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2016 Summer Pitch Your Show - Part B (Chicago Fire - Grey's Anatomy)

Welcome back to Pitch Your Show. Since we had over 100 shows nominated this time, the article is being segmented into 5 sections. Part A included shows from 12 Monkeys to The Catch. Today it's all about shows from Chicago Fire to Grey's Anatomy. The rest of the pitches will follow each day until we are done. To keep the articles readable, I have limited nominations to 2-3 per show. I am truly sorry if your nomination is not in here. Know that I appreciate your time and pitches. Making the choice of what went into the articles was difficult. As always, the link to the spreadsheet with all the pitches is below. There was some confusion about this yesterday so to clarify, any show that received even 1 pitch is included in these articles. However, if a show got more than 2-3 pitches, not all of the pitches are in here to save space. That's why there is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see them all.

As always the goal is for you to find something interesting to watch during the summer hiatus. If you do, please leave a comment below. I know those who worked hard of their pitches will appreciate hearing from you. Also if you were unable to get your pitches in before the deadline, feel free to add them in the comments as well. Just remember that any show starting with H-Y may be coming in future segments.

Part A 

Chicago Fire (Hulu Plus - season 4):

***Nominated by Julia - It's a great show for those who like drama, often petty (and lots of it). The first season is pretty great, but season 2 blew it out of the park for me. You'll fall in love the characters, and also come to hate some that are out to get the good guys so much that all you want to do is reach through your screen and kill them. You have to get used to characters you like, leaving the show. It's a pretty common theme through all the seasons. Overall, it's a great show and pretty unique. I mean what other shows are there about firefighters today?

***Nominated by Luana - The thing about the "Chicago" shows is that you miss some things if you don't watch them in order and together. Of course you can but the experience is better that way. If you are willing to give them all a shot, the show about the Chicago Firehouse is the one you should start with. It's fun, it has a great cast and, when they get into the real drama, they do that very well too.

Chicago PD (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Luana - This is the second of the Chicago shows. It's about the Intelligence Unit of the Chicago Police Department and its team leader, who does his best to clean the streets of Chicago his own way. And that is not always the more politically correct way, for sure. The cast is great, specially Jason Beghe and Sophia Bush.

***Nominated by Hailey - You should watch it because it has a ton of action and once you finish season one, you're hooked immediately! It creates the experience that the real Chicago Police go through on a daily basis in a one hour episode! This show is the best!

The Client List (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Luana - If you enjoy chick-flicks and lots of eye candy, this is the show for you. It was cancelled after three seasons and it didn’t have proper closure, but it’s still a perfect thing to watch when you feel in the mood for something like this.

Code Black

***Nominated by Folie-lex - Remember the time, before Grey’s Anatomy, when the golden standard for medical shows was ER? Yes? Great! And now tell me? Did you love ER? If your answer still “yes,” then let me tell you Code Black is a show you should be watching, not because it's trying to be a carbon copy of ER (which for the record it absolutely is not) but because it is a show that took all the elements that made ER great and put its own spin on them. Inspired by a documentary by the same name, it depicts life in the busiest ER in Los Angeles (and possibly the whole USA). This gritty, realistic medical drama focuses on medicine, hospital politics, how the people who work in this hectic environment conduct themselves as professionals first and foremost, and how this hard and grating occupation affects them as people. With a stellar cast led by the extraordinary Marcia Gay Harden and supported by some great writing material and exceptional production values, this is a show that should make any fan of the medical drama genre happy.

***Nominated by Andrew - Code Black is my second favorite medical TV show. It's not only a medical show but it is also filled with good drama. I have to admit that in the beginning the show wasn't that good, especially the pilot. The pilot was very disappointing, but as you might have heard many times, some shows are very disappointing in the beginning and then become major hits. Yeah, that's Code Black. The show became so good, and I became addicted because the storylines and the acting were so on point. It's outstanding I would say. There were some emotional episodes that made me cry like a baby, and that doesn't happen to me very often while watching a show. It's a pity that it's kind of underrated, but now CBS airs repeats of this show every Thursday at 10 to get more viewers. Also it will premiere in fall, which I am really happy about. If you like very good storylines, a well chosen cast and so much drama, then Code Black is the perfect show for you.

***Nominated by Spindae - This series has a brilliant cast, coherent storytelling, raw emotions and a different perspective on a really dragged out genre. Emergency Room paved the way, Grey's Anatomy put golden bricks on it, but Code Black took it to a completely new level. It is a dark show, portraying the medical system in a troubled and needy way. Code Black combines the youth and aspiring energy the new interns bring to the hospital, but also touches on how the patients affect the lives of all hospital employees. Every patient, every casualty matters and with how the story progresses you'll find yourself way too much involved with the characters.

Cougar Town

***Nominated by Ivankwonk - If the title or premise scared you off, you’re totally missing out on a fantastic, cheerful, and hilarious comedy. The series has turned itself around into an ensemble hang out comedy about a group of wine-loving people. The cast have an insane amount of chemistry and the writing balance its self-aware silliness and heartwarming element very well. So, let’s pour some wine, call your friends and enjoy this silly but charming comedy.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

***Nominated by Ivankwok - The star and co-creator of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom described her show as “…a dark, feminist, ***-up, romantic comedy.” I couldn’t agree more with her but I would add one more word to describe the show, realistic. The characters in the show are really mess up, just like everybody in real life. Those characters, especially Rebecca, screw up all the time, lie to others and even to themselves, and have their own personal issues. The audience, or at least me, understands them because we see ourselves in the characters. It also deconstructs a lot of stereotypes, like happiness, love and of course gender stereotypes. It reexamines what love and happiness are. Most of the time TV shows and movies tell us love should be pure, sacred and that we can find happiness through love. This show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, show us a completely different message: Love can be messy and crazy, and we do not find happiness through love at all. The musical numbers of this show are amazing and impressive. They never repeat in style or genre. Sometimes those songs dig deep and represent the state of that characters’ minds. Sometimes it becomes the voice of deconstructing stereotypes. If you are interested, go check-out "You Stupid B**", "What'll It Be?", "Gettin' Bi" and “The Sexy Getting Ready Song" on YouTube. So let’s check out this dark, crazy, romantic comedy that you never knew you wanted.

***Nominated by Spindae - I pitched this show already once, back when the low-rated pitch project was being conducted and all I can say about it once again is that it is a heartwarming, entertaining, hilarious and pitch perfect show. I mean the lead wouldn't get a Golden Globe if it wasn't funny indeed. The concept is silly and male lead is utterly terrible but Rachel Bloom and Donna Champlin deliver so many great laughs that you will regret missing out on any episode. The show mostly starts slow but it gets into a rhythm and builds up momentum towards the end of episode resulting in an entertaining hour. It's primetime TV at its best.

Daredevil (Netflix):

***Nominated by Ellys Cartin - Daredevil succeeds in being awesome because it keeps its show grounded in three key elements: thoughtful character development, intense action sequences, and complex "villains". Charlie Cox delivers an earnest, empathetic performance as Matt Murdock, a young attorney blinded in a childhood accident who becomes the Devil of Hell's Kitchen at night and puts his life and limbs on the line to protect his neighborhood. Beware. This one is addictive, especially Season 2 which introduces Jon Bernthal and Elodie Yung to the cast, in stellar performances. Netflix has all 26 episodes available.

***Nominated by Swanpride - The best superhero confrontation of the year didn't happen between Batman and Superman, not even between Iron Man and Captain America, but between Daredevil and the Punisher on a rooftop. The Netflix format allows it to set aside a lot of time just for thoughtful discussions and intricate character-interaction, but the show is also rightfully praised for its action scenes and villain. Vincent D'Onofrio's performance as Kingpin creates a sympathetic character, who is still terrifying - especially when he loses his temper.

Dead Like Me (Amazon Prime, Hulu):

***Nominated by Lauren - This show ran on Showtime for 2 seasons so you can expect strong language and some gore. The show was created by Bryan Fuller so if you’re a fan of his you know to expect something amazing. Like many of his shows it blends humor, drama, and style effortlessly, though in this show the humor is darker. It has a cliché sounding premise for its main character. Georgia, aka George Lass, is an underachieving, sarcastic slacker and college dropout with an overbearing family who does not appreciate the life she has. She does as little as possible with her life while looking down on and alienating everyone around her from her family to her employers. Once she dies in a freak accident, she truly figures out how to live. Becoming a Grim Reaper, she is supposed to take the soul from a person’s body before they die because experiencing one’s own death is a horrifying experience. She then leads that person’s soul to what comes next. After she dies George looks like someone different to the living so she cannot go back to her old life, but she cannot just leave it behind. Dead Like Me shows George adjusting to becoming a Grim Reaper. She is shown as both rebellious and genuinely curious about the necessity of Grim Reapers and death itself. It shows the consequences of when they don’t take a soul, when you try to prevent someone’s death, and what happens when you take someone’s soul who is not about to die. The world they create is both amazing and horrifying.

The most compelling part of the show though is dealing with George herself and her adjustment to a new life and looking back on the family she left behind. When George dies she complains about how she still had so much left to do but is rightly confronted with the fact that she was doing nothing with her life. After she dies she also focuses on the family she was embarrassed by and tried her best to pull away from. Now that she’s dead she can see them differently. Her overbearing mom, Joy, was trying to connect with a daughter who once puberty hit decided she was so much better than her mom. Her boring, weird younger sister Reggie actually idolized her and is dealing with George’s death in unconventional ways, and her father Clancy is not exactly the man she thought he was. Watching George come to these realizations about her family and watching her live her life with a second chance to actually connect with the world she once decided she was too good for is a great journey because even though George goes through some changes she still keeps her wit and edge.

Deutschland 83 (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This German mini-series is set in the year 1983, and yes it requires subtitles (aside from the couple of American characters here and there) but don't let that put you off. It's utterly compulsory viewing for fans of period dramas and one of the best mini-series I've seen on TV in years, blending a coming of age story with a complex cold war spy narrative to weave an unpredictable series that gets better and better as it goes on, capturing the era very well indeed. Oh and the soundtrack is excellent as well, making use of a great variety of songs that fit just perfectly, starting with the incredible Peter Schilling's Major Tom (Coming Home) as the theme. Really worth watching if you can, this show is perfect for fans of The Americans who will recognize the use of a couple of song choices.

***Nominated by Fyn - It is a German produced spy drama, which plays in the time of the Cold War in 1983 Germany. Politically and historically relevant, it is a very special European series. I love this show because of the great actors and the very thrilling story, involving the US too. The Cold War in Germany is a topic, which isn't a huge part or even a main topic of American films and series, so you should give it a try. Fans of Homeland and The Americans will especially like it, I think. To me, it was a huge surprise how great this series is. The many prizes it won agrees with that. You will enjoy it!

Devious Maids (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Ellys Cartin - This is a fun show. It has a little bit of Revenge and a little bit of Desperate Housewives mixed up. The first season revolves around a whodunnit, but there are multiple storylines ranging from heart tugging to hilarious. My favorite character is Carmen, an aspiring singer "temporarily" working as a maid who often lands in crazy dilemmas. Though a large part of it is comedy, Devious Maids also takes time to sensitively address more serious topics, such as family relationships, class struggles, and cancer. But mostly it is just fun entertainment.

***Nominated by Joy Haldar - If you liked shows like Desperate Housewives in the past, this is definitely the perfect show for you. A guilty pleasure at its best with a good mix of drama, plotting, murder, scandal, mystery and mayhem. It makes for a great entertaining hour of television. The ladies are top notch; so is the delicious supporting cast. This one will hook you right from the pilot if you're in for some fun and spicy drama this summer.


***Nominated by Aashay Dalvi - Imagine all your favourite characters from Charles Dickens' books - Ebenezer Scrooge, Bob Marley, Miss Havisham, Artful Dodger, and many others, all in one place at one time!  Also, the events of this show act as a prequel to the events in the books. That is to say, we find out how Ebenezer Scrooge became so despised and how a distraught privileged young maiden turned into Miss Havisham! It's like Penny Dreadful, but with Dickens' characters!


***Nominated by Chris Alfonsi - If you like Grey’s Anatomy, then you will love it. You get attached to every character very quickly! It could even be better than Grey's in my opinion.

The Family (Hulu Plus):

***Nominated by Missions - Many of you have probably never heard of The Family, but that is exactly why I am about to tell you what it is about and why it is must-watch television. It’s a drama about a politician, Claire Warren, whose son, Adam, is kidnapped when he is eight years-old. He is presumed dead and their neighbor, who has a history with child molesting, is found guilty for the kidnapping and presumed death of Adam Warren. However, 10 years later, in a state of isolation and confusion, Adam Warren returns to society and shocks not only his family, but also the entire world. That’s when the mystery starts. Is the returned boy really Adam Warren or is Adam Warren indeed dead? That is the main question over the first twelve episodes, which make up season one. But as the title already indicates, it is about so much more than just that. We get to see how the individual family members dealt with Adam’s disappearance in flashback sequences and also how they all deal with his return. The characters are deeply flawed and therefore, they are so realistic and so human. You might not be able to sympathize with any of them in the first episodes, but at the very latest in the series finale, you will at least feel sorry for some of them because in the end, the story is so sad yet unfortunately so relevant. For many it might be very hard to watch since it deals with child molestation and kidnapping, but it is something that is still happening at this very moment. The acting is absolutely brilliant, led by Oscar nominee Joan Allen, who gives such a raw and convincing performance that you will be absolutely stunned. The supporting cast is exactly as amazing though too. The feeling for me is perfect, the cinematography is gorgeous, the imagery is breath-taking, the storyline is intriguing, and the pacing equals perfection. All in all, it was a stellar first season and my favorite freshman show of the entire 2015/2016 season. Unfortunately, as you might know, it was cancelled and did end in a cliffhanger that would have set up an amazing season 2. Nonetheless, you should still give this show a chance because there is nothing like it, especially on network TV. Also, the creators are still looking for a new home, so who knows, there might be a tiny bit of hope still? Well, if you are bored in the summer, watch The Family!

***Nominated by Kate Sidwell - The Family was one of my most anticipated new shows this season and it did not disappoint! Throughout the season this show continued to impress me. Although it was cancelled and it doesn’t have the most satisfying ending, I would 100% recommend watching just for the quality and story alone. Unlike other shows that take you along on the journey to discovering the kidnapper, killer, etc., The Family reveals them upfront and takes you on the journey of whether he’ll get caught and the details of the crime itself. The Family has everything you could ask for - great story, writing, acting, and many dramatic reveals. It often felt more like watching a cable drama because of the quality and story. It really made you think about things and turned potential “villainous” characters into characters that had redeeming qualities that you could truly feel for. Every character was flawed and complicated, which was part of what made it such an interesting and enjoyable show to watch. Overall, The Family was filled with so many dramatic twists and turns and OMG moments that every episode felt like a finale. It was simply a great show to watch and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery, crime, or family drama.

Flesh and Bone (Amazon Prime with Starz subscription):

***Nominated by Luana -This miniseries about the life of a ballet dancer and the industry of ballet in general, is just mesmerizing. It’s very dark and dramatic. The quality, acting, and writing are just so damn good it’s worth a shot.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - This haunting drama about ballet is a subject matter that I know absolutely nothing about but is done really well and is another under-the radar AMC series that really works. The cast is solid and the atmosphere is intense as the show really excels over the course of its eight episode run, and makes the most of its well-plotted, engaging story.

Friday Night Lights (Netflix):

***Nominated by Linda - The show ran for 5 seasons and aired from 2006 to 2011. It was critically acclaimed and had a passionate fan-base but never got the ratings it deserved. Although this is a show about high school football in Texas, it is not just a show about football. It covers a range of issues including racism, alcoholism, and abortion, which are portrayed realistically and features well thought out characters, primarily Coach Taylor and his wife Tami. What I really loved about this show was that these two had such a strong marriage (something I find lacking in a lot of shows) and a great relationship to watch on screen. In many ways it is quite a unique show with a very authentic feel to it because it uses actual locations and was filmed in a documentary style. The cameras basically followed the actors around and scenes were shot in one take, without rehearsal, with the actors given the freedom to change their lines as they saw fit. All of this combined made the performances feel real. Kyle Chandler won an Emmy for his performance as Coach while Connie Britton earned a nomination for her performance as Tami. The show also won an Emmy for writing. FNL made me laugh, made me cry, but most importantly made me care about these characters who were given great story arcs. I ended up binge watching this show and it is one I will watch again and again, and won't hesitate to recommend it. Please check it out, even if you aren't a fan of American football (after all I live in the UK and know nothing about it). The show is so much more. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose.

***Nominated by Jessica VanWinkle - Friday Night Lights is one of my favorite TV shows ever. The show is about the Dillion Panthers, a high school football team in Texas, but it’s so much more than football. It’s about relationships, brotherhood, and a community coming together to support the men who play the game. Friday Night Lights features an all-star cast led by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton as Coach and Tami Taylor, who try to maintain the quality of their marriage while raising a teenage daughter and a baby and trying to win football championships. The football players include Tim Riggins, Matt Saracen (who are my two favorites), Jason Street, and Brian “Smash” Williams, who all encounter tough situations such as injuries, parental issues, relationship problems, and trying to earn scholarships to college. The players aren’t close at first, but quickly come together to become a better team and help each other get through life. Something dramatic happens in the very first episode that will change the team and some of the players forever. This event will immediately grab your attention and make you want to watch more.

Fringe (Netflix, Amazon Prime)

***Nominated by Pablo - Fringe is simply a very good show to marathon as it gets better and better as you go along. It starts out fun, with procedural episodes that are engaging and interesting with an underlying storyline that keeps you hooked in. By the time Fringe starts developing the mysteries around the show, you'll be more and more intrigued, very involved with the characters, and the storylines will bend over backwards sci-fi tropes and take you to unexpected places. Perfectly cast, the Fringe ensemble will keep you wanting more, and you'll see what these people are able to do as the material gets better and better. A good question would be how did it not win any Emmys.

***Nominated by Milo BOK - It's The X-Files meets Homeland, with some great characters - an awesome show that knocks it out of the park. The interactions between the cast are always fun and the mysteries surrounding the show are complex, fun and entertaining. I love the advancement of the plot and John Noble can pretty much steal any scene he's in, so if you're in the mood for some great science fiction then this show should be right up your alley.

Game of Thrones

***Nominated by Missions - “In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” This quote from the show summarizes it very well. I believe everyone has heard of Game of Thrones. Whether you were watching an award show or you saw Twitter exploding, Game of Thrones is a show that everyone has at least heard of. Many however are probably so annoyed by all the buzz and they can’t get around all the acclaim and excitement. Well I for one can, and now I will tell you why. From the very opening scene I was completely hooked. It follows seven families that fight for the throne. You can say that it takes place in the Middle Ages, but as soon as you see the very opening scene, you will realize that the fantasy/supernatural element will deteriorate the period drama element, which I for one love. What you have to know is that these people would do anything to sit on the throne. They will kill, they will torture, they will suffer and they will do anything to impede the other families’ attempt to sit on the throne. And that’s how the Game of Thrones starts. The first scene will show you that they all have an enemy much more dangerous and much more powerful than they could even imagine. This show is fantastic. The visual effects are out of this world. I have never seen any like them. They are just perfection. It will provide you with a cinematic experience. The cinematography, the locations, the imagery and the directing are just absolutely perfect. That mixed with strong and smart writing, a large amount of interesting characters, immaculate stunt coordination, and an amazing ensemble make it one of TV’s best shows of all-time, or at least of my time. The build-up in the individual seasons is astonishing and you will realize that the end is pretty much given, but it will be the definition of epic. I like to describe this show in general as a definition of epic because the major events on this show are beyond anything else on TV. Beware though that there is A LOT of violence, A LOT of sexual content and sexual assault, and a high factor of emotional drain. If that’s your cup of tea, you should get caught up on all 57 episodes that have aired so far.

***Nominated by Shelly Costello - I envy people who haven't started watching HBO's Game of Thrones because they get to start from the very first episode of the first season and savor every wonderful minute. This series offers absolutely everything a TV fan craves - drama, suspense, relationships and DRAGONS! If you haven't started watching, please start and enjoy. You will be happy to be join the many loyal fans that can't get enough of this show!

Gilmore Girls (Netflix):

***Nominated by Madeline - Gilmore Girls is a really great show that explores a type of relationship that I feel is often underrepresented in TV shows, the one between mother and daughter. It's set in the small town of Stars Hollow, CT, and shows the life of Lorelai and her relationships with the daughter she had as a teen and her overbearing mother. It is the perfect mix of comedy and drama and is a great show to watch when you're feeling down. It also brought me one of the best fictional characters ever, the amazing Paris Geller. Right now is the perfect time to watch this show because Netflix is releasing a revival sometime at the end of the year. It will have four 90 minute episodes with almost every character who has ever appeared returning. This is one of my all-time favorite shows and I highly recommend it!

***Nominated by Maria Sol - Maybe you know some things about this show, but nothing you’ve heard can give you a full insight to the experience that is watching it. Full of talented actors, amazing writers, witty dialogue, and a whole variety of characters and stories, Gilmore Girls is the type of show that you can watch with your mom, your daughter, your husband, your friend, or your dog. If you want to watch the upcoming movies from Netflix, this is the time to catch up.

Grey's Anatomy (Netflix, Hulu Plus - season 12):

***Nominated by Andrew - Grey's Anatomy is the best medical drama and the third highest scripted broadcast drama on TV. The fact that the show aired in 2005 makes it even more unbelievable that it still has such high ratings, it's still a hit, and the quality remains the same. Grey's Anatomy is an inspiration for most people because the stories which are told in every episode are very true and relatable to situations everyone is confronted with, and I guess that helps lots of people to deal with their problems. Also, many people, after watching Grey's Anatomy, went to med school. How amazing is that? This proves the show is very inspirational, and I guess that really is something. I mean, enjoying the show so much that you want to do exactly what are they doing in the show? That's awesome. I feel like I have a connection with these actors. I cry every time a character dies or leaves because I get really attached to them and they are people that I don't even know. The fact that I feel a connection with them is very interesting. 3 reasons why you should watch Grey's Anatomy ASAP:
- Awesome cast
- Very good storylines and plots
- Quality

***Nominated by Casey - Grey's is a show that is relatable to anyone. I know they are doctors and not many people who watch the show are, but the way the characters are portrayed by the actors allows the audience to relate to their life stories and the struggles they go through inside and outside the hospital. It is also a very easy show to binge watch. By the time you have finished the 12 seasons that have aired already, it will be back on in the American Autumn (Fall), ready for season 13 to premiere. Look, let's face it, it wouldn't be renewed for a 13th season if it wasn't a good show and rated well. 10/10!

Don't forget to keep checking back for more Pitch Your Show nominations this week. We've got plenty to come and hopefully you'll find new shows you are interested in checking out. If any of these inspired you or if you have something to add to the pitches, please hit the comment section below.

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