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Rizzoli and Isles - Ocean Frank- Review: Bon Voyage

Rizzoli and Isles 713

Written by Russell J. Grant and Jan Nash

Directed by Michael Robin

For a season finale, you really could not have asked for better than this. No characters were killed off, put in mortal danger or paired off with some random guy to live happily ever after.
With an ending that catered to all fans, in my opinion, it certainly pulled at the heartstrings with the testimonials. The flashbacks as well were subtle as once again a lot of shows in the past have resorted to flashback alone in a finale.
In fact, the ending showed signs of new beginnings and was a refreshing change to a lot of shows who have gone more for the shock than the story. It also helped they had a season to prepare knowing it was coming to an end and not suddenly being cancelled with questions left unanswered.
While I feel this show still had some mileage in it I am pleased it has ended on high. It’s been a pleasure to review over the last few years and I would like to thank you for all your input and comments.

So for the last time let’s take a look at the episode

We open up in Maura’s Kitchen with Jane walking in like she owns the place. Maura tells her to be quiet as she is making what appears to be a gruesome looking montage of their memories. Well, most of the time together does involve a murder.
Maura states she is going to miss Jane and wonders how many more experiences they will have and as the phone rings it looks like one more as they answer for the last time ‘Rizzoli’ ‘Isles’ before the credits role.

Korsak greets them at the crime scene, a male handcuffed to a bed, weird sex game gone wrong or something else? It appears someone left in a hurry taking their belongings. The victim was married so they assume it was his wife. Speaking of speculating Jane asks Maura to guess at the murder weapon but the scope is too much and as you can image Jane makes a joke.

Frankie is outside talking with a neighbor who appears to know everything. Her son comes up looking uneasy (yes not hard to guess why and we haven’t even got through the detecting bit).

Jane goes to the dirty robber as her mom has a gift for her, just what she always wanted a leopard skin print suitcase. She accepts it as Angela is clearly struggling with her leaving.

In the BRIC Nina and Frankie are being all sweet until Kent and his camera discovers their secret regarding the engagement, he promises to delete the footage (I don’t think he will). Seems Kent is getting video testimonial’s for not only Korsak’s retirement party but it is also a farewell party for Maura and Jane. Nina offers to go first.

In the Morgue Maura has a matching suitcase to Janes, well almost, her suitcase is a tortoise print or as Jane still insists on calling them a turtle. Maura explains about the animal’s traits and how they reflect them, maybe Angela was onto something after all. About the case, Maura tells Jane the victim not only had his head dislocated (not chopped off but detached from his spine) it looks like he took a substantial blow and was placed on the bed.

I love the exchange as Jane leaves

Jane: “think you would have run out of crazy medical terms to say to me”
Maura:" would you have let the door hit you in the face as you entered"
Jane: “Course not”

Jane hams it up with the door as she leaves (have I mentioned I am going to miss these two).

Nina does her testimonial with Kent, this is where you need to start grabbing your tissues folks. I believe all the actors spoke from the heart about their time on the show.

Korsak announces due to all his holiday days accrued he is retiring at the end of today. Jane seems to realize it is all happening so fast. However, they still have a case to solve. No financial worries seem to be the cause of the victim’s death. Nina can’t find anything to pin point he was in trouble and no trace on the wife either. In fact, she has no license or credit cards. Nina is going to keep digging and Jane helps Korsak with some boxes.

At the Dirty Robbery Ron sneakily gets Angela to talk and films it as Kent told him she would not film her goodbye.

Nina tricks Jane after showing Angela how to skype so she can speak to her while away. I do wonder if Angie knew they were going to pop up as she seemed a little stunned.

Nina and Frankie did some more digging on the disappeared wife of the victim it seems Elaine Chan was married to two other guys, also the victim Robert paid money to a Second Pleasure enterprises. Nina is going to call when she gets an address. Jane still seems uncomfortable with Korsak packing.

In the morgue Maura can’t find certain things seems Kent has moved them which he apologizes for, it was a bit rude before she has even left on her leave of absence.
Jane enters and has a swift no for Kent when he asks her to do the video. He even calls her grumpy. Maura explains the back of the victim’s neck had linseed oil and beeswax on it (oh I know what hit him). Only DNA in the house was the victim and a female but no matches have been found. Jane gets the information that their lead is a strip club in Chinatown, people don't talk in them places it seems.
Jane undercover as a stripper? as Maura comments, they have done worse and an ad lib by Angie Harmon (she confirmed this while live tweeting during the finale and was surprised Jan Nash left it in) makes us all laugh
Jane: “I’ll get my tassels”

Kent does Korsak’s testimonial, yes you might need those tissues again.

At Second Pleasure they talk to the owner, after some persuading, Jane and Korsak learn the money the victim paid was a setup fee the owner had not seen the couple since they were married. You also learn they are not exactly going through the proper channels for citizenship.

Kent video’s Frankie and assures him he will delete the earlier footage (we can all see where this is going).

With the information from Second Pleasures they talk to the aunt of the wife and no surprise her name isn’t Elaine, Jane and Korsak both know she is lying when she says she has left the country to go back to China. She claims her husband held her niece captive and beat her. As they leave Jane spots her and gives chase soon catching her before she can get away.

Maura does her video and I for one did reach for the tissues at this point, Sasha Alexander had already got to me with a lovely thankyou video she posted for the fans online. The raw emotion’s come through in this scene and at the end as Maura says she is really sad, even Kent is holding back the tears. I am sure many fans let their own tears fall sharing in the sadness.

Frankie interviews the wife who is crying, Jane is watching from the other side of the glass in the interview room and goes to fill Korsak in, it seems the wife claims it was an accident and he beat her and held her captive. (with the fuzzy handcuffs)
Maura arrives and notes Korsak’s clean desk while Jane’s is still messy. Jane’s eyes fall on the action figure that was once Barry Frost’s. She wants Maura to distract her. Maura tells her the substance found on the back of the victim, Roberts, neck was from car wax (yes I called it). Same as the victim’s car, they deduce it could have been the car bumper but it's unlikely a small woman like her could have not only pushed him with enough force but also moved his body to the bed. They think she is protecting someone. Frankie comes in telling them she isn’t changing her story.
At this moment they give Frankie or as he is known now Frank Rizzoli Korsak’s old desk.

At the Dirty Robber Ron is helping Angela prepare for the party but it seems she has made an unfortunate mistake ordering a cake for a bachelorette party, not a bon voyage party. Angela says she is going to work magic with the frosting and later we see a palm tree with coconuts instead of ...well I am sure you can guess.

Jane brings in a dummy and tells Elaine she could not have lifted him, the hospital’s confirmed she had been brought in with injuries from beating and they also gave them a description of who brought her in, yes it was the neighbor’s son. Frankie brings him into the interview room and Jane leaves them to talk advising them, to tell the truth.

Jane solves a murder on her last day. As she goes to her desk she places the action figure in front of Frankie and she states he(Frost) would have been his partner. It’s a nice nod to the late actor who played such a loved character on the show.

Jane goes down to Maura’s office. She tells Maura that Elaine, really Way Chang, admitted the abuse and reports Maura got from the hospitals confirm that. Seems the neighbor across the street helped and they feel in love and they were going to run away together but her husband, Robert caught them and slipped hitting his head on the bumper. Though I am guessing the reason they covered it up was to avoid her being deported, it was a bit of a weak crime story. Well, really there was no crime at all except them covering up the accident. With only a few minutes’ left on her shift Jane wills her phone to ring as she wants one last call as wants to avoid the party they both know Mama Rizzoli is throwing for them. The shift ends and they both acknowledge it has come to an end. This was the perfect place for a flashback of some of their fun moments. Jane leaves to get ready for the party and Maura switches out the lights in the morgue.
Sasha Alexander has said she balled her eyes out after filming this scene.

Upstairs the tears aren’t over as Jane and Korsak hug goodbye but our spirits are lifted when Kent threatens Jane with doing her video via sock puppet.

At the party, complete with cake, the videos are playing and yes Kent forgot to delete Nina and Frankie’s moment. Frankie places the ring on Nina’s finger and they announce their engagement, I think this was a fitting ending for these two.
Jane’s video comes on leaving not a dry eye in the place, Jane looks around the robber and I love the wink she gives to Korsak and Maura looks back at her when Janes tells them she loves them.

However, it isn’t over, Maura is doing some last minute checks in her bedroom and Jane is laid on the bed. This is the first time since the pilot we have seen inside Maura’s bedroom and that was a different house. Maura doesn’t want Jane to take her to the airport as it will be too sad. As viewer’s braced themselves for what we were sure would be an emotional goodbye a surprise is in store.
Jane is using her holiday days and not starting the FBI for two months, she also has a ticket to Paris, courtesy of Maura’s air miles and is going with Maura. As they laugh about the fun they will have the screen goes black and we must bid farewell to the series.

I don’t think they could have picked a better ending for the series and even though I am sad it has ended it does leave it open for the future, maybe a TV movie or series reboot later down the line.

Bon Voyage , Rizzoli and Isles we are going to miss you

So what did you think about the finale?

How much are you going to miss the series?

Please post in comments below

About the Author - Zandarl
Zandarl a Writer and avid TV and film buff ,once described as a wilful hedonist, has travelled all over and lived in the states for a short time. Now based in the UK she attends cons when able and meets stars from her favourite shows .Her first start in fandom was Xena and since then has admired tv shows that portray strong women. Her current favorites being Rizzoli and Isles and Once Upon a Time as well as anything comic book related. A regular movie goer she watches most genres but never ask her to watch a horror movie.
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