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Better Call Saul - Nailed - Review

Peter Gould wrote and Directed one amazing episode, one of the best this season. Mike is someone who doesn't let things go. We saw that in Five-O, when two dirty cops killed his son. Then Mike plotted and killed them both in revenge of his son’s death. When Mike moved to Albuquerque to be with his daughter in-law and granddaughter. Mike met a vet who would later connect him with different side jobs to earn money for family. These jobs involved a very green drug dealer that sold drugs to a buyer named Nacho. It seemed that Nacho and Mike hit it off, because Nacho recruited Mike for a job of his own, to get ride of Tuco. When the job didn’t go as planned, Tuco’s Uncle, Hector Salamanca made a little visit to Mike asking him to recant his statement to the police about Tuco’s gun. Hector wanted Mike to say that the gun belonged to Mike instead of Tuco, so Tuco would get a lesser sentences. At first Mike declined, but then agreed for a higher price of $50,000. Hector agreed and Mike recanted his statement. But it didn’t end there, Mike wanted revenge on Hector. For days Mike followed Hector, learned his every move, and planned a high - jacking for one of Hector’s drug smuggling trucks, that was carrying a quarter of a million dollars. Mike used the garden hoes that he and his granddaughter drilled holes in and later he added some nails, to crash the truck. Mike put a gun to the driver's head, hogged tied him, and covered his eyes. Cut opened the tires and stole Hector's money, and left the driver alive, but still tied up.

Mike was proud of what he had done. He park his car outside of Hector’s restaurant to watch his reaction to the high-jacking. Hector was furious that he lost a quarter of million dollars, but Mike was gloating, in fact later that night he went to his favourite bar and bought a round of drinks for the house. Mike’s real plan was to set Hector up so the police would catch him, but it back fired. After Mike left the driver hogged tied on the side of the road in the middle of the desert, a good samaritan drove by, stopped and untied the driver. Then the driver called Hector,  Hector arrived, and shot the good samaritan in the face. When Nacho told Mike what Hector had done that, Mike was crushed. That wasn’t what he had in mind, at that point Mike was all about NOT pulling the trigger, he finds other ways… Well after killing the two dirty cops, that killed his son.

Chuck had decided that he wanted to go to the hearing involving Mesa Verde. As Howard said "the hearing was just a formality, nothing he couldn't handle on his own." But Chuck being Chuck, he wanted to prove to the world that there's nothing he can't handle. During the hearing everything seemed to be going smoothly until one of the clerks came in and made it known, that the address on the new document in hand was different from the original document. Chuck insisted that he was right, and 1216 was the right address not 1261! But Kevin Wachtell told Chuck, that he knew where his own bank was located. Well that really got to Chuck, it meant he actually made a mistake on an important court document. To top it off the courts couldn't get them back in for another six weeks, to start the proceedings with the correct address. When Chuck and Howard got back to the house, Chuck was having one of his episodes. He looked at the documents and saw that he indeed made an era while typing up the documents. Howard assured him that it could happen to anyone, it was a simple mistake. But Chuck knew that it was no mistake...

While Kim and Jimmy were remodelling their new office space, Kim got a call from Paige. Paige and Kevin had decided to leave H.H.M and go back to Kim. Shortly after Kim hung up the phone with Paige, Erie called Kim saying that Chuck was ready to turn over the Mesa Verde files. Jimmy decided to join Kim to pick up the files, mostly to gloat but also to help carry boxes. When they arrived at Chuck's house he had changed the locks. Erie let them in and Kim and Jimmy saw Chuck sitting in his chair with his space blanket wrapped around him. They knew something was up, Chuck told Kim that he had hoped to speak to her alone, but since Jimmy was there, “it was time to clear the air.” Kim had know idea what Chuck was talking about, but Jimmy had a good idea. Chuck began to tell Kim about how Jimmy stole the Mesa Verde documents, took them to a copy shop and changed the address. Jimmy didn’t know how Kim would react to Chuck accusing him of this horrible act. In his heart Jimmy was afraid that Kim would leave him, but she didn’t. In fact, this is why their love is so strong, Kim came to his defense. She asked Chuck, and what is was his proof that Jimmy had done any of this? Chuck responded, his proof was knowing his brother his whole life. Kim told Chuck that he was overreacting, and anyone could made that kind of mistake. Basically the same thing that Howard told Chuck. Kim really put Chuck in his place, afterwards they took the files, got in the car, and Jimmy thought everything was great between them. So he put his hand on Kim’s leg and she punched Jimmy on his shoulder three times, then told him to just drive!

.Jimmy and his two college film students plus a make-up artist, crashed a school yard to get the last shot for his commercial. They almost got caught by two teachers, but Jimmy told one of his stories about Rupert Holmes on how he went to school in the old building and that their doing a documany about him. Of course they bought the story, and when they went back inside, Jimmy’s and his little ducklings, ran over to the American Flag to get the last shot. It would be interesting to see if all the Better Call Saul commercials were made by those film students.

When the commercial was finished, Jimmy went home and got into bed with Kim. She was working on briefs for Mesa Verde, everything seemed somewhat normal, they were having end of the day small talk. Then Jimmy asked Kim if she would like to talk about what happen, Kim said “not now, not ever.” Jimmy just wanted to say that Kim was “meant for Mesa Verde and Mesa Verde was meant for her, so all was right with the world.” When Jimmy turned over to go to sleep, Kim started to talk about how smart Chuck was, and how Chuck would make a great adversary. At that moment Kim turned into Skylar White, warning Jimmy to make sure he covered his tracks, so there would be nothing for Chuck could find.

Sure enough Kim was right, Chuck was looking into Jimmy’s steps that night. When Jimmy arrived at the copy shop he saw Erie questioning the clerk. The same clerk that was working the night Jimmy doctored the Mesa Verde documents. After Erie left, Jimmy had a little talk with Lance, along with some money in hand. He told Lance that his brother will be coming back to ask him some questions about that night, but he was not there! Lance understood, just so long as Jimmy didn’t kill someone or rob a bank. When Chuck arrived, Lance did just what Jimmy wanted but Chuck started to get very agitated. The lights, copy machines, and printers, all that electricity caused Chuck to spin around and hit the side of his head on the counter top. When Jimmy saw Chuck fall from across the street all he could think and say was “ call 911.. call 911”

Nailed is one of the reason why Better Call Saul is TV’s top Dramas since Breaking Bad. Jonathan Banks and Bob Odenkirk, as always, were brilliant… Our leading lady, Rhea Seehorn really shine this season, Nailed was no exception. Not to mention our favorite bad guy with a good heart, Nacho. We’ve learned more about Michael Mando’s character this season. However in Nailed, Mando's scenes were very limited, but his performance was better than ever. We got to see a side of Nacho that we haven’t see before, a side that would pull a gun on Mike. Poor Howard, the character that I have the most sympathy for. Howard’s stuck in the middle of everything and everyone. All he wants to do is patience law, but instead he has to babysit Chuck, and make sure everyone accommodates his needs, it’s a pain in the ass!! Patrick Fabian portrays Howard’s well mannered, quiet disposition so natural, that he's like a Ken doll in a suite with a law degree.

A brilliant Cast, Writers, Directors, and Producers makes for one hell of a show!

About the Author - Shirleena Cunningham
TV Review for SpoilerTV. Has been with SpoilerTV for three years. My credits included Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Better Call Saul, How I Met Your Mother, and GIRLS. I go to the Paley Center Media events located in Los Angeles. I'm also a big animal rights activists. I'm a Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
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