizes for letting her down and leaving before. Their friendship was easily one of the best additions in the later seasons of the show, so to see them rebuilding it was a beautiful and emotional moment. It was a very honest confession on Damon's part, something he doesn't do very often as opening up to other people was always something he struggled with. This wonderfully written and acted scene, as well as the entire hour are a good turning point for the show in its final season and I hope it's a direction the series is taking for its last few episodes before the end. Kudos!
Nirat Anop: Damon apologizes to Bonnie. Finally, after episodes of waiting for The Vampire Dairies to redeem itself, it finally did. I was so happy to see Damon acknowledge his bad deeds and apologize for mistakes. I’ve had a lot of issues with Damon’s storyline this season, it undid so much of the development of his character and just brought the show down. So when this episode came along, and scene, in particular, I was overjoyed. The writing during this scene was excellent, it's not always you get to hear Damon's inner thoughts so this was perfect. It really started to feel like the show was ending too, with the Sybil storyline it wasn't resonating with me that we were in the final season but healing these scars started to feel final, especially with Matt. Nothing's ever fixed so quickly but like Matt said, it's a step in the right direction. “So I’m leaving because I’d rather let you down once then let you down for the rest of your life, and I hope it’s the happiest life because you Bonnie Bennett are an amazing woman.” Thank you, writers, for repairing this friendship, I really missed it and just watching Kat Graham’s performance during it was lovely. Her genuine reaction was truly amazing, I felt so moved by the writing and acting. So thank you for turning The Vampire Diaries around and reminding me of why I love the show.
Marko Pekic: Season 8 certainly isn't the best one the show delivered but they still succeed delivering those amazing breathtaking moments. In an episode that had so many nostalgic moments, recreating Bamon magic stood out and killed the competition. Ian Somerhalder digs deep here and Damon finally took responsibility for the way he treated Bonnie.
Virginia Fontana: The scene with Caroline realizing that Damon's love and support of her mother helped her to forgive him for his serious past misdeeds. Gorgeous performance by Candice King in a poignant scene. It really shows the true grace that defines Caroline as a character.

THIS IS US, "Three Sentences", January 24, 2017, Actors: Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz and more, The Scenes: Kevin spills his heart to Sophie & A peek into Jack's funeral & Kate returns to the anger session
Kristie Bihn:
Kevin spills his heart to Sophie. Up until now, we've seen Kevin as someone who can get any girl he wants, going from woman to woman. Here, we learn he was not only once married, but Sophie is the love of his life. Taking Toby's advice, he pours his heart out to Sophie in 3 sentences (more or less), admitting he never got over her and wants to see where their relationship can go. It's one of the first times we've seen the real Kevin with deep feelings.. not the sometimes shallow actor or sometimes selfish brother. It's a truly heartfelt moment, and sets up what I assume will be plenty of storyline material for episodes to come.
Tyler: A peek into Jack's funeral. In the final moments of this weeks episode, we got a very quick look into Jack's funeral. Whilst we still don't know how he died it was nice to get some answers of when he died. And even though it was only a couple of seconds, you could feel the emotion throughout.
Marko Pekic: Kate returning to the anger session. The show really dig deep into this story and the pain and anger Chrissy was expressing, combined with the heartbreaking flashbacks just turned the scene into another memorable moment. Major kudos to the whole team for creating this scene.
Meghan: Kate finally commits at her weight loss camp and recalls defining moments throughout her life that led her to where she is now.