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Tyrant - Two Graves - Review: "A fitting end."

10 Sept 2016

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So several hours before this episode aired FX announced that they would not be renewing Tyrant for another season, therefore forcing this third season finale to serve not only as a satisfying resolution to this season, but the series as a whole. Barring an (admittedly unlikely) pick-up from another network, "Two Graves" will have to function as a series finale.

Throughout this season I have discussed the show's uncertain future with some of you in the comments section, and the more it was discussed the more inevitable Tyrant's cancellation seemed. Those of us who watched the show were disappointed by the news, but we shouldn't have been surprised. We all saw the writing on the wall. The question I had going into "Two Graves" was whether or not the writers saw it too.

And judging by this finale it's hard to tell if they did. But I think, on the whole, "Two Graves" functions quite well as a series finale. I have some qualms with it, but overall it was a well executed, thematically cohesive ending that brought everything full circle from the show's pilot two years ago.

Much of this final season rested on Barry's transformation into the titular "tyrant", and while that transformation was ultimately unconvincing - which is something I've discussed in great detail over the last couple of weeks - I admired the show for committing to it here, the final scene underlining the fact that Barry has unwillingly become the type of ruler he once so passionately opposed, thereby alienating all his previous supporters and creating a position for himself in which he is constantly vulnerable to a military coup.

And while the conclusion to Barry's arc was immensely cynical and pessimistic, much of the rest of the episode wasn't, as a whole bunch of the show's supporting characters began making grand speeches about hope and democracy and all that good stuff in the wake of Sheik Al-Qadi's unexpected death (which happened just after his marriage was beginning to recover as a result of Nafisa trying to kill him). Leila declares herself the true President of Abuddin, Daliyah starts trending on Twitter, and Sammy stands up to his idiotic parents, though he manages to get shot and possibly lose his ability to walk in the process.

So basically the message of the show is that power corrupts and destroys, but while democracy is hard to achieve, and the fight for it will inevitably lead to casualties, it's still worth fighting for. Now that's a solid message to end a show with.

I'd like to thank those of you who read along and commented on these reviews over the past ten weeks. It's been a troubled season for Tyrant, but it's been great writing about it and talking about it with you all.

About the Author - candon_sean
Sean is a student living in Ireland. He has a keen interest in dramatic television (as well as some comedies). Some of his favourite shows right now include The Leftovers, The Americans, Game of Thrones, Black Sails and Mr Robot. Some of his favourite shows of all time include The Wire, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Person of Interest, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Lost. He is also an "A Song of Ice and Fire" obsessive. You can visit his blog at
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