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Victoria - Brocket Hall - Sneak Peek + Teasers

4 Sept 2016

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© BBC Pictures

Brocket Hall airs on 4th September from 9pm – 10pm on ITV1, below are some teasers and a sneak peek to see you through until then. Don't forget to come back to vote in our poll after you have seen the episode and let us know what you thought.

“But Queen Victoria has been allowed to squander the good will of the country in a series of the most, squalid episodes”

"And, I have decided to raise your allowance, Mama. It is time you had some new clothes”

Everyone at Buckingham Palace is determined to see Victoria wed. Her family vie with each other in order to impress their perfect match upon her, while the servants take bets on who will the one to finally woo their queen.

“You really think the German sausage will tempt our virgin queen? I think my sixpence is quite safe”

“All I want is for us to be friends. I had to work hard to get here, just like you. We might be kindred spirits”

There’s a lot of talking about Albert this week, but Tom Hughes doesn’t actually appear until very late on in the episode itself, in fact, we won’t get to see much of him at all until next Sunday’s The Clockwork Prince.

“George, you should go to the royal box now, before she sits on that Russian’s lap”

“Just think, if my poor dear Charlotte and her child had survived, I would be living in these gilded halls”

“They may not hold with the Chartists, but they don’t want them to die a traitor’s death”

“So called because they have written a charter to demand universal suffrage, annual elections, secret ballots, and even payment for PMs”

“I might be the midget’s husband, but I would not be the master in my own house. No thank you”

“I think you forget, that I am of a royal line that stretches back a thousand years. Whereas you are king of Belgium. A country that did not exist a decade ago”

Trailer Teaser

“Albert and I are not suited. He has no manners”

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