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Performer of the Year - 2016 Semi Final - Most Outstanding Actor and Actress Polls

Update: 18th January 2017 The polls are now closed and below are the final standings.



A year ago SpoilerTV launched Performers of the Month in order to allow the fans to have a say in who this site would recognize as the best actor and actress each month. Over the past year the fans have spoken and thanks to each of you, we now have a very impressive list of 2016 winners who are the best of the best that the acting profession has to offer. Now comes the time for us to bestow some extra honors on a couple of these winners.

Performer of the Year is the next step in the Performers of the Month feature. The end game here is to somehow manage to pick out the single best performer from this impressive list to bestow upon him or her the title of Performer of the Year. To help make this nearly impossible decision a little easier there will be an elimination round. In this stage, each actor and actress that has won in 2016 will be placed in a poll for their respective categories. The winners here will be recognized as the Most Outstanding Actor and Most Outstanding Actress of 2016. These winners will then go head-to-head in the ultimate showdown to carry the title of SpoilerTV’s 2016 Performer of the Year. This winner will be named in every Performers of the Month nomination post and poll throughout 2017 as the reigning champion. And as a little extra bonus, the winner of Performer of the Year will receive a special article that will cover all of their performances throughout 2016. To be clear, if the winner played multiple characters throughout 2016, the article will only focus on the work they did as the character they won for portraying. Things covered in their original winner article(s) will likely either not be mentioned or just glossed over as the focus of this winner article will be to recognize them for big acting moments that we’ve not yet been able to honor them for previously. Please note that the completion of the articles for the December winners will take priority. The Performer of the Year article will likely be released sometime in early to mid-February, hopefully before the first 2017 winners are announced. Watch my Twitter account for updates on when that article will be released.

Here are the rules that will govern this contest:

-Only winners from the past 12 months of POTM are eligible.
-Only 1 vote per poll per person.

The Most Outstanding Actor and the Most Outstanding Actress contests will run through 12 PM ET on Wednesday, January 18th. The Performer of the Year contest will begin at 6 PM ET on Thursday, January 19th and run through 6 PM ET on Sunday, January 22nd. My work commitments require that I launch the actual Performer of the Year poll later than usual to ensure that I am available when the event begins. This won’t be an easy contest, but in the end we will have our Performer of the Year, bringing an official end to the first full year of Performers of the Month.

After you vote be sure to hit the comments and try to convince others why the performers you voted for deserve to win.