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Chasing Life - The Last W - Advance Preview: "Best Episode of the Season"

It’s finally here. The wedding episode of “Chasing Life.” And what an episode it is! April and Leo are headed toward the altar. But will it really happen? And will they iron out the bumps along the way?

I must say, this is by far the best episode of “Chasing Life” this season. It’s packed with emotion, drama, romance, fear, love and an element of the unknown. Three separate scenes just wowed me. Break out the tissues because more than one character sheds some tears – and it’s infectious.

The episode begins with the wedding rehearsal. April is having trouble writing her vows. As she thinks about why she is marrying Leo, she begins to question if he is just marrying her because she has cancer. She also doesn’t know about the fight between Leo and Dominic. But she will find out before the wedding. How will that affect their plans?

Then there’s Dominic. He keeps thinking about his former relationship with April. But she can’t figure out why he is suddenly withdrawing from their friendship. She tries to reach out to him but doesn’t have much luck. And he isn’t too excited about attending the wedding. Could he show up anyway and crash the vows?

Watch for a great scene between Leo and April on the day of their wedding as they talk to each other through a doorway. They have some issues to discuss before walking down the aisle. I thought this was a fantastic moment for the two characters as they get real about some of their fears and worries.

Before entering the church, April also has an interesting discussion with her mother and grandma as they give her advice on marriage and what it truly means. Once she is in the church, the wedding frenzy continues with that fall you’ve seen on the promos – April falls halfway down the aisle. I can’t reveal what happens next but her friends and family are definitely worried about her. The day may not end up how it was planned.

This wedding was a great opportunity to bring together a lot of different characters, and you can expect a little drama surrounding them, too. April and Brenna’s paternal grandmother is in town for the wedding, and she doesn’t quite know how to connect with her other granddaughter, Natalie. Natalie is very vocal about her anger and disappointment.

Uncle George is also back (I miss him!), and he is happy to be there for the girls and Sara. But he is still dating the woman Sara met at the medical conference. In fact, he brings her to the wedding. That creates a little awkwardness with his sister-in-law.

On top of that, Beth has to face Graham again as he attends the wedding festivities. Is she truly over him and ready to move on with the new guy she met?

I always love episodes centered on big events. Not only is the drama inherently built into these events, but we have the visual feast that makes them feel even more special. Most notably, April looks stunning in her wedding dress. She is truly a beautiful bride-to-be. Now if she can only get down that aisle….

You won’t want to miss this episode of “Chasing Life.” Check it out Monday night at 9/8c on ABC Family.

What do you think is going to happen in "The Last W?" Do you predict a wedding? Will Dominic confess his true feelings? Why do you think April falls? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

About the Author - Tonya Papanikolas
Tonya Papanikolas is an online, print and broadcast journalist who loves covering entertainment and television. She spent more than 10 years as a broadcast news anchor and reporter. Now she does everything from hosting to writing. She loves being a part of the SpoilerTV team.