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Agents of SHIELD - Season 3B - Brett Dalton IGN interview

12 Dec 2015

IGN: I like it. It was a really long question.

There's a whole bunch of different things that I get to explore with this creature; I guess you could call it Ward 2.0. Ward had this past, he had this drive. Revenge was a really big driving force for him. Getting even, settling scores, all that was a really big motivation for Ward, and this particular creature I don't think is driven by the same things. He has access to all of the thoughts and memories of all of the hosts that he's occupied in the past, and we see that -- I'm not giving away anything -- we see that in episode 10. He's able to convince Fitz that he's Will no problem, and he has at least a knowledge of all the stuff that's happened in the past.

So he has this collective memory that goes back centuries. I think that when you're playing something like that, you're not going to be bound by things as small as revenge. There's something much, much bigger at work. I think that there's a kind of regalness. This is a guy who's used to being worshipped and monuments built in his honor. There's an efficiency to his thoughts and movements. He's operating on a higher point, so in some ways he's not bound by the same emotions that Grant Ward is.

IGN: Does that mean that you're trading one villainous character for another? What can you say of this new creature's motivations?

If I do it right, sure, absolutely, this would be trading one for the other. But also, Malick mentioned something about there was a purpose for every Inhuman. They each had their own task or their own cog in this bigger machinery. That was one of the themes of one of the episodes. Perhaps this creature's task is somehow is even bigger than -- I'm trying not to give away plot stuff. [He has a bigger task] than some of the other Inhumans, and that might be his task in this greater picture.