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Rectify - Bob & Carol & Ted Jr. & Alice - Review

10 Nov 2016

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As I sort of predicted in last week's episode review, after two episodes focused solely on Daniel in Nashville (the first) and solely on his family back in Paulie (the other), this one reverts back to a more familiar structure where we go back and forth between the different perspectives, but that doesn't impact what has been so far an outstanding Final Season.

Whilst the show is almost split in two, Daniel's own story-arc involves two different sides that have yet to meet so far, one in the halfway house living with the other tenants, and one in the co-op with Chloe. He seems to have learned the lessons that Avery taught him in the first episode, he's more involved with his new roommate Manny than he was with his old one, though that may not have as a big of a impact, since Manny is also severely struggling in adjusting to a new life outside of jail. After their conversation about his prison time in solitary, Avery suggests Daniel to seek outside counseling on the matter, since it's a bit outside of the area of expertise they have at the New Canaan house, while Daniel mulls the possibility of meeting a PTSD expert I wonder if this won't somehow fit in the whole endgame of the series of Daniel possibly finally remembering what happened that infamous night with Hannah.

Despite the case being now closed for good after Daniel's settlement deal, Hannah's murder is still in the mind of Jon, that after reassuring his partners that he wouldn't keep shaking that tree, he went back at it this week confronting Sheriff Doggett about his true intentions and why he seems to have a rhapsodic behavior, closing the deal on Daniel as the murderer first and having Trey, George Melon and Chris Nelms as suspect for her rape later. Doggett doesn't really shed any light on what is guiding him, but at this point I don't think he has any agendas on the matter and is just looking for the truth. This too seems like something that will be featured heavily later in the season, as the end nears and Trey's situation with the justice is still to be determined.

Janet meanwhile finally gets some well deserved slack, as Daniel's new demeanor gets him to speak with her on the telephone first and set a date for a lunch together in Nashville later, but just when things seemed to settle for her, something new arise, as a certain Bob gets in touch with her, looking to make a potential offer on the tire store. Janet wants to have some time to think about it and this leads to Ted junior finding out second-hand about the offer. As Amantha (in one amazingly-acted and genuine conversation with her mother) finds out too, this definitely has the potential to bring even more drama and divisiveness in the family, where Ted senior will probably, as always, find himself stuck between the hammer and the anvil.

The episode also has Amantha going down the memory lane with the recently introduced but actually old pal from school Billy, Ted junior meeting with Melvin, which sense of loss and grief for Daniel's abrupt departure is probably only second to Janet's, and Tawney finally almost ready to admit to herself that the only way to really move on with her life and free Ted from his uncomfortable position of still hanging on to her despite everything, is represented by that word that she's even too scared to pronounce and only dares to spell, divorce. Finally we also get a glimpse of Jared (whose presence is rationed as always) pondering on the possible sell of some Kirbys (which surely belonged to Daniel and Janet kept out of attachment to the memories) that were hanging around all dusted and forgotten in the attic.

Back to Daniel, the show is presenting Chloe's character as a possible love interest for him, even though the term "love interest" doesn't really apply in a series so filled of deeply emotionally troubled characters and fit to have them never be what they appear. As Daniel is really more interested in someone to whom he could unburden himself, Chloe seems to be looking for a platonic relationship with him rather than some common fling, though as we found out of her pregnancy, there might definitely be something more uncanny and emotionally altering than simply a father figure that she "ran off" because he wasn't up to the task. The show is asking a lot from us, to invest in a character so recently introduced, a character that might turn out to be part of Daniel's endgame, but kudos to Caitlin Fitzgerald for giving us a believable ad honest performance, that surely helps in the process.

While lighter in tone compared to the other two, this hour of Rectify didn't slow one bit, and actually shows off the bravery of introducing new themes whilst being so close to an end that I wish was much farther away.

Episode 4.03 - "Bob & Carol & Ted Jr. & Alice" - B+