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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


SpoilerTV Readers' 15 Best TV Moments of 2015

Note: The moments 5-10 had the same number of votes and their order is alphabetical. Also true for moments 12-15.

15. THE WALKING DEAD - Carol fights the Wolves
Diz: "Carol kicks ass. When the wolves come in to town and Carol kicks their butts. It was really awesome. And it's just great to see how far Carol has come."
Luana Arturi: "Carol goes all desert-warrior on the Wolves - She proved once again how much of a bad-ass she has turned into."
Maplab98: "Carol being bad-ass in 6.02. Such an amazing character in her best moment."

14. DAREDEVIL - The hallway fight scene
Irem: "The hallway fight scene - It's one of the best fight scenes I've ever seen."
Toniinterrupted: "The hallway fight scene. Amazing. Everything about it was done right. The stunts, directing, acting. It was simply amazing"

13. MARVEL'S AGENTS OF SHIELD - Grant Ward's death
Mel: "Ward has been a main character from the beginning, first he was good then he was bad, then you saw him for what he truly was - irrevocably damaged by the abuse of his parents and older brother. Ward's apparent death was his heart crushed by his former commander's prosthetic hand and then an alien creature possessed his body leaving us with questions: Was he possessed before or after he died? Is Ward dead for good or is there a chance the alien entity can be removed and Ward's life saved?"
Iceman27: "Coulson kills Grant Ward, but "It" takes his body- Huge Agents of SHIELD-like twist for the midseason finale that signified the end of Ward's terror and revenge for Phil but also Brett Dalton gets to stay on a little longer!"

12. MARVEL'S AGENT CARTER - Peggy's questioned by the SSR
Emma: "Carter's explanation on why she was able to investigate without Sousa, Dooley or Thompson noticing. Many movies/TV shows romanticize the "old days" but Carter's speech about being invisible to the men because she is a woman was an unflinching portrayal of the times."
Kris: "When Peggy has been captured and is being interrogated in the SSR. She puts each man in his place by explaining how they took her for granted, and because of that didn't realize how great of an agent she is."

11. JUSTIFIED - "We dug coal together"
Toniinterrupted: "The final scene of the Justified finale. Raylan and Boyd say goodbye in a way only they could. It was poignant, well written and acted. Justified writers couldn't have given us a more true ending. They respected the show and the fans. It was beautiful and I still tear up thinking about it. This is probably my favorite episode of the series and of all of TV this past year. Boyd - "We dug coal together." Raylan: "That's right." That's it. So simple, so true to character and so beautifully done."
Elhar: "As I told right after the finale - the real drama and art isn't when the actors are crying, but when they make us do it. Justified was the rare occasion when the last season, the last episode and the closing moments were all excellent, grew up to all of my expectations."

10. THE ORIGINALS - Cami's death
fandomking1: "I almost went with another, but I have to go with the moment in the mid-season finale where Klaus wakes up to find Cami apparently dead. I chose this moment not only because it was so unpredictable, so shocking, but because, regardless of whether or not Cami is actually dead (I'm still holding out hope she's alive), it is a major game changer. Cami was the show's token human, so to kill her off was a major plot twist. After the last season and a half, where the Cami and Cami/Klaus fan base steadily rose in popularity, it was a bold move to give them what they wanted only to kill Cami and rip out Klaus' heart not five minutes later. Regardless of whether she stays dead, I think this will definitely change the dynamic in the show and we will definitely see Klaus out for blood when the show returns."
snowby: "The moment Cami died in the mid-season finale. It was so moving and tragic considering Cami's evolution and calls back to the ending of Season 1 where Klaus tells Cami there are people out there determined to destroy everything he finds beautiful. Cue Cami dying in Klaus' arms 2 seasons later, as he screams in anguish."

9. THE 100 - Clarke says goodbye to Bellamy and leaves Camp Jaha
Missions: "May we meet again… Those words completely broke my heart. This was the first scene of 2015 that made me cry and left me depressed for days, it was astonishing with perfect background music, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Doors”. The chemistry between the two actors, Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley, was amazing. It is hard to even explain why I liked this scene so much as it just broke me emotionally. Furthermore, it was a perfect end (even though there is another scene) to what was nearly a flawless season and it left me mourning that the show would not be back for quite a while. Last but not least, I was very happy that the relationship between Bellamy and Clarke was going in the right direction."
Jessica: "In the finale of the second season, Clarke tells Bellamy she is leaving and gives him a kiss on the cheek. This moment was special because it showed how far Bellamy and Clarke have come. These two characters hated each other, and now they respect and care for each other very much. This scene was touching and gave me goosebumps when “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” started playing. When Clarke left, it broke my heart but also made me very curious. What will happen when the show starts in January?"

8. ONCE UPON A TIME - Emma kills Hook
Ivan: "Emma is forced to kill Hook. What's with Emma and every one of her True Loves dying in her arms?! This is the third love she's had to watch die and Jennifer Morison and Colin O'Donoghue were just plain unbelievable in that scene."
Swan song: "The demise of all the Dark Ones to the underworld, including Killian Jones aka Hook. The love between the characters when Swan pushed the sword into Killian had me in tears. I know it's make believe but when make believe leaves you feeling utterly drained and heartbroken well that's when you have a hit tv series. Totally connected with the characters all of them. Well done."

7. ONCE UPON A TIME - Emma becomes Dark One
Niallerz1992: "Most of season 4B was teasing Emma turning towards the darkness and everything seemed to point towards her beating the darkness, and the twist that the writers put in was cleverly done. The darkness escaping and trying to consume Regina and Emma saving her was a true act of a Savior. The scene was brilliantly shot and was unexpected. And the final shot of Emma's name on the Dark One Dagger was a perfect way to end the season and that moment gave me chills. And off topic the twist of Dark Emma paid off in season 5A."
Khyleesi: "OH. MY. GOD. Never have I ever expected the female lead, the perfect heroine to turn into the show's antagonist. It's a risky arc to play and I love that the writers aren't playing it safe with her. They want to give Emma depth and complexity. We need more interesting and well-rounded women on TV and I think OUAT's Emma Swan fits in to that category."

6. JESSICA JONES - The final confrontation with Kilgrave
Aimee Hicks: "This show had a ton of amazing moments and my favorite moment has changed as I've watched the episodes again. I think the moment that stands out the most and best defines the season as a whole is the final confrontation with Kilgrave. The whole season gave us one example after another of the pure love Jessica and Trish share. These two women are best friends and will do anything for each other. Which made it all the more heartbreaking for Jessica to have to standby and watch Kilgrave force Trish to do things under his command. She knew the only way to get Trish out of danger was to play along and the moment she looked over his shoulder and told Trish she loves her I'm confident every fan started to cheer. Kilgrave thought he'd found Jessica's weakness by taking Trish from her, but in fact he tapped into the very thing that gives her strength. In the end it was the love Jessica and Trish share that became Kilgrave's downfall. This scene was a stunning representation of the entire season and brought the season long arc to a very satisfying end."
Diz: "Really everything about Jessica Jones. I'm going to go with the end of the season, Kilgrave thinks he finally has power over her again and it turns out he doesn't, she tricked him and she kills him. SO AWESOME. She's free from his control, this whole show really nails what it's like for survivors. How hard it is, but that it gets better."

5. ARROW - The proposal
Gigigirl31: "Oliver Queen's proposal to Felicity Smoak! It was so romantic and done in front of family, friends and Star City during the lighting of a Christmas tree of hope and light!"
Inga North: "Proposal scene in Dark Waters. Because it was such a long waited and beautiful scene between Oliver and Felicity."
Olicity: "When Oliver proposed to Felicity! Loved how he referenced her as his light and his happiness."

4. THE ORIGINALS - Klaus and Cami admit their feelings
ViKi: "Klaus and Cami acknowledge their feelings. Klaus is such a passionate character, in his bad and good moments, that one can't help but be touched when he's saying to this woman he wants to protect her and her happiness no matter what. Their joyness after kissing, the look into each other's eyes instead of just ripping off their clothes was such a romantic moment, that the twist at the end was just utterly devastating."
Krys: "Klaus and Cami's first kiss. Because they've been slowly building this relationship up for 2 years. It was long awaited and such a beautiful moment with Klaus finally confessing his feelings for her."

3. PERSON OF INTEREST - Shaw's sacrifice
AmbulanceRuse: "The end of If-Then-Else. The overall cinematography is beautiful. The slow-mo both intensifies the scene, and reflects the Machine's decision-making process shown through much of the episode. Amy Acker does well in showing Root's anguish while ultimately muted, as the sound is dominated by one of the most striking pieces Ramin Djawadi has composed for the show, a new arrangement of Shaw's theme. Still, the strongest emotional punch, for me, comes from the Machine desperately trying to find a scenario in which Shaw survives. Major kudos to the POI writers for giving the Machine such impact, giving it some humanity while keeping it sufficiently alien."
Fringenos: "Shaw sacrifices herself to save Team Machine. The moment is simply perfect. From the hauntingly beautiful music to the superb acting especailly by Amy Acker and The Machine watching helplessly, everything is just right."

2. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Damon and Elena's goodbye dance
AimToMisbheave: "Damon and Elena's last dance in 6x22. This scene was brilliant because of how it used dance to express their goodbye. Dance was always used to show the progression of their relationship since the very first season when they danced at the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, when it first became incredibly obvious that there was something going on between the two of them. The dance in 6x22 referenced that moment with the "near touch", and then made references to all their other dances they've had throughout the seasons. And after so many not-so-subtle references to marriage in season 6 (Damon's "till death do us part", declaring that he wants to be her husband, etc.), this felt a little like their first dance as a married couple. As executive producer Caroline Dries said, it was the biggest moment of the season, and one of the biggest of the series. It was a beautiful (albeit temporary) goodbye to Delena until Elena wakes up."
ViKi: "I was not fan of this couple, but I was really moved by their final scene together. Elena saying she wants him to be happy and not just sit and wait for her, their dancing and final kiss. I admit they conquered me at that very moment. Just in the end writers convinced me that love story was real, and that the future Damon and Elena dreamt was possible."

1. HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER - Annalise gets shot
Missions: "Annalise begs the “Keating Four” to shoot her in order to get away with murder. It was very hard to choose one scene from this winter finale, let alone this entire season, it has been fantastic. We had all been anxiously waiting to see who shot Annalise, and fortunately, it did not disappoint. It was not the reveal of Wes shooting her that was so amazing, but how Annalise begs everyone to do so. The acting in this scene was outstanding, everyone brought their A-game, the music perfectly suited the very dramatic scene, and the directing was on spot! Brilliant scene that absolutely had my jaw on the floor, especially after Annalise reveals that Rebecca was dead. Viola Davis deserves to win every single award for this. “Shoot me in the leg” was the line that broke my heart since you could see how troubled Annalise is."
Cait4TTC: "The shooting of Annalise- Utterly horrifying, and yet- damn. The terror, panic, and desperation of the characters all but radiated off the screen. I think some people predicted that Annalise would be the cause of her own injury, but the how and the why were as shocking as anything we've seen on this show."
Spindae2: "The scene was a dance on the line between amazing strength and desperation with each cast member giving all they had. The tears shattered felt real and each time one of the Keating 4 denied Annalise's wish to shot her you could feel a knife being pierced into Annalise's back."

Honorable mentions:
Doctor Who: The Doctor's speech to UNIT and Zygons
Devious Maids: The explosion at the end
Fargo: The motel shootout
Grey's Anatomy: Derek's death
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: Simmons' rescue & Fitz and Simmons kiss
Parenthood: The final scene
Person of Interest: Finch talks to the machine
Quantico: The bomb in the mid-season finale
Supernatural: Dean and Sam talk in "Baby"
The 100: The death of Mountain Men & Lexa's betrayal & Lexa and Clarke sacrifice the village
The Americans: Paige finds out the truth
The Flash: Iris finds out the truth about Barry and they kiss
The Leftovers: Kevin's song
The Mentalist: The Wedding
The Middle: The graduation
The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Caroline's first kiss
You're the Worst: Jimmy stays with Gretchen in the end

These are YOUR picks. To read the choices made by SpoilerTV Team click here! And share your thoughts in the comments below.


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