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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


Quote of the Week - Week of May 15

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

12 Monkeys -
1. Jennifer: "You have no idea how exhausting it is being crazy." (Darth Locke and BlueStar)
2. Cassie: "Are we going on another trip to see the Witness? Good, I can't wait to tell him about how I burnt your virus and set you back years." (Darth Locke)
3. Olivia: "Time has been altered. Change was not supposed to be possible. You promised the cycle would hold." The Witness: "Time evolves." (Darth Locke)
4. Jennifer: “You want to know what the difference between you and my mother is?” Olivia: “What?” Jennifer: “I get to say goodbye to you.” (BlueStar)
5. Ramse: “What is she – what are you doing?” Cassie: “Mustering up my energy to face Jennifer Goines again.” Cole: “Oh, come on, she’s not that bad.” Cassie: “She’s worst!” Ramse: “She’s horrible, man.” (BlueStar)

Agents of SHIELD -
1. May: "I don't give a damn about your powers. They're not what made you an agent. I did." (Nirat Anop)
2. Yoyo: "Oh, this isn't about super speed, this is about your turtle speed. You work and then you stare. Then work and then more staring. We have to go." (Swanpride)
3. Hive: "This won't kill me." Mack: "No, but it will suck." (Swanpride)
4. Radcliff: "It's not a hunch, it's science. It's a science hunch." (Swanpride)
5. Coulson: "We better follow him. He has no idea where he is going." (Swanpride)

Bates Motel -
1. Norman: "You can't just leave me here, Mother! You can't just leave me here, alone, in this abyss, where I can't find you!" (Darth Locke)
2. Mr. Wilcock: "I think it would be best if you leave. I don't want to have to call the police." Alex: "I am the police, dumba**!" (Darth Locke)
3. Mr. Wilcock: "Do you understand what embalming is?" Norman, smiling: "I do taxidermy." (Darth Locke)

1. Mike: "Whoa, whoa, back up. What were you doing in a gay strip club?" Martina: "They invited me." Shea: "Yeah, she's our friend." Mike: "Not sure I approve of your friends."
2. Mike: "On the other hand, I don't want him to like me just because I have sex with women." Martina: "Women?" Mike: "Well you specifically and other women if you run off with that stripper." Martina: "I think he's a little young." Mike: "That's what's holding you back? Okay. I will talk to dad and if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do a thousand sit-ups, which I can totally do."
3. Bob: "Well going to a gay strip club with my son to see my other son dance wasn't exactly on my bucket list."

The Flash -
1. Henry Allen: "Whatever happens you have made me the happiest father... Your mother and I love..." (Nirat Anop)
2. Zoom: "Now if it were me, I'd let that building tumble without a second thought. But you, you'll never let that happen, will you? That's why I'm gonna beat you, Barry. Because you always have to be the hero. And while you're playing the good little boy, I'll be busy winning." (Nirat Anop and Dahne)
3. Zoom: "You'll see, we are. Same tragic background. Same reason for running. Same desire to be the fastest, to be the best. The difference? You think your anger is dirty somehow. You want to be seen as pure, the hero. Doesn't it get exhausting? Doesn't it get exhausting, Barry! It was exhausting playing Jay, believe me." (Nirat Anop)
4. Iris: "You know you're not invincible, right?" Barry: "Yes, of course. I know this. Joe's being overprotective, but I get it." Iris: "Yeah but it's like you think that nothing can touch you, like nothing bad can get in your way. That's not true for any of us." Barry: "What are you saying?" Iris: "Look, I know that you had an experience in the speed force and I'm happy that you think that we're going to win the day, but I think a little fear can be a healthy thing. It helps you determine which risks are worth taking. I think that's something for both you and Wally to take to heart."
5. Barry: "How are you doing? Are you okay?" Caitlin: "No, but I think I'm gonna be. Being out there with you guys, fighting metahumans, and saving people - it's the first time I've felt normal in a long time." Barry: "Come here." Cisco: "This is a group hug moment clearly." Barry: "Yeah." Caitlin: "It is."
6. Joe: "This is where I play stupid and you explain the science."

Fresh Off the Boat -
1. Eddie: "I guess she didn't understand we were dating." Allison: "How could she not understand?" Eddie: "I don't know. I said you were my boo, my fly girl, my fine shortie. I don't know how much clearer I could have been."
2. Louis: "Try not to be too judgmental about Eddies' girlfriend. I know you want him to date a Chinese girl but this is Florida. His options are limited."
3. Eddie: "Wait, I thought you loved my girlfriend." Jessica: "She's perfect. I just didn't realize how boring that would be. She's like tofu. She absorbs flavor, got none of her own. You need someone with more personality, Eddie, like you."

Game of Thrones -
1. Ramsey: "You’ve seen my banners?" Osha: "A flayed man." Ramsey: "Does that worry you at all?" Osha: "Do you eat them after?" Ramsey: "No." Osha: "Then I’ve seen worse." (Prpleight)

Grey's Anatomy -
1. Amelia: "All I have is Maggie, and Maggie is full of sunshine and candy and hope, and every time I try to tell her the world is on fire, she just hands me a marshmallow to roast." (Nirat Anop)
2. Meredith: "She'll be fine! You have no idea how many people have locked themselves in that bathroom. They're all fine." (Nirat Anop)
3. Meredith: "If you need a shoulder to cry on, I have two. If you want to freak out and call it off, if you want to run, I’ll drive the getaway car. Just let me know what you need. I’m here for you. I am your family, Amelia. Today, I am your person." (Nirat Anop)

Houdini & Doyle -
1. Touie: "What is it?" Doyle: "I gave up on you." Touie: "It was precisely your faith that brought me back. You've nothing to feel guilty about…unless you've taken up with Vera." Doyle: "I do like her plum pudding."
2. Doyle (praying): "I know I'm not in a position to ask for favors, especially since I turned my back on the church. Nothing to do with you. Bloody fools in the Vatican. I hope you won't hold it against me…or that I killed Holmes. You probably prefer Dickens. I'm rather partial to him myself."
3. Doyle: "You're the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Touie: "Then you need a haircut and spectacles."

Hunters -
1. Jackson: "You're looking well." Flynn: "Rough few days." Jackson : "Yeah, holed up alone drinking. How'd that work out for you?"
2. Regan: "You've got your faith to soothe you. I've got a machine."
3. Regan: "Got to work on your tan lines." Flynn: "Way past due."

Jane the Virgin -
1. Jane: “You two are not fighting the night before my wedding. After my wedding, you two can kill each other but before my wedding, everyone gets along. Got it?”
2. Rogelio: “Jane, please stop running, your makeup will melt. Let me carry you.” Jane: “No way, then your makeup will melt.” Rogelio: “You’re right. We’ll reapply when we get there.”
3. Anezka (to Petra): “Her first laugh! Baby has your sense of humor. Laughing at others' tears.”

Legends of Tomorrow -
1. Rex Tyler: "My name is Rex Tyler. I'm a member of the Justice Society of America." (Nirat Anop)
2. Mick: "Every time they do that, I get hungry for chicken." (Nirat Anop)
3. Mick: "You're the best guy I ever knew. You may not think you're a hero, but you're a hero to me. Got it?" (Nirat Anop)

Motive -
1. Angie: "So she was a perfectionist?" Theona: "That's not the word the staff used."
2. Vega: "Right now I think the lobster's our best suspect."
3. Phil the Trainer: "Walking lunges all the way around. You can rest on your honeymoon." Vega: "We're gonna need Nicole's full name and contact information and we'll need to speak to them as well." Angie: "If they survive."

Once Upon a Time -
1. The Dragon: "There's magic everywhere if you’re willing to see it." (Nirat Anop)
2. Regina: "The Evil Queen is inside me always trying to get out." (Nirat Anop)
3. Regina: "I'm used to suffering, Swan, and I'm used to others getting their way." (Nirat Anop)

Orphan Black -
1. Kendall Malone: "No tears, Cosima. These sh** aren't worth the salt. Tell Siobhan she's done right. Always. And tell your sisters I'm proud to have been part of them all. Turn around, luv. Turn around. Good girl." (Darth Locke)
2. Krystal: "Yeah, and some of us know what they're actually doing, which is hording patents in stem cell cosmetics and totally testing on human beings. Like, I'm against animal testing. Like, humans is, like, too far, you know what I mean?" (Darth Locke)
3. Evie Cho: "Da Vinci robbed graves to study anatomy. In a hundred years, they'll call me a pioneer."
4. Art: "Hi, Detective Bell, homicide." Krystal: "Krystal Goderitch, manicurist." (Darth Locke)

Outlander -
1. Murtagh: "Masquerades and Games. What's next? A rousing game of Charades?" (Swanpride)
2. Charles: "Mark me, I will take my own life, if I am forced to life in godforsaken Poland." (Swanpride)

Stitchers -
1. Ivy: "It took me a long time to figure out but I think everything he's done is motivated by love." Kirsten: "Huh, abandoning us, murder. That's a crazy kind of love."
2. Ivy: "How about, moving forward, we both agree to not think the other's an idiot?"
3. Kirsten: "Everything in the universe can be broken down mathematically." Ivy: "Even finding a man you haven't seen in years." Kirsten: "Unlike him, math has never let me down."

About the Author - Dahne
One part teacher librarian - one part avid TV fan, Dahne is a contributing writer for SpoilerTV, where she recaps, reviews, and/or creates polls for Teen Wolf, The 100, Grimm, How to Get Away with Murder, The Librarians, and others. She also runs the annual Character Cup. She's addicted to Twitter, live tweets a multitude of shows each week, and co-hosts The 100 "Red-Shirted" and Teen Wolf "Welcome to Beacon Hills" podcasts for Southgate Media Group. Currently she writes a Last Week in TV column for her blog and SpoilerTV. ~ "I speak TV."
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