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Heroes Reborn - Under the Mask - Advance Preview

30 Sept 2015

Here are some teasers from this week's episode of Heroes Reborn, broken down by character(s) arcs:

After getting their hands on the files Noah took from Primatech, Joanne tries to decide where to go next to target their next EVO but Luke's heart is not quite into it. During the episode, something changes inside him on more than one way.

Noah and Quentin are still looking for answers but have to take a detour to get Quentin patched up. However, their little detour might actually lead them to some answers.

Carlos continues to look for his brother's killer and comes across Dylan Bruce's, who is a cop trying to eliminate EVOs. However, not having powers, wearing his brother's mask and continuing his crusade might be more than he can handle when he sees what he's up against.

Tommy finally wants to live a normal life and go out with his new friends but his Mom doesn't think it's safe and tries to protect him in any way possible.

By "appearing" at Yamogato Tower, Miko lands herself in trouble she might not be able to get out of by herdelf.

We also get to see a little more of Malina and learn about Renautus's plan with Molly.

The episode is a good follow up to the premiere. Catch it on Thursdays at 8PM on NBC.