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Grimm - Advance Preview + Teasers - Fugitive

6 Jan 2017

Hello Grimmers! I know you've been waiting for this since Grimm season finale aired last year. Season six is going to be shorter than the previous ones and I'm so sad because another of my fav shows is going to an end.
Anyway, let's focus on the episode.
In the sixth season premiere called Fugitive, Capt. Renard and Nick will cross their paths into their last battle. Hank and Wu head back to the precinct to keep an eye on the Captain and help give the gang the upper hand. Meanwhile, Monroe and Rosalee grapple with staying in Portland now that their family will be expanding. Elsewhere, Eve suffers the side effects of the mysterious stick's healing power.

Some teasers from the episode:
- The episode starts right where we left. Nick says something to Sean Renard and it's not what you're expecting.
- Juliette is having her Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde moments.
- Ouch, is Adalind regretting something? Or is just Sean Renard being Sean Renard meaning jealousy daddy?
- Diana keeps being very creepy. (sorry, I usually like kids, but she's creepy)
- Someone sees blood in his hand (and I wrote "his"). But it's not what it seems.
- Nick and Adalind share one very sweet scene.
- Monroe and Rosalee aka the-never-a-joy couple.
- Wu and Hank have some bromance scenes.
- At some point, a recurring character appears and he/she will be very useful.
- The end of the episode will make you scream for more.

Some quotes from the episode:
- "We can't do this alone."
- "Now who's talking?" "I am."
- "I need to be with you."
- "Maybe Portland isn't the safe place to start a family."
- "Anything you need, I guess it's your refrigerator."
- "You're the diversion." "Right, they follow me!"

I hope those little teasers will satisfy you.
If you have any question, I'll be happy to answer that - if I can.
Oh and remember to tune on Grimm this Friday (which is Saturday for us European tho) on NBC.