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Chasing Life - Interview - Richard Brancatisano

17 Sept 2015

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Richard Brancatisano (Dominic) answered some questions for SpoilerTV regarding April and Dominic’s future. I’ll admit to being one of those fans who was concerned about the show throwing these two characters together too soon, but after speaking with Richard I have complete faith in the direction the show is going. If you want to know his thoughts on this star-crossed couple keep reading.

SpoilerTV: It’s obvious that Dominic wants April back, but there is some mixed fan reaction on how soon that should happen. What’s your opinion on that?

Richard Brancatisano: I totally hear ya and I agree. I think sometimes it’s interesting in the world of TV, like timelines are skewed a bit, and you gotta make time go a little bit quicker, so I can understand. I think in real life, like I’ve never been in this situation, but I would imagine it’d take a long time to get over the death of your husband and I think a lot of people love Leo. I loved Leo and that just makes it even more important that she grieves him properly and doesn’t move on to quick. I also think Dominic really respects that and she doesn’t wanna be the one making the move and he gets it and I think she’s, as you’re going to see in these next two episodes, he doesn’t want April to know he still has these feelings for her because he doesn’t want to put her in that situation where she feels weird. Their friendship would suffer from that…knowing that he still really has these feelings for her. It would just kind of be strange cause I think she’d always expect that he’s going “is anything going to happen” and she’s in a situation where she doesn’t know and she’s not really up to that yet, she doesn’t even want to think about that. I think these next two episodes really explore that dynamic between them, and like I said before you gotta give the show some leeway in terms of timeline and things get squished together and it is a drama. You don’t wanna compare it too closely in terms of time and context to real life, but I think the writers do a really good job of answering that question in the last two episodes and bringing it to an end where I think Dominic and April…I think you’ll like it. It’s not going to annoy people I don’t think. I think it was left in a really respectful way to Leo and to April’s character. It doesn’t make her look like she’s just running onto the next thing.

STV: If they ever get back together do you think Dominic can overcome Leo’s ghost or is he always going to be in his shadow?

RB: That’s a good question. That’s a really good question. I think that is what’s going to make the drama. If they do get back together, I think that is an interesting topic that I think a lot of people go through living in someone’s shadow, competing with an ex, whether they died or whether they're still around, I think that’s a very universal thing and I’d love to see it explored in the next season.

STV: What has been your favorite scene to film between Dominic and April?

RB: I really like, I think it was episode 9, when she comes back to my place high on ecstasy and she’s asking Dominic if “you want to feel good too” and there is a subtle undertone that if Dominic wanted maybe they could be a little more intimate. I loved the way it played out and how Dominic made the right decision. He loves her so much and to be with her would mean everything, but he knew the right thing to do and I think that really showed Dominic’s true colors. It was a fun thing to shoot because I feel sure everyone has been in a situation where they want something, but to have that thing would be to take advantage of someone else and they put themselves aside because they care about the other person more. It’s fun as an actor to explore that and it’s fun to portray it for other people to see it and to relate to it.

Richard is a gifted actor and a pleasure to speak with. I for one look forward to seeing where April and Dominic’s relationship goes in these final episodes. If they do get back together the road won’t be easy and it will be filled with memories of what they once had and the ever present hole Leo left in April’s heart. One thing is guaranteed, there is drama in the future for these characters.

Tune in to ABC Family on Monday at 9/8c to see what may come of this couple.

Hit the comments with your thoughts on what you want to see come of these two. Do you want April and Dominic together? Are you still concerned about their future or did Richard reassure you about the direction the show is taking?

About the Author - Aimee Hicks
Aimee works for a local newspaper and has a BA in Broadcasting and Cinema. She has been a TV lover since before she really understood what TV was. She has a long list of shows that she loves to watch and can be found on twitter (@ahicks83) live tweeting about each new episode whenever she can. A list of her favorite shows includes (but is not limited to) the following: 12 Monkeys, Orphan Black, Outlander, Chasing Life, Scorpion, The 100, The Night Shift, Bitten, Black Sails, 2 Broke Girls, Arrow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Continuum, Lost Girl, Faking It, Falling Skies, Finding Carter, Once Upon A Time, Orange Is The New Black, Switched At Birth, The Fosters, The Flash, The Originals, Teen Wolf, Under The Dome, & Z Nation. The upcoming shows she is most excited about are: Supergirl, Dark Matter, UnReal, Blindspot, Lucifer, Legends of Tomorrow, Stitchers, Recovery Road, Shadowhunters, Quantico, Code Black, Heartbreaker, and Chicago Med. She has a large and passionate dislike of ""reality"" TV, especially ""reality"" dating shows, but has a weakness for Americas Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance. But those two don't really count as ""reality"" shows, at least that's how she justifies those guilty pleasures. She was the original creator and co-founder of LOST Video Island ( which is still operating under the management of the very capable and skilled group she turned it over to.
You can email her at
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