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The Odd Couple - Season 3 - 13 Episodes Only, CBS Not Ordering More

30 Nov 2016

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CBS comedy series The Odd Couple will produce a third consecutive season of 13 episodes.

The size of the first two seasons was 13 episodes by default as they both premiered in midseason. Season 3 of the comedy, a reboot of the Neil Simon classic, was the first one to launch in the fall, and CBS had an option to order more episodes. The network has decided not to do so. The Odd Couple, which has aired seven episodes of Season 3 to date, is not canceled and remains in contention for a Season 4 renewal though it will likely need to show some ratings improvement in the remaining five episodes to have a shot at a pickup.

While Season 2 of The Odd Couple exceeded expectations, especially in the first half, leading to the Season 3 renewal in May, the sitcom, starring Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon, has been a soft ratings performer this fall. It ranks as the lowest rated CBS comedy series this season and ties freshman drama Pure Genius — the other CBS series with 13-episode pickup not to get a back order this fall — as the second lowest rated CBS scripted series with a 1.2 most current rating in adults 18-49.