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The SpoilerTV Favourite TV Series Competition 2016 - Day 1 - Person of Interest vs. Downton Abbey & Chuck vs. Arrow

16 Aug 2016

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Hey all,

Well, a much quieter nomination period than last year with only just over 400 nominations. I'm disappointed that so few people got involved in the nominations, but there were a fair amount of shows represented. We've narrowed it down to the top 64 shows as voted by you. 32 of these shows are current (have aired/will air episodes after June 1st 2016); the other 32 are finished shows (no new episodes after June 1st 2016). The draw has been made, and was done so with the following regulations:

1) The top 8 current shows (displayed in the draw in bold) were split up so that the earliest they could meet is the Quarter Finals.
2) The top 8 finished shows (displayed in the draw in bold italics) were split up so that the earliest they could meet is also the Quarter Finals.
3) The earliest one of the top 8 current shows can face one of the top 8 finished shows is Round Three.
4) The other 48 shows were randomly selected a position in the draw.

The draw can be seen below in our rather nice new bracket design, courtesy of Rendy.

Click here to see the draw in a new window

Some exciting looking first round ties once again. Some of those that caught my eye: LOST vs. Agents of SHIELD, Outlander vs. Once Upon a Time, Supergirl vs. The Flash and Buffy vs. The X-Files. Some even more mouthwatering ties are potentially coming in the second round too, with the biggest being that Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead could be facing off on Day 21. Obviously, there are those of you out there who will have other polls you're looking forward to - or, more likely, dreading, if both shows are ones you love. Let us know in the comments which polls you're most excited for.

Anyway, without further ado, let's begin the competition...

We do have some simple rules for those of you new to this competition (or that need a brief refresher). Please adhere to them:

1) Two shows will go into battle in a poll, where after exactly 24 hours, the leading show will win the battle and will progress into the next round.
2) Vote for your favourite and spread the word with your friends & fans.
3) One vote per person per poll.
4) Comment on what you voted for on in the comments below.
5) Have fun. This is a friendly & competitive competition. Please do not start attacking other fans or fangroups in the comments, because this really isn't what this competition is about.

We begin today with our reigning champion and number one seed Person of Interest. The show has found itself rising to power in SpoilerTV's competitions in the past two summers, winning the Episode Competition and Character Cup both last year and this year, as well as winning nine of the ten awards for which it was eligible in the last two SpoilerTV Awards. Plus winning last year's Series Competition, of course. So to say that the drama has become dominant of late would perhaps be an understatement. Today, it opens the competition and faces Downton Abbey, the much beloved British drama that wrapped its six-season run at the end of last year in the UK (and earlier this year in the US). The second poll of the day features the low-rated but fan favourite Chuck as it takes on Arrow. There are a lot of vocal fans online for The CW's superhero drama but after a lot of backlash to recent creative decisions, will Chuck be able to get through?

Don't forget to Facebook, Tweet, and share the poll with your friends! The more people that you get to vote, the better chance your favourites will win!

Remember to check back tomorrow for Breaking Bad vs. Criminal Minds and Glee vs. 12 Monkeys!

About the Author - Bradley Adams
17 year old based in England, currently Senior Staff at SpoilerTV. Most of his posts are news/spoiler based, though he is currently the reviewer of Person of Interest, co-host on the SpoilerTV Podcast. Created and is in charge of the yearly Favourite Episode Competition and currently runs the Favourite Series Competition. A big TV fan, his range of shows are almost exclusively dramas, while some of his all-time favourite shows include 24, LOST, Breaking Bad and Friends. Some of his current favourites include Person of Interest, Banshee, Arrow, The Flash, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Better Call Saul and many more. He also runs an Arrow fans site, ArrowFansUK, and aside from TV, is a keen cricketer. Get in touch with him via the links below or via email
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