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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 3rd October *Updated*

Latest News Items (What is this?)

  • 20:50 - Black-ish - Episode 2.03 - Dr. Hell No - Promo

  • 20:30 - Grandfathered - Episode 1.02 - Dad Face - Promotional Photos

  • 20:30 - MOVIES: Power Rangers Reboot - Actors Testing
    Thanks to S2 for the heads up.
    Sources tell Variety the studio is about to begin testing young talent, looking at up-and-coming actors and actresses to make up the team. Sources say Daniel Zovatto (“It Follows”), Ross Butler (“Chasing Life”) and Brian “Sene” Marc are among those testing for Zack (aka the Black Ranger), while KJ Apa (“Shortland Street”), Austin Butler (“The Shannara Chronicles”) and Mitchell Hope (“The Descendants”) are testing for Jason (aka the Red Ranger).

    Sources also say Naomi Scott (“The Martian”) and newcomer Stephanie Scott are up for the role of Kimberley (aka the Pink Ranger). Insiders say the studio is looking for fresh faces to fill out the team and will probably look for a big name to play the antagonist for the films, though no offers have been made for that part.

  • 23:10 - Modern Family - Episode 7.04 - She Crazy - Promotional Photos

  • 22:50 - Switched at Birth - Episode 4.17 - To The Victor Belong The Spoils - Promotional Photos

  • 22:30 - Arrow - Season 4 - Teasers from Katie Cassidy
    Thanks to arrowshieldfan for the heads up.
    Q: Hey! Is there anything new to Laurel? Despite being full Black Canary and involved with Sara’s ressurection?
    LB: She and Thea have gotten really close since last season.

    Q: Black Canary and Speedy will have action scenes?
    LB: Yes, Canary and Speedy have a few rather awesome action scenes (both together and apart).

  • 22:15 - Switched at Birth - Episode 4.18 - 4.20 - Synopsis
    Thanks to Aljosa for the heads up.
    Episode 4.18 - The Accomodations of Desire
    Daphne’s correspondence with Quinn starts to affect her relationship with Mingo.

    Episode 4.19 - A Mad Tea Party
    In an effort to finish some last minute planning for Lily’s baby shower, Regina asks Bay to spend some time with Will.

    Episode 4.20 - And Always Searching For Beauty
    Bay is excited to hold her first art show. Daphne interviews for an internship that would bring her closer to Quinn, causing friction with Mingo.

  • 22:10 - Kevin From Work - Episode 1.09 / Episode 1.10 (Season Finale) - Press Release

    Burbank, CA (September 30, 2015) - "Kevin From Work" will air with back-to-back episodes for its season finale on Wednesday, October 7th at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

    In "Escape From Work," airing at 8:00 PM ET/PT, Kevin is stuck at home recovering from a recent injury and torn about what to do about a new job opportunity. While recuperating, he dreams of Audrey and his current dilemma as a black-and-white movie. Meanwhile, Roxie wants to bring in a handsome male nurse to help with Kevin's care, which does not sit well with Brian. And with Patti tagging along on her dates with Brock, Audrey tries to figure out how to tell her she is bossy.

    In "Team Kevin From Work," airing at 8:30 PM ET/PT, Kevin hears there may be trouble in Audrey and Brock's relationship and decides to stop being a nice guy and tries to further their rift. When Brian and Roxie see Kevin's new determination, they form "Team Kevin" to help him get his dream girl. Meanwhile, Patti's dad declares it's time for her to get a job, so she teams up with Ricky to find her calling.

    "Kevin from Work" is written, created and executive-produced by Barbara Adler ("How I Met Your Mother," "My Name Is Earl," and "Arrested Development"). Aaron Kaplan at Kapital Entertainment ("Chasing Life," "The Mysteries of Laura," "The Neighbors" and "Terra Nova") and McG and Mary Viola at Wonderland Sound & Vision ("Charlie's Angels," "The O.C.," "Supernatural," "Chuck," and "Nikita") serve as Executive Producers. The series stars Noah Reid ("Backpackers") as Kevin, Paige Spara as Audrey, Matt Murray ("Rookie Blue") as Brian, Jordan Hinson ("Eureka") as Roxie, Punam Patel as Patti, with recurring guest star Amy Sedaris ("Strangers with Candy") as Julia.

  • 22:10 - NCIS - Season 13 - Nate Scholz to Guest

15:30 - Fresh Off The Boat - Episode 2.03 - Shaquille O’Neal Motors - Sneak Peeks

15:30 - Life in Pieces - Episode 1.03 - Tree Email Sleepy Brunch - Sneak Peeks

15:30 - The Grinder - Episode 1.02 - A Hero Has Fallen - Sneak Peeks

15:30 - Nashville - Episode 4.05 - Stop the World (And Let Me Off) - Synopsis

Markus pushes back on Avery; Rayna pushes back on Layla's relationship; Maddie joins Colt.

15:30 - Grandfathered - Episode 1.02 - Dad Face - Sneak Peeks