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The Originals - The Bloody Crown - Review

In the season finale of The Originals Rebekah returned to save her siblings. Marcel, who is now the beast, bites Kol and Elijah and has Freya poisoned. In an attempt to save his siblings, Klaus faces Marcel and stands trial for his actions. Marcel decides to use Papa Tunde’s blade on Klaus instead of killing him and Freya uses this to put a sleeping spell on herself and her siblings. This gives Hayley time to find a cure for all of them. She and Hope leave town with Elijah, Rebekah, Kol and Freya’s bodies while Marcel incases Klaus behind a brick wall. Marcel and Vincent end up on different sides when Vincent realizes that Marcel might be putting people in the city at risk. 

Favorite character: Rebekah was back! You all know that I love Rebekah and I’ve really missed her interactions with the family. I’m a bit surprised that Hayley undaggered her with the curse still active, but perhaps she didn’t know how lethal it was (hell, I didn’t) and she really didn’t have any other options. And it’s a good thing that she did because everyone would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for her interference. I do wonder if we might be getting her back a bit more permanent. With the spell in place that keeps the Original siblings asleep, you can only either wake everyone up or none of them. Which means by the time we get back to the show, Hayley will probably have found a cure for everyone including Rebekah. She won’t have an excuse to leave the show again, especially not if they have to get Klaus back. Perhaps the move to mid-season had something to do with accommodating Claire’s schedule? Or perhaps she decided to come back for what could very well be the final season. I sure hope we get an answer to this question soon. 

Least favorite character: I really hate what’s happened to Marcel. I’ve never been a big fan of him but this just doesn’t seem like the same guy we met in season 1. I know a lot of people disagreed with me last week on my opinion of Marcel, but I’m afraid it hasn’t changed much. I can’t believe how quickly he turned on both Kol and the Strix. He reminded me so much of season 1 Klaus this week. Especially with the trial (like the one Klaus held for Rebekah in episode 16, season 1). This wasn’t about Davina and Cami anymore. They would’ve never wanted this. I’m actually glad Josh wasn’t in this episode because otherwise he might have become collateral damage. Someone on this site mentioned that Marcel has always done what’s best for New Orleans. And I can agree with that to some extent. I still think what he did to the wolves was cruel and I don’t agree with him using Davina to control and kill witches (yes a lot of them did terrible things, but they weren’t all bad, yet every witch that used magic was killed). But how is bringing a bunch of revenge hungry vampires into the city a good thing? And I get that he was after Klaus and his siblings but Hope was asleep in that house when he brought those vampires along? Who know what would’ve happened to her if Hayley hadn’t been around. He said to Rebekah that he’d never hurt her, but how is killing her entire family not hurting her? He of all people knows that losing someone you love hurts far worse than any kind of physical pain. He did seem to have some trouble with his actions at the end of the episode so I do think the writers will plan on taking the redemption storyline rather than killing him off. I really hope I didn’t piss off more people with this. 

Character that I like but didn’t expect to: I can’t really explain my feelings towards Vincent. I don’t like that he’s siding against the Originals but he’s morals are in the right place. Last week his priority was taking out the ancestors rather than revenge and this week his focus was being there for the witch community. After seeing what happened to the Strix, he realized that Marcel crossing a line and said something about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we find them as enemies when the show returns. 
Best twist: All the way through the episode I kept trying to figure out how the Original siblings were going to get themselves out of this mess. I seriously feared that the writers were going to continue their ‘cleaning house’ writing style and kill off one (or even two) siblings. But the sleeping spell was very clever. I liked the white picket fence dream that Freya created, it’s better than just darkness. But if the time jumps is 3 or maybe even 4 years, that d├ęcor is going to get old fast. 

Most confusing aspect: Here’s where I got a bit confused. Did Rebekah really have one of those rage episodes because of the curse or did she fake it? The last time we saw her lose it, someone had to snap her out of it, but not this time. And the fact that it played into their plan made me think she faked it. But it’s not like she wouldn’t have anything to be pissed about. Everything she said about Klaus was true. But I also feel like she could’ve thrown much worse accusations at his head. 

What I want/expect from next season: Well, I’d like it to start in October, but since that’s not happening I’ll settle for seeing Hope develop her magic. We’re obviously getting a time jumps so an older Hope would start to experiment with magic a bit more. I am sad that we won’t get to see those adorable twins anymore. I assume next season will start off with everyone, except for Klaus to wake up and that their sole focus will be getting Klaus back. Which will be difficult because I’m pretty sure Marcel used the same device on Klaus as they did on Tristan. I expect Hayley and Elijah to grow closer and continue where they left off in the finale. But mostly I hope that if it is the final season, that we get a proper ending. No cliffhangers please! 
Best quotes: Rebekah: “Marcel will not hurt me, not if he knows what’s good for him.” 
Rebekah: "I only have a short while before I go mad. So your explanation better be quick and it better be good."
Vincent: “I was hoping you would be different but I’m starting now to think that you are just as dangerous as Klaus Mikaelson.” Marcel: “I did what was necessary.” Vincent: “No you didn’t, Marcel! That’s what the problem is, man! You don’t do what’s necessary, you do what you want to do, consequences be damned!” 
Klaus: “My dearest Hope, I don’t know how this will find you. As a child full of wonder, a teenager full of opinions or a woman with the world at her feet. I write to tell you that I love you and to explain that in our family’s darkest hour, I was called upon to save our siblings. And so I did. Please do not mourn me. Whatever pain I endure, I do so in service of those I love. My sole regret is that I will be away from you. Be good to your mother. I draw comfort knowing that she will protect you and I know she will not rest until our family is united. Until then, my sacrifice will allow you to grow, become the beautiful daughter I can now only imagine. Please remember you are the legacy this family has always desired, the promise we fought to protect. You are and always will be our hope.” 

Well that’s it for season 3 of the Originals. Do not check in again next week because there won’t be an all new review but do let me know in the comments what you thought of the finale.
About the Author - Belle333Black
Jamie Coudeville (Belle333Black) writes reviews for The Originals and Shadowhunters. She's 21, lives in Belgium and her favorite shows are The Originals, Vampire Diaries, Orphan Black, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., ...
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