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The Goldbergs - Globetrotters / Han Ukkah Solo - Double Review


Hello everyone! This episode of The Goldbergs focused on Murray turning 50, and Adam discovers that he likes basketball. This does not go over well with Barry.

Let's start with my favorite story this week: Murray's birthday. Beverly informs him that she is throwing him a surprise birthday party, and she needs him to act surprised. Murray starts getting ready for the party and decides to take a power nap. He sleeps for almost two hours, and while he's sleeping, party guests throw all of their coats over him. Erica discovers him sleeping, and Beverly is absolutely furious. She doesn't understand why he doesn't value memories like she does.

Beverly makes Murray look at all the scrapbooks she's made. He doesn't even recognize which kid is in the pictures! Murray decides that he's not going to spend all of his time going through old memories and brings Beverly down to look at his tax returns. He says that his receipts are how he keeps his memories. He tells her keeps them in his "Heart File." Of course this is ridiculous and completely made up, and Beverly doesn't buy it at all. She gets upset and says that she will stop making him create memories because obviously he doesn't care.

But then Murray does something unexpected: he throws Beverly a surprise party for his 50th birthday. He said that he wanted to mark the moment for her. I thought this was incredibly sweet. Beverly and Murray's marriage definitely isn't traditional, but I love it!

The other story in this episode was about the Globetrotters, a basketball team that combines skill, athleticism, and comedy into their games. Murray gets tickets to a game, but Barry gets sick and Adam goes with him instead. I was really excited for this episode because I love sports, but honestly it wasn't my favorite. I'm glad that Adam discovered that he loves basketball, but I hated all the fighting with Barry. I hated how they decided that they couldn't both be into the same things and they tried to claim things so the other one couldn't have it. I think I've said this before, but I get tired of Barry always calling Adam a nerd.

Luckily at the end of the episode Barry agrees that it's okay if both he and Adam are into basketball. I hope this is the first step in the two brothers getting along better. Regardless of what Barry may think, Barry and Adam can both like the same things.

Han Ukkah Solo

In this year's holiday episode of The Goldbergs, the school is preparing for the annual holiday concert. Beverly desperately wants Erica to sing the solo and she even signs Erica up for it. Erica tells Beverly and Miss Cinoman that she doesn't want a solo, but it turns out that Barry does. Beverly uses this to her advantage. Her plan works and both try out for the concert solo. I have to admit I did love Erica's Happy Hanukkah song. Miss Cinoman thinks both songs are terrible and cuts "Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel" from the Holiday program.

Unfortunately Principal Ball says that they have to have a Hanukkah song or there can't be a Christmas concert. So Miss Cinoman decides to change all the words to the songs and make it a winter concert instead. The class has to sing lame songs about the weather and they get booed. I thought the the songs and the kids lack of enthusiasm was hilarious. Erica talks to her mom and learns that Beverly lied and schemed to get Erica the solo because she misses hearing her sing. Erica wants to do something nice for her mom and sings a beautiful solo at the school's holiday concert. Hayley Orrantia has an amazing voice. So everyone had a happy ending: the school didn't have to listen to songs about weather and Beverly got to listen to her daughter sing.

I had to lie to make this happen, but it was totally worth it!

While the older Goldberg siblings were busy with the concert, Adam was watching the Star Wars holiday special video. I have to give credit for the writers for incorporating Star Wars into this episode since the new movie premiered this week. Adam is starting to grow up and discovers that he no longer loves the same things he did as a kid. He takes down the movie posters in his room and starts to question all the movies he used to love. It's sad, but I think it's a story that we can all relate to. Pops saves the day though by convincing Adam that it's easy to see the good in everything if you keep your childlike wonder. He shows Adam that the Star Wars holiday movie was special. Adam realizes that if you truly love something you never grow out of it.

Murray replaces Adam's posters in his room and Adam, Murray, and Pops go back to the movies to finish Howard the Duck. Adam ends up liking the duck movie, and, surprise, Howard the Duck becomes a favorite. I loved that Pops convinced Adam that it's okay to still get excited about the things he loved as a kid.

I hope that you all enjoyed this holiday episode of The Goldbergs. Be sure to check back next year for all new episodes! I hope that all of you have a happy holiday!