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Outlander - Best Laid Schemes - Review: "Murtagh is Given the Truth"

20 May 2016

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Outlander - Best Laid Schemes - Review

"He promised me" Claire

Jamie's promise to Claire didn't last long after he decided to put aside his promise and seek vengeance on the man that ruined him but in doing so that has put him in a difficult predicament come to the end and not just that Claire who was last seen falling to the ground bleeding. But, all is not what is seems I'm sure. I don't think Jamie intended to break his promise to Claire, I think he had to duel Jack because of Fergus. Fergus was snooping around when an English officer walked in on him, obviously, this was Black Jack. Jamie is a loyalist, but would he really break his vow to Claire so quickly? I don't think so. The truth will be outed and I'm sure Fergus was used as a way to get Jamie to the duel.

The biggest moment for me this episode was Murtagh finally given the truth by Jamie. The entire truth. It's a moment I've waited for since early in the series and it finally happened in a bitter sweet moment between him and Jamie. Murtagh is a true friend to the Frasers. He sees Jamie as his son, and he couldn't help them further without understanding their reasoning behind decisions without knowing. He needed to know. He was starting to become distant and conflicted about what they're trying to achieve in Paris. Murtagh is one person they can't afford to lose.

Murtagh is a valuable asset to the Frasers. He will move mountains for them or die trying which is why they need someone as bold as him with them. He's always been with them, but now he's completely behind them and they're plan. Claire now has someone other than Jamie to rely on because like Murtagh mentioned she has a huge burden on her shoulders with her story. She needs support as she tries to change the future, and because of her increasingly strained relationship with Jamie, Murtagh can be her shoulder to cry on should she need it.

"You should have trusted me with that knowledge from the beginning." Murtagh

Speaking of the Frasers plan, it took a turn in their corner this episode as they managed to enact a plan to hijack the wine Charles and St Germain intended to use to fund Charles' army. This ended up being successful. St Germain isn't stupid though and he knows full well that Jamie was involved but with Stewart fully invested in whatever Jamie tells him, the Comte is too. Though, come the end of the season I feel there will be finality to the Comte's and Jamie's rivalry. Jamie better watch his back.

One character that better watch his back too is Master Raymond. Raymond has been a true friend to Claire, and someone she has relied heavily on during her time in Paris. He reminds her I feel of her dear friend Geillis; they are quite a similar dare I say it. Raymond is one person who treats Claire as an equal not lesser than so it would be a shame should she end up losing him. But, luck has never been on Claire's side, let's just hope he took Claire's warning seriously and left. Pinon has been a fantastic addition to the already stellar cast and has shone and stood out from the rest. I for one will miss him when he's gone.

The show is nearing the end of the Paris scenes, and with the story moving forward at a rapid pace we are getting closer to that moment Claire returns home and the reveal of what happened in Scotland and Paris that saw nothing changed. The Frasers have the upper hand at the moment thanks to a well-timed plan to steal the Comte's stash but there's that continuing shadow over them that signals something bad is about to happen to them. And I have a feeling Black Jack plays a big part in disrupting and ruining their plan to change the future.

It was a good episode, but sadly did not live up to the wonderfully executed 'Untimely resurrection' The main focus this episode was the duel between Jamie and Black Jack, that saw Jamie break his promise and choose vengeance instead of honor but like most things all is not what it seems I'm sure. As we move closer to departing Paris there is a finality feel starting to show in the storyline with Stewart and that's alright because it already feels like its ran its course. Overall, this was an episode that felt more like a set-up for things to come than an actual standalone episode.

As always, thank you for reading. Don't forget to let me know what you thought of Best Laid Schemes!

About the Author - Robert Fruin
Robert is a sixth form student from the United Kingdom, currently studying Business Studies, IT and Media. Robert is a huge fan of the ended ABC series LOST; he has seen it many times over and has even visited some of the filming locations for it. Robert mainly watches drama series such as Game of Thrones and Person of Interest, but has a soft spot for the comedy The Middle. Some other interests include Cycling, Kayaking and Photography. Robert joined SpoilerTV in 2014 and currently reviews Colony, Outlander and The Bastard Executioner. He also previews Ash vs Evil Dead, Black Sails and Counterpark and runs weekly articles such as Most Memorable Moments and Quote of the Week. You can contact him at or feel free to connect with him on any of these social media sites.
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