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The X-Files - Gillian Anderson Explains her Complicated Relationship with David Duchovny

30 Mar 2016

It is a question “The X-Files” actress Gillian Anderson must be used to hearing by now: Did she really not get along with co-star David Duchovny? If so, why all the tension between them? For years, rumors ran rampant about the strain and friction between the two actors. And as the series debuted its new season 10 reunion this year, the questions re-emerged.

In January, late night host Jimmy Kimmel asked the pair about their past conflicts. But at the time, Anderson’s explanation seemed nebulous and bewildering in its simplicity. She explained that because of the moisture in Vancouver where they filmed, the show’s hair department constantly had to blow-dry her frizzy hair between takes. She hinted that it took so long, Duchovny would get frustrated, adding to their tension.

That answer may not explain much. But Anderson is now talking about her relationship with Duchovny frankly. At Salt Lake Comic Con FanX in Salt Lake City, Anderson told fans, “We did get along. [But] there were periods in that nine years where we got along less than other times.”

Though Anderson didn’t detail the origin of their rift, she says their relationship did become complicated. She inferred their issues stemmed from the amount of time they spent together. “We were shoved down each other’s throats for nine months a year. So it was as if we were siblings. Shit happens. And then we grow up, I guess.”

Photo courtesy Salt Lake Comic Con FanX.

The actress says time helped them get past their differences, along with a common shared experience. “I think [we realized] that actually, during that period of time, we were essentially the only people who might have understood whatever it was that we likely were going through at the time. And [we began to think], ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if we got along?’ I don’t know whether literally that thought occurred to either of us. It was more just nostalgia of the time – and fondness, growing and maturity. And [the fact that], you know, we’re going to die soon so we might as well be friends, basically.”

Kimmel made note of their camaraderie during their joint appearance on his show. Whatever happened between the actors in the past, their trust and ease with each other is evident once again.

About the Author - Tonya Papanikolas
Tonya Papanikolas is an online, print and broadcast journalist who loves covering entertainment and television. She spent more than 10 years as a broadcast news anchor and reporter. Now she does everything from hosting to writing. She especially loves writing TV articles and reviews for SpoilerTV.