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Better Call Saul - Bali Ha'i - Review - "Your payment is, you get to live"

It's hard when you don't know where you fit in in the world. Especially when you go to school for years and invest so much time for a career that you thought you always wanted. But in the end, when you get everything  you thought you always wanted, you're unhappy. In Jimmy's case, he has his dream job, the steady paycheck, a nice place to live, a really nice car and of course that cocobolo desk that he always wanted, and yet Jimmy feels out of place. He can't even sleep in his beautifully apartment, nothing feels right.  Jimmy decides to go back to the nail salon where he finally was able to fall asleep and feel at peace. The next morning, Kim got the sweetest message on her answer machine from Jimmy. He sang a song, not very well, I think we all agree Jimmy needs singing lessons. The look on Kim's face was priceless, you could see that she was starting to forgive Jimmy.

When Kim got to work you could see that she has been paying the price for that little talk  she had with Chuck about her future at the firm. Kim looked miserable, and there is thing worst than being somewhere you're unwanted. Luckily, Kim got a job offer from Schweikart after she lost a court battle with his firm. Schweikart said that he has been watching her since the Kettleman case, and thinks she would make a great fit at their firm. Kim seemed very interested, she had this look of relief of finally being able to get out from underneath Howard's thumb, and spread her wings. But there was something holding her back, and we just don't know what that is yet.

Mike really got in over his head with Nacho's plan to get rid of Tuco. First Hector made a little visit to Mike and told him to say that Tuco's gun was his, so that his nephew would get a lesser sentence. In doing so Hector said that he would pay Mike $5,000, but Mike said he would have to think about it. When Mike declined the offer, Hector wasn't to happy. So he sent a couple men to Mike's house to wait for Mike to get home and scare him. When Mike still wouldn't take the deal, Mike got a visit from the two most dangerous twins in Albuquerque. They didn't say much, well, nothing at all, but they did motion that they were going to kill his granddaughter. When Mike went to have a sit down with the Salamanca family at a restaurant, they had a little chat. It was very a Breaking Bad moment between Mike and Hector. Mike walked in, knowing just what he wanted. Mike wanted $50,000 now instead of $5,000. When Hector heard Mike's offer, he laughed, he said "how about, your payment is, you get to live." I love that line... Mike told Hector that he needed the money more, apparently Hector admired Mike's boldness so he agreed to paid Mike the $50,000 as long as the gun belonged to him. Later when Nacho brought Mike his money, Mike gave Nacho half and told him that his problem is coming back sooner than he'd planned.

When Kim got frustrated at Howard because he wanted her to work through her lunch hour, she played hooky and went to the same bar that Kim and Schweikart had their meeting. While Kim sat at the bar a businessman bought her a drink, and Kim introduced herself as Gusselle, the same name Kim used when she and Jimmy scammed Ken. Moments later Jimmy got a phone call from Kim asking him to come to downtown Albuquerque, Of course Jimmy said yes, not only because he’ll do anything for Kim but because Erin was annoying Jimmy once again. When Jimmy got to the restaurant he sat down next to Kim as Vikor St. Clair, it was the most romantic thing Jimmy could ever do for Kim. Yes, good times or bad in the end Jimmy and Kim love each other, and understand each other. This con was their way of saying I’m sorry on both parts. And hey how cool was it to see how Ice Station Zebra Associates started.

About the Author - Shirleena Cunningham
TV Review for SpoilerTV. Has been with SpoilerTV for over a year. My credits included Law and Order Special Victims Unit, Better Call Saul How I Met Your Mother, and GIRLS. I go to the Paley Center Media events located in Los Angeles. I'm also a big animal rights activists. I'm a Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer and Illustrator.
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