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Game of Silence - Road Trip - Advance Preview

19 May 2016

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Game of Silence “Road Trip” was written by Hayley Tyler and directed by Peter Weller, whose directing credits include lots of action, including Hawaii Five-O, Longmire, and Sons of Anarchy. Tyler’s credits include Covert Affairs, Prime Suspect, and Friday Night Lights. The group follow different paths in this episode, but things get a lot more complicated – both for them personally and in their on-going investigation of Quitman.

Jackson (David Lyons) runs into some trouble at work, but Marina (Claire van der Boom) proves that she is an excellent and versatile lawyer. Shawn (Larenz Tate) tries to step up and help Annie (Nikki Tomlinson), but he runs into an unexpected problem. Jackson isn’t there to help Shawn, but Marina steps in. Shawn also pays another visit to someone from Quitman.

Gil (Michael Raymond-James) is angry and goes on one of the road trips alluded to in the title. He finds a reason to get dressed up, and he gets some advice from a questionable source.

Jackson and Jessie (Bre Blair) also go on a road trip to follow a lead. The flashbacks feature the two of them and a road trip as well. One of Carroll’s (Conor O’Farrell) supporters turns out to have a surprising connection. Terry (Demetrius Grosse) may also prove more problematic.

Here are some lines – in no particular order!

Roy has a lot of powerful friends in this state.
Yelling at people is the best part of my job.
This isn’t a request.
You’re a little past fixing.
I’m not going back to prison for you.
Sometimes you have to learn to live life without all the answers.
She is going to be an asset.
Cause you knew I’d be there no questions asked.
You suffered badly from something out of your control.
We never took that roadtrip.
We’re all entitled to a few vices now and then.

Don’t forget to tune in to Game of Silence on NBC, May 19 at 10/9C!

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