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Scene Of The Week - July 24, 2016 + POLL

24 Jul 2016

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A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

12 MONKEYS, "Memory of Tomorrow", July 18, 2016, Actors: Amanda Schull and more, The Scene: The final scene
Justyna K:
What a horrifying and fascinating reveal that was! And it makes me question everything we've learned about the Witness so far. Since he's Cole and Cassie's child... I just can't believe how bad things could get for him to become an evil monster everyone's scared of. It does bring some memories of a few other shows I once watched, though. Amanda Schull did a wonderful work in that final scene. Everyone saying "Mother" over and over again was absolutely creepy but it's such a significant change of direction in the story that I couldn't help but choose this scene. And there were so many that I would love to include here in the article, like Cole's flashbacks, Cassie remembering and the events at Titan. Such a great and underestimated show. I'm so happy we're getting another season, especially with this ending. Can't wait already! Kudos!

BONES, "The Nightmare in the Nightmare", July 21, 2016, Actors: David Boreanaz and more, The Scene: The reveal about Zack
Justyna K:
I really didn't see this one coming. Such a great and emotional twist! And that moment, when everyone starts realizing that Zack fits the killer's description perfectly and Booth runs to the hospital to see if he's still there, stole the hour for me. And the really tough part is, no matter how impossible it might seem at the moment, I still really hope Zack's not the bad guy here. After all he's been through, I just truly hoped for a better ending for him. Booth's desperate entry to the hospital said it all. The way he wouldn't stop, almost like he's trying to convince himself it's not Zack. There was something really heartbreaking about it. And everyone's reactions, Cam, Angela, Hodgins. Oh, poor Hodgins. Beautifully acted and shot scene by all involved. Kudos!

CONTAINMENT, "Path to Paradise", July 19, 2016, Actors: Chris Wood and more
The Scene: Final montage with Jake's voiceover
Marko Pekic:
Even though the show ended quite open ended it was a beautiful ending with a lot of emotional and human closure.

DARK MATTER, "We Were Family", July 22, 2016, Actors: Zoie Palmer and more, The Scene: Android has her first kiss
Kollin Lore:
In this episode we see Android exploring her human side as she interacts with Victor and his group of upgraded, humanoid bots. Zoie Palmer has portrayed the Android masterfully these past 1 and a bit seasons, and this scene near the end of the episode takes her character to a whole new level as she kisses Victor. Her "ok" is just so adorable especially when she said it without hesitation when Victor asks to kiss her. A very soulful scene that packed a lot of feel good emotion.

HELL ON WHEELS, "Done", July 23, 2016, Actor: Anson Mount
The Scene: Cullen wants to reconnect with Mei
Geo N:
It is revealed that Cullen Bohannon wants to reconnect with Mei after discovering she left him her address in China. He chose love over the railroad in the end.

MR. ROBOT, "eps2.1_k3rnel-pan1c.ksd", July 20, 2016, Actors: Rami Malek, Michael Cristofer, The Scenes: Phillip Price defends himself against a request for resignation & Elliot hallucinates
Kollin Lore:
Veteran actor Michael Cristofer showed us acting at its finest in this scene in which his character, Price, is asked to resign. We suddenly see him go from shrinking in his chair to unexpectedly standing up in a dashingly confident demeanour telling his cohorts about how "you can't have a con, without confidence." A truly mesmerizing speech and one that makes you respect him as much as you despise him.
Jimmy Ryan: Elliot hallucinating having concrete poured down his throat. Dominique discovers the fsociety headquarters. Also picked by Alex Zhora

OUTCAST, "The Damage Done", July 22, 2016, Actors: Patrick Fugit, Philip Glenister and more, The Scenes: Kyle and Allison reconnect & Reverend Anderson confronts Sidney
Geo N:
Kyle and Allison reconnect and spend the night together. The following morning it is revealed that Allison left Amber, their daughter, with Kyle because she feels she is unfit to care for her and Kyle will likely do a better job. - This scene was great because it showed the culmination of Kyle trying to change since episode one. Kyle only wanted to keep his family safe and change people’s perception of him. He is trying to rid the world of demons and to get his daughter back was a reward well earned. However, I’m not sure how long it will last or how safe Amber is with Kyle given all the demons that are out to get him.
Kollin Lore: Reverend Anderson confronts Sidney. This was a tense scene that saw the reverend approach Sidney to let him know he will not cower in fear. His speech about standing tall in defiance and poker, of all topics, was well delivered with such powerful emotion and conviction.

SUITS, "Accounts Payable", July 20, 2016, Actors: Gabriel Macht, Paul Schulze, The Scene: Harvey antagonizes Frank
Laura Markus:
One of the most surprising and excellent scenes I have ever seen in this entire show, I must say, was this one. Just as Harvey is leaving the prison after reuniting with Mike, and promising not to interfere in his battle with the baddie, Frank, Harvey is distracted by Frank calling out to him. He's outside, all by himself, just to try and get a rise out of Harvey. Well, it worked wonders. Harvey claims that if he even looks at Mike Ross he will break his legs (he says as he is breaking his finger). And once last push against the fence to know he's telling the truth. Man, what a great moment. I have never seen Harvey this genuinely emotional before, especially with /this/ much anger towards anyone. I truly believe that he could actually kill Frank Grillo, and that is a frightening thought. It's also a testament to Gabriel Macht's brilliant acting, which I will most certainly be giving him a POTM nomination for. Well done. I am anxious and excited to see where this storyline takes us.

TYRANT, "The Dead and the Living", July 20, 201, Actors: Anne Winters and more, The Scene: Emma's death
Geo N:
Emma’s Death at the very end by Ihab Rashid was very heartbreaking to watch and will effect Barry’s presidency going forward as well as the tenuous grasp he has on keeping his family together. Most shows would have saved this character, but ‘Tyrant' surprised fans by going a different route. It was a great episode that will prove to be pivotal moving forward through season 3.

UNREAL, "Ambush", July 18, 2016, Actors: Shiri Appleby, Michael Rady and more
The Scene: Rachel and Coleman set up Darius
Marko Pekic:
It was such an intense scene, you knew something bad was going to happen but the situation was so unpredicatable. The whole cast including the guest staring cops did an amazing job making this feel as authentic as possible, especially Shiri who finally broke.

ZOO, "The Moon and the Star", July 19, 2016, Actors: Kristen Connolly, Billy Burke
The Scene: Jamie and Mitch reunite
Klutzy girl:
Jamie and Mitch finally reunite. It's something I've been waiting for since they were separated at the end of the last season and the reunion didn't disappoint at all.

Justyna JJ Kubica
24. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies (especially Marvel Cinematic Universe), TV Shows (The 100, Agents Of SHIELD, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Person Of Interest, Supernatural (especially 1-5), The Musketeers, Agent Carter, The Flash, Doctor Who, Fringe, Psych and many more) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy & SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Writes reviews for Doctor Who, Sherlock & The Musketeers. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.
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