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Haven - Season 5 - Interview about the series finale

17 Dec 2015

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Croatoan knows that Audrey cares about Nathan. So what does that mean for him?

Well, that puts Nathan in a very dangerous position. [Croatoan] knows exactly how to get to Audrey's heart, through her love for her friends and for Nathan. She's very vulnerable when it comes to them and Audrey enters the finale very aware of that and pretty much terrified of exactly what Croatoan plans for them.

McGuinness: [Also] we know that Nathan is deeply in love with Audrey, but I think we're going to see how deep his love for Audrey Parker has run.

And how about Duke?

: We’re going to see the culmination of everything that he's been doing and we're going to learn a lot more about how Croatoan is controlling him and how much control Duke has over what he's doing, [as well as] a lot of the terrible things that Croatoan is forcing Duke to do.