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The Musketeers - Episode 3.02 - The Hunger - Episode Info & Videos

24 May 2016

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© BBC Pictures

Ep 2/10
Saturday 4 June

With Paris on the brink of starvation, Grimaud and Feron join forces with the Duke of Beaufort to win the King’s business, by framing the city’s refugees for grain theft.

D’Artagnan’s hot temper makes him a Red Guard target and lands him in the Ch√Ętelet with the victims, whose execution date looms. With one man down, the Musketeers race to discover the truth.

Spirited refugee Sylvie catches Athos’ attention and vows to prove her friends’ innocence - but is he wise to trust her? With a spy in their midst, can the Musketeers break the conspirators’ grip on Paris before the refugees hang?

Luke Pasqualino is D’Artagnan, Tom Burke is Athos, Howard Charles is Porthos, Santiago Cabrera is Aramis, Rupert Everett is Governor Feron, Hugo Speer is Treville, Tamla Kari is Constance Bonacieux, Matthew McNulty is Lucien Grimaud, Ryan Gage is King Louis, Alexandra Dowling is Queen Anne and Matt Stokoe is Captain Marcheaux.

Pictured: Hubert (Francis Magee) Sylvie (Thalissa Teixeira)