Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon Mastodon The SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Competition 2016/17 *Updated 23rd May 2017*

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The SpoilerTV Cancellation Predictor Competition 2016/17 *Updated 23rd May 2017*

Update: 23rd May 2017 With the final cancellation of the season being announced. We now have our final table and an outright winner.

Congratulations to Eren Bilgin for winning with a total of 15 points. Also congrats to LloydXmas, Rozan, eren07sts and Apdasa who were joint 2nd place with 13.

The full table can be seen below. We hope to do another of these next season.

Right then, the 3rd SpoilerTV Cancellation Prediction League has now started.

Every time a show is either cancelled or renewed, we'll update the table below so you can see how many points you have. You get 1 point for a correct prediction, and -1 point for an incorrect one.

The table will be sorted by Points, and then by the name you entered alphabetically.

However as we probably won't have any news on cancellations or renewals for at least a week or two I thought I'd get the table ready so you can remind yourself of your picks.

You can see the full table here

If you have any questions, problems please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

Update: Submissions are now closed

Hey All,

Last year we ran a competition to see who would be the best predictor of what new shows would be cancelled. You can see last seasons table here.

We thought we'd try it again this season and run a little competition.

Basically we're asking you to predict all the shows that you think will be cancelled. For each correct prediction, you get a point, incorrect ones you lose a point. The person with the most points at the end of the season will be crowned the winner.

In the event of Tie, we have a tie-breaker question,in which we ask what show you think will be cancelled first.

As shows get cancelled we'll update and post a league table of the current standings.


1) In the event of a tie the form below has a tie-breaker question.
2) You can only submit once. If you try to cheat and submit multiple times ALL your submissions will be deleted.
3) Submissions will be closed on Friday 19th August 2016
4) Make sure you use a memorable username and a real email address
5) We're doing this just for some of the new broadcast shows.

Simply fill out the Form below to enter. Also feel free to let us know your picks in the comments below.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate in asking.

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