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The CW 4 way Crossover Event - Invasion - Roundtable Review

8 Dec 2016

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Firstly, I want to thanks my fellow reviewers, (AM) Aimee,(PB) Pablo, (MK)Marko, (LM)Lisa and(WM) Winston for contributing to this article with me,(DC)Zandarl
When The CW announced the event I did wonder how it would play out. Of course, being a comic book show you would look there for the answers.
The Invasion storyline was about the Dominators forming an Alien Alliance and attacking earth due to the perceived threat posed by the Meta- Humans. The CW version only had the Dominators but their reason for attacking was the same as in the comics, of course, to fight an Invasion you need an army and who better than their very own legion of Superheroes.
It was going to be fun to see these different personalities play out together on screen at one time.
Despite a few bumps and personal issues, in the end, they all got to work together and opened the way for future crossover events especially now Cisco has given Kara a portal device. I can’t wait for Winn to get together with Cisco and Felicity and who knows of the possible flirting with Sara and Alex. (I do hear a scene was missed when Kara turns down a drink with Sara saying she needs to meet her sister). We hear the Dominators are set to return to Supergirls Earth, she may call on her new friends. We also know a musical crossover with The Flash is in the works. One thing is certain The CW proved why certain movies failed superheroes are better working together than fighting against each other, giving The CW its highest weekly ratings since 2010.

How do you think each of the main heroes fared in the crossovers?
(For legends, I refer to Sara lance/White canary as the main hero)

DC: While I believe the crossover, event was a success the storyline seemed centric to two characters’ The Flash due to his disruption of the timeline and Arrow as it was 100th episode .
Supergirl and The Flash, light up the screen together but it was clear while she was the strongest she was often pushed to the side. Her charging in with a hair flick reminded me of old Charlies Angel episodes and I thought we were past that with female leads who are supposed to be so strong. Sara had a few nice scenes in the Arrow episode but again seemed to be sidelined given the fact she is the leader of the Legends band. Oliver was his usual hard self and I applauded not only when Supergirl knocked him on his butt but saved him. At times, I wanted him to just go to his man cave and mope, he even managed to make Sunny Danvers mad! Barry is better when he is smiling and though he felt responsible he needed to stop beating himself up over it. Like I said the scenes with Kara and Barry were the best for him, racing against each other and tag team takedown.

MK: Kara/Supergirl: I'm not a huge fan of Melissa's portrayal of Supergirl, but I did enjoy her entering Earth 1. She was a bit more playful and she and Barry are truly enjoyable to watch together. Her scenes with Mick were so funny and I felt like she really belonged in this world.

Barry/Flash: I have mixed feelings about Barry. I understand that he felt the pressure but Barry always stepped up when it came to his Flash duties and they shouldn't have second guessed his abilities as a leader. Besides that, I did enjoy him very much. His scenes with Kara and Oliver were very well written and executed.

Oliver/Green Arrow: Oliver was his stellar, alpha male self. A lot of people have recognized that Stephen's acting improved in the last couple of seasons and he did carry the big weight in the Arrow episode. I did love all the Boliver/Olirry bromance stuff going one, him encouraging Barry and having his back, why wasn't he like that with his other protégés, especially the early ones (2nd to be precise).

Sara/White Canary: I loved Sara. She was true to herself, had great lines, great fight scenes. She and Laurel were amazing together, it is a major shame they weren't more alive at the same time. I really hope they find a way to bring Laurel to Legends for a bunch of eps.

LM: I don’t consider the Supergirl episode to even be a crossover, so Kara fared very well in her episode. It felt to me that Benoist’s main purpose for being in the other episodes was to pose and toss her hair. Having Oliver say he didn’t trust her because he didn’t know her seemed out of character for him and harsh – and having her fly in and save him in Legends also felt too contrived to me. I don’t follow Supergirl, but shouldn’t she have been able to fly in space after them? Isn’t that a “super” power?
Barry has a hard time in his episode. Cisco is still furious with him and most of the group don’t want to follow his lead – and then most of the other heroes get sucked up into the alien’s ship. It’s also painfully (read hilarious) obvious that Oliver is still leading even when he tells the others to follow Barry. The Arrow storyline really was much more about the core/original Arrow cast, so the storyline that was happening on earth felt a bit tacked on. I thought Barry’s storyline fared better in the Legends episode. Barry didn’t have a lot to do – except sacrifice himself again for Flashpoint, but the thrust of the episode finally gave Cisco some much-needed insight.
Oliver looked a lot like a dick in Flash with Kara – see above. I do really like Stephen Amell and Grant Gustin’s chemistry, so seeing them pinned down together – and then having that drink together at the end of Legends were some terrific scenes. I don’t want to go into too much detail on what I thought of the Arrow episode because it was the 100th episode, and I’ll save much of what I want to say about that for my review. I did really like the episode, and I think there is a strong possibility that Oliver may finally have been given the epiphany he’s been searching for about what he’s doing. Seeing an alternate reality, the aliens give him was very bittersweet, but I’m always happy to have Katie Cassidy back on the show. Oliver fares very well in this episode as he is the first to really figure out what was going on.
I do love to watch Caity Lotz fight! But really, that’s all she got to do in these crossovers. Naturally, she is not happy about Barry changing the timeline when she is so careful not to do it herself. There were some lovely moments in the Arrow episode between Sara and Laurel. The Legends episode really focused much more on Martin – and him suddenly having a daughter because of him changing the timeline – and Nate who saves the team members on the alien ship and then travels back in time with Cisco and Felicity.
And really, supporting characters Cisco and Felicity fared well over the course of the crossover. Carlos Valdes and Emily Bett Rickards have terrific chemistry as well, and both have both the dramatic and comedic chops to make the storylines work. As I mentioned, Cisco really does have a character arc that spans the shows – or at least Flash and Legends. Rickards is mostly there for comedic relief, but she does an excellent job hitting the tonal differences.
And speaking of supporting characters – I loved seeing one of my favorite character actors – Donnelly Rhodes as Agent Smith! I really, really hope he isn’t being sent to Antarctica and that he’ll pop up on the shows again!

AM: Kara Danvers/Supergirl: I must admit that I was most excited about seeing Supergirl join the ranks of the CW DC heroes, but I was left a tiny bit disappointed. I’m glad that they utilized her to help train the others, but beyond that the writers seemed to struggle on how to fully incorporate her into the overall story. At times, it felt like they just dumped her into a scene because it had been a while since we’d last seen her. Also, especially in the Arrow episode, some of the secondary characters seemed to overshadow her even though she is one of the four big lead characters. I hope that with Cisco’s device in hand the next time there is a big team-up it’ll take place on Kara’s Earth. I have a strong suspicion that the upcoming The Flash and Supergirl musical will be on Kara’s Earth, so that would be interesting. Having the heroes come to Kara would also allow more of the Supergirl cast to be involved while also giving Supergirl a chance to be highlighted more than sidelined. I know I can’t be the only one who wants Diggle to meet J’onn and for Alex to meet Sara and to see Winn geek out with the likes of Felicity, Cisco, and Ray. I did love the little dig at the end where she got that meta hating jerk reassigned to Antarctica. She may not be able to hang around with her new friends because her Earth needs her, but she sure left a lasting impression even if she didn’t get much character development out of it.

Barry Allen/The Flash: Barry got some great character development as he learned how to be a leader and overcome his past mistakes. He faltered and stumbled along the way, but in the end, he came through for those around him. Not only did he discover the threat, but he had the good sense to go bring back Kara to help them. Granted that played out with mixed results. He got some of the best character development of them all. He ended the event more mature and better poised to lead than where it started. I was extremely impressed with Grant Gustin throughout as he brought great depth to Barry’s ethical dilemma still stemming from flashpoint.

Oliver Queen/Arrow: I think he got the second-best development of the four main leads. Of course, that was to be expected since the Arrow’s big 100th episode was part of this whole event. He became more tolerant and learned that normalcy isn’t something he is as desperate for as he once thought. It was being around Kara that taught him that which is ironic since he tried to push her away multiple times. His life is uniquely complicated and I think all of this helped him appreciate the fact that unique isn’t a bad thing.

Sara Lance/White Canary: Here’s the weird thing, she got a ton of screen time thanks to her involvement with Arrow, yet I don’t think there was a huge amount of character development for her. She seems like the same character she was before this whole thing began. The only difference is she now has a tiny bit of peace regarding her sister. I liked her stuff, but it seemed like she was a bit short changed on the development side. At least, unlike Supergirl, she did get a hefty amount of time on the screen, so that was a big plus.

WM: I have to start by saying that I felt that the Legends got the short end of the stick here. if we are saying that Sara is the main hero of the show, in the context of the crossover, she was the one that was utilized the least out of the four. Sara isn't a meta and while she is LoA trained, it's not like everyone else can't hold their own. I wish she was as awesome here as she has been on legends this season. I think it's partially because the actress does work best as part of an ensemble, so she wasn't really brought to the forefront as much. Aside from the that, much of the legends episode and even the ending dealt with Oliver and Barry.
For the hero, I think fared best, I'd have to go with the Flash simply because his story, his presence, and his actions really carried the plot of the crossover. I think it was good to see him admit all he's done to the timeline via flashpoint and the damage that he caused and start to reconcile things with not just his friends and allies, but himself. I think that not were his powers actually needed for this team up but his emotional catharsis was needed as well.
A close tie to Barry, though, was Oliver. I think Kara said it best, Oliver is the rock that everyone looks to for strength and guidance so it was great to see him get 'unnerved' by not just Kara, but by the dominators in his own episode during the crossover. I think we saw Oliver really give in to emotions during the 100th episode and I'm really looking forward to how all of this changes him.

Finally, I think Kara's presence brought a much-needed air to the crossover. Her bubbly and optimistic attitude really provided a good contrast to Barry's guilt and Ollie's stern nature.

PB: I think each hero fared well, with Barry and Oliver taking the spotlight. Sara had her share too, and I felt Kara was underused; she infused her typical optimism and brought her energy to the crossover, which is good, but not as well utilized as she could be. The crossover did an impressive job handling all the Legends on an already crowded crossover with Stein's story, Sara's re-encounter with Laurel and Mick Rory stealing most of the funny moments. Ray was under the radar too, but he got some cake.
Overall, I think for a crossover as crowded as this one, it was incredibly well handled.

Which episode was your favorite and why?

DC: Though very little about the episode was to do with the invasion Supergirl won for me, the mother-daughter coming out scene and the struggles we have when our parents don’t live up to our expectations were the main themes. For an Invasion episode, it was the Legends that not only had the action but some of the funniest scenes. Legends has improved on the first season giving us some outstanding episodes and more than one ethical conundrum.

MK: Definitely, Flash. Loved the slow build up, continuing their ongoing stories and making them relevant to the crossover theme. Also, Green Arrow and Barry vs the others were a hell of fun.

LM: My favorite episode was probably the Arrow episode for reasons I’ll discuss in my review. But I will say here that the nostalgia factor played a huge role for me! I loved getting to see all those characters again – and actually happy for a change! A very close second would have to be the Legends episode, which frankly surprised me. But to be 100% transparent, I stopped watching Flash this season because it felt like it was spinning its wheels, and it still felt that way to me. Perhaps my biggest complaint is how much they’ve played with the timeline. I appreciate that there are repercussions, but it feels like you can simply change anything. Anyway, I thought the Legends episode brought the Alien storyline to a good conclusion – with lots of cool fights.

AM: All four episodes were great in their own way, but the crossover event wasn’t without its flaws. I want to say that the Arrow one was my favorite because it was the big 100th episode, but if you look at all four of them, my favorite had the least involvement in the crossover. The Supergirl episode would have to be my favorite of the week. It had the most consistent narrative of all the episodes. It was also the least gimmicky of the whole bunch as it got to focus on its core story instead of trying to incorporate everyone. I love crossovers, but there is such a thing as too many characters in one place at one time and this event discovered that threshold and crossed over it many times. I know a lot of people were upset that the Supergirl episode had only the smallest connection to the crossover, but that’s what made me love it the most of them all. The other episodes were fun and served their purposes, but they felt forced on the narrative front as they tried to be a part of this bigger team-up arc.

But if you’re looking at just the main three episodes that were deeply involved in the crossover then the Arrow one was by far my favorite. It had deep emotional moments and because it was the big 100th episode it brought back a lot of familiar and much-missed favorites. The narrative of the episode was great while they were focusing on just the core group of characters involved in the group hallucination, but once they got back to trying to incorporate the whole barrage of other characters the narrative took a dive. That’s the only reason I can’t call it my top favorite of the bunch, but it was extremely close to being the top of the week.

WM: Initially it was a toss-up between The Flash and Arrow, but Arrow wins out just slightly. I think it being Arrow's 100th episode meant the writers and co really had to bring it, and not let the crossover overshadow that fact. As someone who is up Arrow last season, I hadn't seen a single episode this year, but this episode was such an improvement over the most of seasons 3 and 4. Having Oliver and Thea realize how much they've lost since Oliver came back and see how normal their life could've been was great. Plenty of genre shows do episodes like this where we see what might've been, but I really liked how Arrow pulled theirs off. I think Stephen Amell did some of his best acting, especially in his final moments in the dream world. Every moment from when he was telling Laurel he had to leave until he left was well acted. I think the show giving us a nod to Laurel and Oliver actually loving each other at one point was much needed. Yes, this scenario was fake, but Laurel was a huge part of his life and a big reason he fought to live on the island. Did I agree with her death? No, but I think it was nice to acknowledge her here. I simply loved how this episode allowed Oliver, Sara, Thea and fans to really get the closure they needed with Laurel.

PB: To my very surprise, Arrow's "Invasion!" is probably my very favorite, and it is coming from the show I dropped. It was my favorite because it touched all the grounds of an impressive Arrow episode, the ones that I used to love when I was engaged with the show on its 2nd season. It was poignant and beautifully constructed; it wasn't just a crossover, it was a love letter to the show, and considering how badly I broke up with the show, this was a sort of beautiful apology directed to me. It felt special as if the show managed to reconstruct its characters and give them meaning, something the show was lacking the last 2 seasons.

What was your favorite scene and why?

DC: In Supergirl, Alex coming out to her Mother Eliza, or in fact confirming to her mother who guessed what her daughter needed to tell her. This is a hard conversation for any child to have with a parent and some aren’t as accepting. The acting in this scene was wonderful showing the fear Alex felt about getting rejected and the relief when Eliza not only accepted who she was but hugged her.
I also want to give a notable mention to Arrow hundredth episode Thea, Sara, Oliver all had some wonderful scenes.

MK: Even though I didn't like the Arrow part of the crossover, Willa Holland blew me away in her scene with Stephen. Hands down her best performance as Thea Queen. She knocked it out of the park and I just wanted to give her a hug.
Honourable mention: Caitlin and Prof. Stein scenes and the big fight in The Flash episode.

LM: My favorite scene would have to be Oliver saying goodbye to his parents because Amell knocked the scene out of the timeline!

AM: Kara’s introduction to the whole team, because it brought everyone together while also allowing the audience to see how each hero reacted to a real-life alien before them. Some reactions were predictable while others were a little more reserved than expected.

Honorable Mention goes to the scene where the team that was kidnapped broke free of their alien induced group hallucination/dream. That was a very poignant scene as they each confronted their demons and issues in order to find a way back to the real world to help save their friends and family that still need them.

WM: Alex comes out to Eliza in the lab. There's so much greatness between these four episodes, but this moment was the one that really hit home for me. Sure, it technically wasn't a part of the huge crossover, but Chyler and Helen really sold me in that moment. As someone who has been in Alex's shoes and actually heard the word she feared her mother would say, I got teary eyed listening to her mother assuring her it would be okay.

PB: That's a rough one... it's so hard to choose when there are so many great ones. I have to go with Oliver telling Laurel that he doesn't want to lose what he has. Although not the most representative of the crossover, it was the moment where I felt Oliver was Oliver again; for the longest time, I felt the character lost its way during season 3 and 4, and here I saw him for who he was. It was like seeing an old friend again, I finally managed to see the character I used to love in the show's early seasons and it made me tear up.

Best quote and or popular culture reference? (we all knew ET would make it in there somewhere)

DC: Felicity to Ray after Supergirl walks away dressed as Kara Danvers.
Felicity: “It’s like looking into a mirror”
Ray: “you know what’s funny, she really kind of looks like my cousin”
(a nice nod to Brandon Routh’s past portrayal of Superman)

After some of the Legend’s crew get captured in 1951
Cisco: Those Men in Black types are probably gonna take them to a secret lab and run experiments on them, have you seen Stranger Things?
(I wonder does Cisco fear ending up in the in-between!)

MK: Laurel: You know, there was a time when I thought the two of you would actually hook up.

LM: So many great references! But I’m going to pick two – because they were so clever. In the first, Merlyn tells Thea that Tommy isn’t at the wedding because the hospital he’s working at in Chicago is making him work triple shifts. This is a super clever not to Colin Donnell’s starring role on Chicago Med – and it actually plays on a current episode of that in which Donnell’s character IS working multiple shifts! The second clever reference was when Ray remarks to Felicity that Kara looks like his cousin – because of course, Routh played Superman before joining the CW-verse!

AM: “Hey, you know what’s funny? She really kinda looks like my cousin.” - Ray Palmer

I get that this was likely referencing the different Earth doppelgangers, but on a pop culture level, it was a definite call back to Brandon Roth’s time as Superman. It was a nice little reference to his past employment within the DC universe and a fun little Easter Egg.

WM: "They're calling themselves the legends." - Oliver
"Egotistical, but catchy"- Thea

"Barry, so Oliver queen is the green Arrow? " -Iris
"Yeah. " -Barry
"Oh my god, he just got so much hotter" – Iris

"Oh, I have x-ray vision." -Kara
Oh. You can see everyone's bits with those peepers huh? "- Mick

"This ship is..."-felicity
"Automatic?" -Cisco
"Supersonic." -felicity
"Hypnotic. "-Cisco
"Funky fresh" -Both

PB: The line about the aliens being the stuff from John Ridley's nightmares. That was hilariously well used! There were many great pop culture references, but that one has to be my favorite.

It has been a ratings success for all the shows, what are your thoughts about the crossover and
If you had to give each episode a rating out of ten what would you give each and why?

DC: Supergirl, while it didn’t give us much of an invasion storyline it was a great episode. For those who had never seen a Supergirl episode, you had the classic super against Luthor, family angst at Thanksgiving and two love stories’ starting. Like I explained above about the Mother daughter scenes and storyline it was my favorite of the four and that is why I give it 8/10 losing a few point’s as a longer crossover scene in the episode was needed to include it more.
The Flash, I really struggled with last season and felt Barry was becoming a second Oliver thankfully this season it has started to deliver some better storylines. The Invasion start was no exception though Barry was a bit out of his depth when it came to taking point with everyone. The epic Heroes vs Heroes battle was brilliant including a nice silhouetted battled with Canary and Arrow. We also had a repeat of the Supergirl vs Flash race. But including Wally sulking and HG the worst version of Wells to date is why it only gets an 8/10
Arrow, what a hundredth episode and clever way to do a what if scenario, reminded me of the Supergirl episode ‘for the girl who had everything’. It featured some wonderful scenes when they all realize it isn’t real and sadly once again they must say goodbye to those they have loved and lost. My criticism was maybe due to mind control thing but their old foes were put down too easily. It was nice to see the return of some familiar faces as well however I felt it dragged in places and that is why I only give it. 8/10
Legends of Tomorrow seemed to cover everything, the moral dilemmas of both Barry and Professor Stein, Barry for messing with the timeline and in effect showing the Dominators Meta’s are something to fear. Another consequence of time travel is we see Professor Steins realizing his actions in the past have given him a daughter. Even the smallest actions have ripples throughout time and even Cisco comes to understand why Barry did what he did a little more. It also had countless funny lines and them all working together with brains and brawn to defeat the Dominators. 9/10 losing a point for lack of Sara Lance though she did display some effect piloting skills.

MK: The crossover was a really enjoyable ride. Seeing all the characters interact together was just a blast. The whole crew from actors, over stunt crew and editors to the writers brought their A game and made this their best crossover event so far. Flash vs Arrow is still my favorite crossover episode but Invasion! trumped it as an overall arc. I also liked that they didn't give them a permanent fix for the aliens, that would've been too easy.
Supergirl: 8 as an individual episode, 0 as a part of the crossover. I mean come on. That was laughable, they at least could've let Oliver vibe along and be skeptical toward Kara and butt head with Alex or something. They just needed like 5 more minutes to make it a bit more meaningful.
The Flash: 9, very strong outing. The episode took the time to introduce the story and time to introduce the audience to the different Earth characters.
Arrow: 6, didn't feel the episode. The transition between the dream world and current story was sloppy, the theme of the episode was repetitive and Rene's anti-meta plea was just a forced plot point. Beside the Laurel-Sara interaction and Thea's breakout scene a pretty bland episode. Also, was very annoyed by the use of Laurel, portraying her as this perfect love interest for Oliver was just underwhelming. Her character was much more than that.
Legends of Tomorrow: 8, very enjoyable. Loved the focus of the Legends, giving them something to do and slightly side-lining the other characters. Great one liners, a lot of fun and a great fight between the Heroes and Legends.

LM: Another true confession – I only watched a bit of the first season of Supergirl, so it’s hard for me to rate the episode. However, as a crossover episode, I give it 2/10 because it isn’t really a crossover episode, and that is my pet peeve with this concept. I watched the episode because I thought it might contain important information to the storyline, but the only scene that mattered was repeated in its entirety on The Flash. As a standalone episode, I’d give it a 7.5/10.

I’d give The Flash 7.5/10 because it felt a lot like we were spinning our wheels a bit to make the story last over 4 episodes.

I’d give Arrow 8/10. I really liked the episode – but didn’t find the alternate reality hugely original – though it was deeply satisfying. The crossover bits didn’t feel really well integrated to me.

I’d give Legends of Tomorrow 8.5/10. I liked the episode, but I would have liked to see more of the entire team working together. I realize that that is a logistical nightmare that even movie franchises like The Avengers struggle with, however. How do you give that many stars’ clever lines and important things to do?

I would also give the overall event a rating of 6/10. There wasn’t enough story for 4 hours – and let’s face it, it seemed like a cheap way to get everyone to watch Supergirl who might not have watched the first season. I do think they did a pretty good job of filling in enough backstory so that even if you didn’t

AM: Overall I enjoyed the crossover, as I’ve mentioned a few other times I think the narrative suffered as a result of trying too hard to incorporate too many characters into some scenes. Still, it was a super fun event and was great entertainment. Hopefully, this will be the first of many major events like this, and now that they all know about Kara and she has Cisco’s device it’d be nice to see some singular crossovers with Supergirl that don’t have to involve the Flash just because he can jump to different Earth’s. It was great that they set up that way for her to work with the others as they all need each other. It was a creative way to deal with the corner they wrote themselves into with the Supergirl and The Flash crossover from last season. I’m very glad that this journey helped Barry and Cisco mend their friendship. I also loved Arrow’s 100th episode. It was a great week of television. I hope that production teams took some notes on what worked and what didn’t and work to plug up any narrative issues for the next big event.

- For all the above-mentioned reasons. In terms of the story narrative, it was definitely the tightest.

The Flash: 7
-It suffered from being the first of the event to have to figure out how to incorporate so many characters into a single scene. The narrative suffered, as a result, causing the core story to seem a little spotty as so many other aspects of the overarching story had to be setup while the episode also still tried to deal with the ongoing character arcs. It was just too much for a single episode. While it was really fun it did lose focus at points.

Arrow: 8
- This was the 100th and as long as they were focusing on the core of the story it was a perfectly crafted episode. It was when they had to get back to dealing with the massive gathering of characters that the episode faltered.

Legends Of Tomorrow: 7
-For the same reasons as The Flash. The narrative definitely took a hit as they tried to deal with all the characters involved in the event. They also were responsible for tying up the whole arc, so their usual stories and character arcs got sidelined in an attempt to wind down the event and bring it to a satisfying ending. They did get some really awesome action sequences, though, so that was really fun to watch.

WM: I’ m so happy that it's been a success, hopefully, this translates to slight bumps for all the shows long-term. My overall thoughts about the crossover were that it was really fun and decent for their first 4-way crossover event. Hopefully next time, the Supergirl episode gets in on the action a bit more? Can you imagine Winn and Felicity? Or James and Diggle? I really enjoyed how they tied the flashpoint storyline into the crossover and we finally got everyone on the same page about what Barry has done. I think as far as emotional/character development, Barry and Oliver were the two who benefited the most from it this week. I think for me, as the Legends reviewer, and it being the only show I'm current on, I was able to jump into each show and figure out what was going on pretty easily, which doesn't seem like it’d be an easy thing to do with these serialized genre shows, so kudos on that. I loved that we learned that Stein has actually caused and aberration and that he has a daughter. I'm curious how long he and Jax can keep it secret and what the reaction will be when it does come out. Sara and Ray definitely had some words for Barry about his timeline mess, so I can only imagine how they will feel it being someone from their own team. I think what's really great about all of this is that 3 of the 4 DCTV shows will actually feel the effects of things happened in the crossover so for me I found it to be highly successful and wildly entertaining. Overall, I'd give it a B+ .
Individually, I'd give The Flash an A as it was the most fun out of the 4 that actually centered around the crossover. I'd give Arrow an A as well because it brilliantly handled the task of incorporating its 100th episode and the crossover and giving us an emotional gut punch of an episode. Supergirl would get a C+. It was a nice episode, but it was the most isolated one and I'm still somewhere in season 1 of the show, and while it seemed like the show has improved, I still wasn't as invested. Legends, I'd have to give a C+ as well. I was really disappointed the actual legends didn't get as much of a chance to shine as Oliver and Barry did in their episodes. If there's one thing I want for the next one, is just that they find a balance like Arrow's episode so that it can serve not just the crossover but, the show as a whole as well.

PB: I think this crossover was overly ambitious and it delivers in its ambition. It felt like an episode of Justice League Unlimited or Young Justice: it was faithful to every show's characters arc while delivering incredible moments and action sequences that made these episodes look like a movie rather than regular episodes. It was a well-rounded success. If I had to rate them, I'd rather them like this:
The Flash: 8/10
Arrow: 10/10
DC's Legends of Tomorrow: 9/10
Supergirl's episode wasn't technically a crossover, but I'd give it a 7/10: it was a good episode, but not the best the show has delivered. That being said, I'm very happy Kara Danvers was included in this crossover and that we have been given the chance for her to come along whenever she feels like it and vice versa.

So do you agree with our points of view?

Can you see the success leading the way to more ?

What storylines would you like the see in a crossover?

Please post in comments below