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The Astronaut Wives Club - Episode 1.02 - Protocol - Promo

19 Jun 2015

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  1. Can't wait although I'm not ready for the sad parts.

  2. Kinda looks like an overview promo for the season... which I'm all for BTW.

    (still haven't watched the series though...)

  3. It does say "This summer on The Astronaut Wives Club" :)

  4. Yeah, there is definitely some scenes here that's not going to be in the next episode (judging by the promo pictures for episode 2)
    But that's ok :)

  5. They had the same kind of an overview promo for The Whispers second episode too.

  6. It also said "This season on The Whispers" so it's completely normal for both to show scenes for the entire season rather than only for the next episode.

  7. And that is a good strategy for summer shows, which are pretty much self contained seasons. In a way it's even better to tease the audience what they're in for the whole run.

  8. I don't know about it being a good strategy. The first time I saw a promo like that, I thought everything was going to be in the next episode and I kept being disappointed because after every episode the scenes I'd wanted to see weren't shown (the promo didn't say 'this season on'/'this summer on' which I think is why I was so disappointed) but now people know it's for the entire season.. :)

  9. Pretty much every show on TV does that after their premiere.

  10. I remember a time when that wasn't the norm actually...
    And it's not a thing ALL shows do TBH. It totally depends.


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