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The Royals - The Spirit That I Have Seen - Review

14 Dec 2015

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It was a very underwhelming episode of The Royals, but lets dive into the madness shall we?

Cyrus is haunted. Literally. The ghost of King Simon kept popping up to remind Cyrus that, “He will never be able to step of his shadow.” The constant reminders sent Cyrus on a warpath. To add even more fuel to the fire there were cartoons in the newspaper mocking him. I mean he literally had the cartoonist arrested. Is that even legal? According to Cyrus it is, but then again he got away with drunk driving and ruining a monument, so who knows what is legal in the world of The Royals. Towards the end of the hour Cyrus made a not so shocking revelation stating, “I would rather be feared as a king, then not be remembered at all.” If all he wants is to be remembered, then why doesn’t he go back to being a prince? He can still be remembered and not have the hassle of ruling a nation.

Eleanor enjoyed her honeymoon bliss with faux Mandy. Mandy on the other hand was getting bombarded with texts from Jasper. She snuck off to meet the handsome bodyguard in the tunnels, making Eleanor believe she was taking a call about a gig in Milan. Jasper advised Mandy to leave, but this is made her want to stay even more. She went back upstairs to tell Eleanor “She turned down the modeling gig.” The two then took their relationship out into the public. This obviously enraged Helena, as she thought that her daughter was only doing this to get back at her. Len told Helena “She really likes Mandy.” Do I believe Eleanor? Sadly yes, I think that she actually is beginning to have feelings for the con artist. That being said I don’t think that bringing Mandy to ceremony was about getting her mothers attention. I have a sneaking suspicion that she was secretly trying to get Jasper's attention. Mandy is obviously picking up the vibe that Eleanor is not fully over the bodyguard and this movtivates her even more to go through with the plan. At the end of the episode Mandy and Jasper exchange words. She knows that he still loves the princess, but tells him "The princess doesn’t love him." She also tells Jasper that, “The princess loves Mandy.” She has decided that their plan has been moved up and that they are going to take the diamond at the prince and princess’s birthday party. She does know that the diamond is cursed right? Jasper is obviously going to warn Eleanor in advance about Mandy/Samantha. The only issue with this is that Eleanor is so captivated by Mandy that she probably won’t believe him.

The polo girl was back and set her sights on Liam. Were they boring? Of course they were, but anything at this point is better then Ophelia. She actually seemed to support Liam being in the palace and encouraged him to be a voice for the people. In the upcoming weeks the two will probably embark on some sort of romance. This however will probably be ruined by Ophelia’s return to save her father. This is only a predication, but I have a feeling that Ophelia and Liam are endgame no matter how nauseating it may be. The interesting part of Liam’s story arc is that the Deputy Prime Minister Rani is a fan. Maybe the two will form an unlikely alliance and find a way for Liam to be the next king?

Lucius returned to Helena with her note still in his hand. He told Helena, “He could not find Alistair.” Helena of course did not believe him. After all she was the one who trained him to lie. She went with her gut instinct to not trust Lucius and instead went to Ted. She asked him “To look into Alistair’s whereabouts.” Did anyone notice the sexual tension between these two? It will be interesting to see if the show actually goes there and they hookup, especially since Ted might actually be the killer (more on that later.) Ted presents the Queen with photos showing that gun was fired in Alistair’s house. Helena then confronts Lucius and he admits to having Alistair killed. In a weird turn of events Ted then convinces Lucius to admit to murdering Simon as well. It’s obvious that Lucius did not kill Simon, but he admits to this in hopes of putting Helena’s mind at ease. Who in their right mind would lie about killing the king? Last week I thought the domino henchman was saying that Ted was the one murdered Simon, because he was not watching out for him. I didn’t think that he actually was the one who stabbed him. However the show is setting it up to look like he actually did in fact kill Simon. Helena knows that Lucius isn’t the real murder, but does she actually know who is? I think that she might because in a previous episode she said, “We take one of theirs. They take two of ours.” This could be referring to Ted, because if it weren’t for the monarchy then his wife would not have died. Hopefully we will finally get some answers, because this story is being dragged out.

Side Notes:
-Happily we didn’t have to watch Cyrus’s daughters parade around the screen.
-Violet got a promotion and a whole new wardrobe. Maybe it pays to be nice to Cyrus.
-The Duchess was back and was hilarious.

What did you think of this week’s episode ofThe Royals? Comment below!