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The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 27th June *Updated*

Latest News Items (What is this?)

  • 10:50 - Dark Matter - Episode 1.04 to 1.07 - Synopsis
    Episode 1.04

    The past comes back to haunt members of the crew during a stopover at a space station, during which Four makes a stunning discovery, while Two and Five learn that some games of chance come with surprising risks. Elsewhere, Six receives some unwanted attention at a local clinic; and One and Three's attempts to sell the weapons in their cargo hold lands them at a dangerous disadvantage.

    Episode 1.05

    The crew are hired by their handler to salvage a seemingly deserted space freighter, a reclaim op that appears to be straightforward until a deadly cargo is uncovered and they are forced to fight for their lives.

    Episode 1.06

    Chemical hypnosis and the ship's neural link are used to explore the memories secreted away in Five's subconscious, during which she uncovers the dark truth about Four and Six's violent pasts. She also learns about the circumstances that landed her on the ship and gains some insight into the idyllic childhood of a mysterious little boy.

    Episode 1.07

    The crew finally gain access to the secret room in the ship's underbelly and among the items they find inside are a sunny android and a desperately ill woman who reveals a connection to Three.


  • 09:50 - Girlfriends Guide To Divorce - Season 2 - Mark Valley Cast in a 6 Episode Arc
    Boston Legal alum Mark Valley has signed on for a six-episode arc on Bravo’s Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce. From creator and executive producer Marti Noxon and UCP, Girlfriends’ Guide follows Abby McCarthy (Lisa Edelstein), a self-help book author whose seemingly perfect career and marriage simultaneously implode, and she finds herself navigating life as a single woman in her 40s. Valley will play Dr. Harris, a popular television personality who recently responded to Abby’s tweet and wants to meet. He’s repped by Untitled Entertainment.


  • 09:45 - Shadowhunters - Message from Kaityln Leeb (Camille Belcourt)

  • 09:40 - Scream Queen - Comic-Con Ride Set to Thrill Fans
    If the Scream Queentrolley wraps at Comic-Con didn’t give you a fright, then this ride just might.

    The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Fox will have a Scream Queens-themed ride, “The Mega Scream Drop”, located in the Petco Interactive Zone. The Mega Scream will drop fans 120 feet, and capture a shareable social media at the same time, so that you can share the terror with all of your friends.

    The ride will be operated by workers dressed as Kappa House Sorority girls and their fraternity boyfriends like in the show, and they’ll be passing out “branded premium items”. You can catch a ride Thursday-Sunday from 10AM-6PM daily.

    Additionally, there will be Scream queen branded ice cream carts offering free scoops around the Gaslamp during Comic-Con.


  • 09:35 - Heroes Reborn - Aislinn Paul to Recur
    Aislinn Paul has landed a recurring role on NBC’s event series Heroes Reborn. The project from Heroes creator/executive producer Tim Kring revolves around a new group of everyday people with extraordinary abilities. Paul, repped by Innovative Artists and and Noble Caplan Abrams, recurred on Syfy’s Haven and CW’s Reign. Her other TV credits include HBO’s Tell Me You Love Me and Lifetime’s Wildcard.


  • 09:30 - Empire - Season 2 - Tyra Ferrell to Recur
    Tyra Ferrell (White Men Can’t Jump, Boyz ’N The Hood) has been cast in a recurring role in the second season of Fox’s hit drama series Empire. Ferrell plays a lawyer who comes in contact with the Lyon family. Ferrell is coming off the Tasha Smith-directed feature Out Of The Box. She is repped by Will Flaherty at Fidelity Management.


  • 04:45 - Melissa and Joey - Episode 4.15 - The Parent Trap - Promotional Photos + Sneak Peeks

  • 04:30 - Significant Mother - Promotional Poster

  • 04:15 - Dark Matter - Episode 1.05 - Promotional Photos

  • 04:00 - Terminator Series: Still happening
    Thanks to Mac for the heads up.

    You also mentioned a TV show, and that’s something that we’ve been very curious about. What is the status of a Terminator TV show, and what do you envision in terms of the story it might tell?

    DAVID ELLISON: It’s something that we’re developing as we speak. To speak kind of larger to that, one of the things we would love to do at Skydance—it’s a very lofty goal—is to build worlds across multiple mediums. And to me, I think everyone talks in Hollywood about franchises, ‘it’s a franchise business, it’s a franchise business’. I think that’s a slightly old-fashioned word, and I think it’s a world creation business. The dream for us would be to be able to obviously make films, television shows, we have a video game with Glu, comic books, and they all should be standalone experiences. If you just watch the movies or if you just watch a television show, it’s a complete experience. But if you are the kind of fans that we are over this material, and you watch all of it collectively, it all interweaves to feel like a larger universe that you can experience if you’re a huge fan of Terminator or any of the other franchises that we’re fortunate to work on, that’s really when you talk about the future of Skydance, one of the things that we really want to be a part of building.

    When this was first reported, the Terminator thing, it was said that it was going to somehow directly tie into this movie in some way.

    ELLISON: A little premature to be able to say, but I will say anything we do along those lines, it will absolutely have connective tissue. It would be a mistake and a little old-fashioned to have a television show and a movie, both based on something that actually don’t cross over in any way, shape, or form.
    DANA GOLDBERG: So we’re working on it, to answer your question


  • 03:45 - Three Days of the Condor - Revival planned
    Thanks to Mac for the heads up.

    When you were talking about TV, I was really interested in Three Days of the Condor, being a 70s film fanatic. Was it the story which attracted you to that to make that into a series?

    DANA GOLDBERG: Yeah, I mean we started talking about the idea of Condor in general, and for all of the CIA thriller type movies that have been made, that just that word, you say Condor, and everybody immediately knows what you’re talking about. You don’t even have to say Three Days of. When you say Condor people go ‘oh, that was great’. And we just thought it’s a great title and the inherent setup of that movie would be so great for a television show in this day and age, when between technology and the lack of privacy and the international landscape of what goes on, how rich is that gonna be? We hired Jason Smilovic, who is an incredible writer, and he’s worked hand in hand with Marcy Ross, who runs our television division, and has created a script and bible that we think is just incredible.

    DAVID ELLISON: Just to add to that, one of the things that I love and Jason talks about it a lot, is the original Condor very much predicted what happened…the original movie ends with the prediction of the war in the Middle East over oil, and there are writers like Tom Clancy who when you read his books you always felt like you were getting a peek behind the curtain as to what was going to happen next. That doesn’t really exist today, so one of the things we very much hope that Condor is able to do is very much be the Condor for this generation and very much be predictive in regards to what’s going to be happening with future events.


  • 03:30 - Baby Daddy - Episode 4.15 - Wheeler War - Promotional Photos

  • 03:15 - The Astronaut Wives Club - Episode 1.03 - Retroattitude - Promotional Photos

  • 03:00 - Major Crimes - 4.06 - 4.07 - Synopsis
    Episode 4.06 - Personal Effects

    The squad discovers a pile of bones; a victim is found to have a unnerving past.

    Episode 4.07 - Targets of Opportunity

    An officer-involved shooting leaves two policemen dead; the unit must work with Fritz Howard.


  • 02:45 - Aquarius - Episode 1.09 - Why - Press Release


    07/16/2015 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Thursday) : CHARMAIN HAS A RIDEALONG WITH TWO OFFICERS-- Two officers invite Charmain (Claire Holt) on a ridealong, but everything comes to a halt when they are murdered in cold blood. Hodiak (David Duchovny) and Shafe (Grey Damon) try to protect Charmain's standing in the department and find the real killer. Gethin Anthony and Emma Dumont also star. Michaela McManus, BrĂ­an F. O'Byrne, Chance Kelly, Jason Ralph and Gaius Charles guest star.


  • 02:30 - Madoff - First Look Promotional Photo

  • 02:15 - Power - Episode 2.04 - You're the Only Person I Can Trust - Sneak Peek

  • 02:00- The Brink - July Episodes - Press Release

    Episode #3: “Baghdad My Ass”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, JULY 5 (10:30-11:00 p.m. ET/PT)

    Alex (Jack Black) is tasked by Zaman’s (Iqbal Theba) half-brother, Raja (Bernard White), to get a message to Walter (Tim Robbins) – a mission Alex hopes will save him from being sent to Baghdad. Walter is greeted with personal and professional surprises at home before taking off for New Delhi. On the aircraft carrier, Zeke (Pablo Schreiber) and Glenn (Eric Ladin) await their inquiry into the downed drone.

    Written by Roberto Benabib & Kim Benabib; directed by Jon Poll.

    Episode #4: “I’ll Never Be Batman”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, JULY 12 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)

    In New Delhi, Walter defies doctor’s orders and meets with the Indian foreign minister (Ajay Mehta) to urge him to withdraw his troops. Zeke contemplates the merits and perils of leading a double life before he and Glenn take off on a recon mission. In Islamabad, Alex encounters resistance as he tries to deliver a package to Raja.

    Written by Dave Holstein; directed by Michael Lehmann.

    Episode #5: “Swim, Shmuley, Swim”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, JULY 19 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)

    Zeke and Glenn narrowly escape two armed men in a tribal region before being picked up by Martin (Rob Brydon) and Vanessa (Michelle Gomez), an eccentric British couple. With Fareeda (Melanie Kannokada) missing, Alex and Rafiq (Aasif Mandvi) head to her school and encounter a group of girls with nowhere to go. Against the president’s orders, Walter pays an unscheduled visit to the Israeli foreign minister (Iris Bahr).

    Written by Jack Kukoda; directed by James Muro.

    Episode #6: “Tweet Tweet Tweet”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, JULY 26 (10:30-11:00 p.m.)

    Ordered to return to DC, Walter runs into Joanne (Carla Gugino) in Tel Aviv, and angles to use her new position to his advantage. Held hostage by Martin and Vanessa, Zeke and Glenn agree to participate in role-playing games in hopes of release. Later, Alex meets with Kittredge (John Larroquette), who shares a revelatory dream.

    Written by Sam Forman; directed by Michael Lehmann.