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2 Broke Girls - And the Rom-Commie - Review: "Turf Wars"

Love and ham is in the air this week as the girls are busy preparing a massive cake order for an Overeaters Anonymous group right as Han grows sick of sharing a storage space with them. While trying to move the cake, Han drops it, splattering cake (and ham) everywhere. Although he tries to lie to the girls, they eventually find out that he was the culprit. Meanwhile, a woman named Pilar from Earl’s past arrives from out of the country and wants to experience all the things she missed while gone. This eventually exhausts Earl and he ends their brief relationship renaissance. Also, Sophie does everything in her power to make Baby Barbara laugh. Last, but not least, Max tries to decide if she should go to the airport to see Randy, who has a layover in Newark. With the support (aggressive urging) of Caroline, and some advice from Pilar, she goes to meet Randy and the two decide that they are going to fully commit to each other and be in a long distance relationship.

The most notable part of the episode is of course Max and Randy officially defining their relationship! This is a really great choice for a few reasons. One, I think the texting relationship thing was definitely coming to a natural conclusion. Don’t get me wrong, this storyline has been one of my favorite parts of the season, but it makes sense that after a few weeks, both Max and Randy would want more, especially given how strongly they feel about each other. I’m really impressed with how the writers have paced this storyline. Many other shows would do one episode of the texting relationship, one episode of the long distance relationship, and then do the break up episode. 2 Broke Girls, on the other hand, is really taking it’s time and letting this relationship develop naturally. The other reason I think this is a great choice is that by moving Max and Randy into a long distance relationship, the writers create so many potential storylines and character development moments. Well played, 2 Broke Girls… Well played.

Although Max (and Caroline) had their hands full with Randy this week, they also managed to fit in time to feud with Han! This was a fun and random plot that served as the perfect B-story for this episode. My favorite part about it was that Han and Oleg got to interact with the each other and even shared a scene that neither Max nor Caroline was in! I can’t remember the last time there was a substantial scene that didn’t feature at least one of our favorite broke girls. As much as I love the girls, I hope 2 Broke Girls continues to have a scene or two an episode that doesn't feature Max and Caroline and can really flesh out the supporting cast. Also, Han trying to put the cake back together and discovering the crazy stuff Max had put in it was just priceless.

Okay, moving on to Earl’s storyline this week. I definitely liked Pilar and her dynamic with Earl, my only complaint is that the storyline was a little underdeveloped. When I read the press release for this episode, I thought Earl was going to be the focus, but his storyline took a back seat to the other things going on in the episode. I did like how the writers looped Pilar’s choice to come after Earl back into whether or not Max should go to the airport to see Randy, but I still would have liked to see a bit more Earl. There must be some deleted scenes or something, because the press photos included a few Earl and Pilar photos of scenes that I don’t believe were in this episode. Maybe there was some story development in those scenes that got cut. Regardless, I did enjoy Earl’s story this week, I just wish there was a little bit more of it.

Overall Grade:
A-. Everything that had to do with Max and Caroline was hilarious and on point this week, but Earl’s storyline, although funny, needed a teeeeeeeny bit more depth.

Favorite Quotes:
Max: His notes are more boring than your “remember when I had money” stories.
Caroline: C’mon Max, we’re slamming Han, lets stay focused! … Remember when I had money though?

Max: This is disturbingly clean. (Reading) “Have an hour layover in Newark airport tomorrow. So close and yet so far.” What does that mean? Does he want to see my boobs or my junk?
Caroline: Now he’s speaking my language, the language of romantic comedy! He wants more!
Max: …My butt?

Caroline: I know how to interpret these things.
Max: Uh, sorry, but you’re horrible at interpreting things. You thought when I first said “Hi” to you, it meant that I wanted you to move in with me for 6 years.

What were your thoughts on the most recent episode of 2 Broke Girls? Are you glad to see Max and Randy start an official long distance relationship? Let me know in the comments!