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Pitch - Season Finale - Post Mortem Interviews

With Pitch’s future hanging in the balance, star Kylie Bunbury says filming the show’s season finale was especially difficult. “I have to be honest, it’s really hard,” Bunbury tells EW. “We’ve really become a family. I know that a lot of people say that, but it’s really special what we’ve created together, in terms of the cast, crew, writers, and producers. I did a lot of crying; I cried a lot. I’m getting emotional right now thinking about it.”

“I think that everyone’s stories on the show aren’t over yet,” Bunbury continues. “We want to see more. You can see that with the fans; the fans love this show. If anyone gives this show a chance, they love it as well. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this show. I know there’s some logistics in terms of Fox deciding what they’re going to do with the show, but I think what they need to listen to is more their heart rather than the logistics because ‘.”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: In writing the finale not knowing whether Pitch would be renewed, did you consider other endings?

KEVIN FALLS: Not really, because we felt so good about the show. We knew we were writing to that end line. From the beginning of the season, that’s where we knew we were going to end up. We talked briefly — there was one brief discussion about whether to come up with an alternate ending. We didn’t feel that throwing a no-hitter was really ever going to be something that we were going to have her do — do something magical. But we could’ve maybe ended where she got the runner out or we could have ended with some version of a different ender that’s more upbeat, but then we started thinking, Why are we trying to help the decision to end the show by wrapping the series in a way that satisfies everybody? We feel like we’re a great show that we feel deserves a second season. Not to mention that in this era of repeat viewing, word of mouth, people can go back and binge it and then they want it. So the feeling was that we just wanted to have a cliffhanger, because we want a second season and we always thought that we’re going to get one and we’re still confident that we will.

Would you be satisfied if this had to serve as a series finale?

No. There was a point where we talked about shooting the finale two ways where we had something that would have been a satisfying series finale. But I don't want to make someone's [renewal or cancellation] decision easier for them. This injury could have happened to any other rookie in the same situation. But for Ginny, it's harder. We did the idea of her being the first female player in MLB. That's still part of her but she's no longer a rookie [in season two]. She goes into next season as someone who has to win her job back with obstacles there and you know she'll rise to the occasion. We're not going to make it easy for her, but she's going to do it. My message is that you'll love it that much more going in because of what she has to come back from [with the injury]. But as a series finale? We wouldn't design it that way. I did a show called Journeyman and I knew when it was on that it wasn't going to come back and it was easier to do it that way. With Pitch, people were saying all the right things that we were going to come back and I still feel that. We're bullish and positive and feel like whether we get a second season, let's put our character in a position where she has to fight back and you'll love her that much more.

Was there a storyline that you didn't get to do this season?

We were at one point and still want to do and will do, if allowed, is to introduce a gay player. We ran that by MLB and that was the quickest approval we got on any storyline. MLB has a department of inclusion. I love that because it's like they built a landing pad for a spaceship that's coming and they're ready for it. And they're going to welcome it when it happens. That's the kind of partner they are.

If Fox passes on a second season, is there a chance the show could continue on? You mentioned Hulu but co-producer MLB has MLB Network and a desire to continue (and expand) in scripted. Could a second season air there? Or repeat the first season on MLB Network during the off-season in a bid to broaden the audience?

I think that's a good question; we talked about that. Like when Friday Night Lights got a new deal with DirecTV and then aired on NBC. There have been some conversations about that, too. There are people who don't follow baseball who watched the show who now follow baseball. This is an hour drama that aired to 5 million people that was basically an advertisement for baseball and I don't know if you would want to revisit it considering that you could produce the show for about half as much as a free agent closer! I'd love to see it on MLB Network. That's certainly a conversation. If they suddenly had to pay for it, would they change anything creatively? That's a concern but that's a conversation you have before you close a deal with them.

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