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The 100 - Demons - Review: "Another day, another death"

The 100 went a little horror in last Thursday's episode as our group was haunted by the past. We also said goodbye to a long-recurring character while things took a drastic turn in Polis.

Adventure Squad
As Harper and Miller are telling ghost stories to a freaked-out Brian, the boys suddenly disappear and Harper is attacked by an unknown person. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Jasper, Monty, Raven and Sinclair head to Arkadia, but find that everyone has abandoned the place. Their goal is to find Lincoln's notes so they can hopefully find Luna while also trying to understand ALIE more and more. They soon learn they are not alone in Arkadia when the mysterious person who took Harper, Miller and Brian also takes Octavia and Jasper. Clarke soon unmasks him and is shocked to find Emerson there. When he also takes Raven and Monty, and kills Sinclair, Clarke is ready to sacrifice herself to save the others. Her and Bellamy's plan fails, so Emerson gets ready to murder everyone else too. Fortunately, Clarke still has the AI chip and uses it to kill Emerson. Afterwards, Lincoln and Sinclair get a proper "funeral" and the group splits into two groups.

I don't think there really was any need for Emerson to return again. His story seemed pretty finished in episode 6 when Clarke spared his life and got him banned instead. It was only a matter of time before he would reappear, but I hoped it would play out differently. They made Emerson so unsympathetic in this episode that it wasn't too hard to root against him. However, I get where he is coming from because Clarke murdered all of his people, including his children. The horror aspect didn't really work for me, but I hate horror so that might just be a personal thing. I loved Octavia breaking down, she has been so strong since Lincoln died, but it's good to see her grief. Sinclair's death felt unnecessary and I liked him, so it's sad to see him go. This season has been high on the body count, sometimes a bit too high.

When walking through Polis, Murphy spots his girlfriend Emori. He is very happy to see her, but Commander Ontari is in a hurry to get back. Emori and Murphy later meet in the Flamekeeper's residence, where Murphy reveals the details about Ontari being a fake Commander and him pretending to have knowledge of the Flame. Later, Jaha comes up before Ontari's throne and reveals that he knows Murphy. Jaha also knows that Ontari doesn't have the flame and it is revealed that Emori has also taken the chip. Ontari has Murphy arrested and Jaha offers her the key to the City of Light, which she takes. That likely means the entire city of Polis will soon take the key.

Well, Murphy now appears to be the only sane person left in Polis. Of course Emori had also taken the chip. We don't know why or when she took it, but it's possible it has to do with her brother Otan. Sometimes I think the show should have more episodes so they can explain the characters' motivations more. I don't like that Ontari has also taken the chip, but I do think it fits with her character. She is very insecure about being Commander, especially since she doesn't have the flame, so it makes sense that she would listen to Jaha and take the key to the City of Light. ALIE now has all the power and I'm curious to see where this goes.

Overall, this episode was all right, though not a stand-out and certainly nothing like last year's 12th episode "Rubicon" (you still remember that?). However, I do think these last few episodes have been pretty good and I have a feeling that we are in for an awesome finale.

What did you think of "Demons"? Are you happy Emerson is dead? Did the horror aspect work for you? What are your feelings towards Sinclair dying? Were you surprised that Emori had also taken the chip? And lastly, what is ALIE's endgame? I would love to hear your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.

About the Author - Daniel van der Veer
Daniel van der Veer is a Dutch university student studying Psychology. On SpoilerTV he is a reviewer of NCIS, The 100, Madam Secretary and Quantico. He also enjoys LOST, Arrow, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans, Nikita, The Blacklist, Scorpion and How To Get Away With Murder.
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