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Mom - Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride - Advance Preview

18 Feb 2016

Airing this week is a special episode of Mom featuring Marjorie's wedding. Here is a short preview of the episode titled "Diabetic Lesbians and a Blushing Bride".

Christy visits Marjorie asking for advice but before she can get a word out she is surprised by Marjorie, who tells her that her and Viktor, Christy previous landlord, are engaged and plan to marry next week. Christy then plans a small bachelorette party for Marjorie with her and just the other girls from AA, but Viktor tells her to invite his sister Anya (played by guest star Rhea Perlman) as well, much to Marjorie's annoyance. Anya is unaware of Marjorie's past and does not react well when all is revealed during the bachelorette party.

Emily Osment returns as Jodi in this episode. Jodi has started dating another recovering drug addict, and although Christy, Jodi's sponsor, advises her that it's too early for her to date anyone, let alone another ex-addict, Jodi pays no heed to her advice and continues seeing the guy.

The episode has a very unexpected ending and also sees Christy take charge in a difficult situation.

Mom airs Thursday at 9 P.M. on CBS.