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Grey's Anatomy - Family Affair (Season Finale) - Advance Preview

19 May 2016

There are no catastrophes in the Grey's Anatomy finale airing this week. No buses exploding, no planes crashing. Just rain, a lot of rain. And though that doesn't really cause any destruction, it does become the source of a few problems.

Since the episode takes place on the day of Owen and Amelia's wedding, you'd think that's supposed to be the main focus of the episode, right? But it's not. April goes into labor, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and not in the company of the ideal person, Ben. Seeing what happened when Ben had to deliver a baby by himself in less than ideal circumstance, and with Bailey also saying something to him earlier in the day which shakes him, will he be able to pull through and keep both April and her baby safe?

Meanwhile, Owen and Amelia's wedding day is less than drama free. Amelia gets bad news on the phone and later overhears a conversation between Owen and Meredith which leads to a confrontation. She also wonders if she is even doing this for the right reasons. Will all this be enough for Amelia to run out on her groom, or will she walk down the aisle and get hitched to Owen?

Talking about a wedding, after Jo says no to Alex's "third" proposal to her, she presents him with another proposition.

Also, Riggs and Meredith share a heartfelt moment and more than one running storylines throughout the season have a resolution of sorts.

The episode does end in a cliffhanger, not a very big one, but a cliffhanger nevertheless. At least, I'd call it a cliffhanger.

- There is a fist fight in the episode, and a rather one-sided one at that.
- Jackson gets himself into a very awkward situation with a patient.
- Owen gets "help" on his wedding from an unexpected source.
- "Four times"

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy airs this Thursday on ABC at 8/7c. Watch a promo for the episode below.