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Mom - Terrorists and Gingerbread (Season Premiere) - Advance Preview

5 Nov 2015

After a 6 month looooong wait, CBS's critically acclaimed sitcom Mom returns this week with its third season.

Although not mentioned, it appears that the season premiere picks a few weeks after the season 2 finale. Bonnie and Christy have started fresh and everything it going smoothly in their relationship as mother and daughter when a surprise comes their way. Bonnie's mother, who abandoned her when she was little, wants to meet her and a private investigator gets in contact with Christy. Bonnie is shocked and upset to hear this. While Bonnie wants nothing to do with her mother, Christy actually wants to meet her which doesn't sit well with Bonnie.

Bonnie mom, Shirley Stabler, is played by Academy, Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner Ellen Burstyn. We do get to hear her side of the story of the circumstances which led to her hiding Bonnie to foster care, and her story is quite touching. Ellen is really great in the role and maybe there is another Emmy in this for her.

June Squibb also guest stars in the episode. She plays a character that is not directly related to the main storyline but she does bring a lot of laughs to the episode. I laughed out loud at each and everyone one of her scenes.

Mom's season premiere is hilarious and really touching. Just like always, Allison Janney knocks it out of the part with her serious and comedic performance. I hope you love the episode as much as I did.

Mom returns this Thursday on CBS at 9/8c.