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Grimm - Fugitive - Review

Hello Grimmers! Sorry for the delay but I didn't have time to post a review earlier this week. So did you enjoy Grimm's return? Did it satisfy you? I really feel this last season it's going to be moving and I'm afraid I'm going to cry because I'm a little emotional. Let's start from the beginning. The season premiere Fugitive shows a good installment for the sixth season. Action, feelings and a little bit of love.

Plot: Capt. Renard and Nick will cross their paths into their last battle. Hank and Wu head back to the precinct to keep an eye on the Captain and help give the gang the upper hand. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee grapple with staying in Portland now that their family will be expanding. Elsewhere, Eve suffers the side effects of the mysterious stick's healing power.

Renard vs Nick. The episode picks up right where we left. Captain Renard just saved Nick's life and he couldn't expect that. Also because both are confused: Sean can't explain why he decided to kill Bonaparte and Nick can't explain why the Captain decided to save his life just like that. Surprise: Diana made his daddy kill Bonaparte. Did I mention how much she's creepy? I guess we will come to a point where Nick and Renard will face each other because of Adalind's affection. I think Diana will play a big plan in all of this. Remember: Sean is her biological father, Nick isn't. Almost every child prefers being with her/his favourite daddy. Burkhardt better watch out then.

The Scooby-Doo gang is back. It was good to see Nick, Monroe, Rosalee and Eve reunited at the spicy shop, even tho Eve starts worrying me. I'm glad during last season the authors decided to bring back the Juliette character, giving Nick's ex a new more interesting life and Eve is a really badass. Too bad I'm afraid she begins to remember her old life and this is going to complicate Nick and Adalind. Oh man, I love triangles.
Also we need to talk about Monroe and Rosalee. I had a flash. When she told him they could wait to announce she's pregnant, I saw that kind of relationship Xander and Anya had in Buffy - quick reminder: back in season 6, she didn't want her friends to know they were getting married too soon. It's incredible how Grimm and Buffy's world often collide.

Nick and Adalind. There's no doubt those two are the cutiest. I like how they care for each other and that sweet kiss-scene reunion was perfect. Just a little advice for the writes: give her more space. I can't stand watching her being just a desperate housewife.

Now it's your turn: what did you think about the season premiere?
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