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The Big Bang Theory - The Convergence Convergence - Review


The season finale was a family reunion nobody wanted. It begins where Leonard invites his father (played by Judd Hirsch) without telling his mother (Beverly). It is revealed they divorced. Also, Sheldon invites his religiously obsessed mother, Mary (played by Laurie Metcalf from Roseanne) to dinner without the permission from Leonard and Penny. Having Beverly and Mary in the same room was hilarious once again especially when she tried to get Beverly to love her religious beliefs, which caused the ladies to butt heads with each other. Any scene with Beverly was entertaining especially the insults she threw at her ex-husband. The dinner scene is something that I will never forget in the season 9 finale. During dinner, Sheldon's mother and Leonard's father bonded, much dismay towards Beverly. It was about time that Amy and Sheldon's mother shared a scene together, which was awesome.

Meanwhile, the subplot with Howard getting paranoid about the government going after him was entertaining. Just as he thought that the police was about to pull him over, it turns out it was only Penny and Leonard trying to get their attention to him, Raj, and Bernadette. After he exceeded the speed limit by a wide margin, he gets pulled over by the police for his paranoia.

Towards the end of dinner, Leonard's father announces that he was going to call it a night. It turns out that Sheldon's mother is staying at the same hotel as he is, which causes them to share a cab. The ending scene is where Leonard and Sheldon try to call their parents, but they are not answering their phones. Could it be that they hooked up or their phone had bad service? My theory is that we have not seen the last of them. If indeed their parents hooked up, they might be stepbrothers. The chemistry between Leonard and Sheldon's family worked perfectly. While the season finale was by no means the best episode (I was hoping for more excitement and was hoping the finale was an hour long, but then again the finales have always been 30 minutes) of the season, it was about time that the audience found out who Leonard's father is and why his parents divorced.

Season Grade: B+
Season Finale: B+