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SpoilerTV - TV Spoilers


The SpoilerTV Daily Newsreel - 26th May *Updated*

Latest News Items (What is this?)

  • 23:15 - Extant - Episode 2.09 - Molly Flashback coming
    Episode 2.09 we will see a flashback for Molly.

    The show has currently hired Cassidey Fralin to play a 9 year old Molly.


  • 23:10 - The Clan Of The Cave Bear - Lifetime Pilot - Charlene McKenna Joins Cast
    Charlene McKenna (A.D.: The Bible Continues) has joined the cast of Lifetime’s drama pilot The Clan Of The Cave Bear, from Imagine TV, Allison Shearmur Prods., Fox 21 TV Studios and Lionsgate TV. Written by Maleficent scribe Linda Woolverton based on Jean M. Auel’s series of best-selling novels, Clan Of The Cave Bear draws from the first book.

    It takes place at a time in prehistory more than 25,000 years ago when Neanderthals shared the planet with the first early modern humans and a band of cave dwellers adopts blond and blue-eyed Ayla (Millie Brady), a child of the “Others.” As Ayla matures into a young woman of spirit and courage, she must fight for survival against the jealous bigotry of Broud (Johnny Ward), who one day will be clan leader. McKenna will play Iza, Brun’s (Hal Ozsan) sister and the Clan’s medicine woman.


  • 20:40 - Ballers - Episode 1.01 - 1.02 - Press Release

    Spencer is a retired football superstar who is trying to reinvent himself as a financial manager for current players in sunsoaked Miami. His inner circle includes Ricky, a talented but volatile wide receiver who seeks to balance his off-field antics with his passion for the game; Charles, a reluctantly retired lineman who's finding it hard to adjust to civilian life; and Vernon, a player with a rookie contract, whose promise never to forget “where he came from” brings scores of hangers-on into his life, and lands him in big financial trouble. Though they're pros when it comes to playing the game, each one has a harder time navigating life off the field.

    Created by Stephen Levinson (HBO’s “Entourage,” “Boardwalk Empire” and “In Treatment”) and executive produced by Stephen Levinson, Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Peter Berg, Evan Reilly, Rob Weiss, Julian Farino and Denis Biggs, BALLERS explores the whirlwind lifestyle and real-life problems of a group of former and current football players. The show kicks off its ten-episode season SUNDAY, JUNE 21 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT), exclusively on HBO.

    BALLERS stars Dwayne Johnson (“San Andreas,” “Furious 7”) as Spencer Strasmore, John David Washington as Ricky Jerret, Omar Miller (“CSI: Miami”) as Charles Greane and Donovan Carter as Vernon Littlefield.

    Other series regulars include Troy Garity (“Barbershop”), Rob Corddry (“Hot Tub Time Machine”), London Brown (“The Hustle”) and Jazmyn Simon.

    June’s episodes:
    Episode #1: “Pilot”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, JUNE 21 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)

    After the unexpected demise of a friend and former teammate, retired football superstar Spencer (Dwayne Johnson) ramps up his efforts to build a post-football career in Miami, and feels pressure from Joe (Rob Corddry), his boss at a financial firm, to “monetize his friendships.” Meanwhile, recently retired player Charles (Omar Miller), copes with the realities of finding a new job. Talented wide receiver Ricky (John David Washington) is forced to put his pride aside to find a new home. Vernon (Donovan Carter), a player on the rise, finds himself in a tight spot and reaches out to Spencer for help.

    Written by Stephen Levinson; directed by Peter Berg.

    Episode #2: “Raise Up”
    Debut date: SUNDAY, JUNE 28 (10:00-10:30 p.m.)

    A cash-strapped Spencer struggles to close a deal when Vernon’s best friend, Reggie (London Brown), refuses to step aside, while Jason (Troy Garity) works hard to renegotiate for his client. On his first day of workouts, Ricky finds that not all his new teammates are friendly. At his new job, Charles finds it hard to keep his mind off the game. At a brunch to talk business, Spencer counsels Vernon to learn from his mistakes.

    Written by Evan Reilly; directed by Julian Farino.

  • 19:51 - Silicon Valley - 2.09 - 2.10 - Press Releases
    Episode 2.09 - Binding Arbitration
    Debut: SUNDAY, JUNE 7 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)

    When Pied Piper and Hooli enter binding arbitration, Erlich (T.J. Miller) demands to be put on the stand. Meanwhile, Big Head (Josh Brener) finds himself propped up, and Richard (Thomas Middleditch) worries Hooli’s claim could have legs. Meanwhile, back at the Hacker Hostel, Jared (Zach Woods), Dinesh (Kumail Nanjiani) and Gilfoyle (Martin Starr) question a philosophical theory and its relation to their livestream.

    Written by Dan O’Keefe; directed by Mike Judge.

    Episode 2.10 - Two Days of the Condor (season finale)
    Debut: SUNDAY, JUNE 14 (10:00-10:30 p.m. ET/PT)

    As the guys await the verdict on Pied Piper’s fate, an unexpected real-life drama draws a spike in traffic to their livestream and leaves them fighting to hold things together – literally. While Erlich considers his future, Richard scrambles to save Pied Piper’s.

    Written and directed by Alec Berg.

  • 19:05 - Tyrant - Episode 2.02 - Enter the Fates - Press Release
    Episode 2.02 - Enter The Fates
    Airs June 23, 10:00 pm e/p
    On the verge of death, Barry scours the desert for salvation. Jamal grapples with the loss of his brother. The reality of Barry’s death sets in upon Molly’s return stateside as she struggles to adjust to normal life. Written by Glenn Gordon Caron; directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton.

  • 16:33 - Ballers - First Look Promotional Poster

  • 11:45 - Aquarius - Starry Mag Interview with Gethin Anthony
    Q) What was it about the premise of the show in general and about your character in particular that turns you on? Why do you want to be part of it?

    A) I think my first and strongest was – reaction was to reading the script from a Saturday morning back in London last year was I got really strong reactions to the authenticity of the dialogue that had been written for the Manson character and the characters around him in that world. I was aware somewhat of that era of history in U.S. history, but it felt – (John’s) dialogue was really authentic for me and so it made me want to dig deeper into understanding the late 60s. And, yes, I think that excitement they could have the courage to make a show about sort of such sensitive subject matter with authenticity excites me.

    Q) I’m curious kind of how much research and preparation you did into Manson before you took on the role?

    A) When I first got the script I was aware that the process of being cast would probably be about a month or maybe a bit longer so all the while I started to read the biographies that are available. One of the useful things about playing such a notorious man is that there’s a wealth of information out there and I am – so I could have almost got sort of snowed under with reading and watching, but it really became about listening to his voice was a very helpful thing that I did. There’s an interview that he did with a studio engineer in 1967 before he was a part of the crimes and imprisons. That I found very useful to take me back to the point in the story – of the history rather that we – that our stories take place. So, yes, it was close listening to his voice. And, also we got once I was into the role we got like a college reading list from our show manager John McNamara. It was a big old list of books and films and music to listen to which is probably the most fun bit. Actually all of it was fascinating, but the music of the era is just fantastic if you haven’t do so. Yes.

  • 11:37 - Stitchers - Starry Mag Interview with Emma Ishta and Kyle Harris
    Q) Emma, is it hard to play Kirsten, having no emotions? Do you ever want to crack a smile or do so without thinking?

    Emma: Yes, it is. It’s definitely a challenge. One of the things I love playing about her is that she is this character who’s not necessarily in line with what most human beings are like and it does change throughout the course of the season. She goes on this real emotional awakening, so it’s been really fun, but also definitely a challenge to track her process throughout the season and where she’s at in terms of her emotional abilities.

    Q) For both of you, what was it that attracted you to your part that made you want to do it?

    Kyle: I think [for] me personally it was just that you’ve got the super smart guy who’s been sheltered in a lab or a science textbook his whole life, but whenever he’s got his banter with Kirsten there’s an attraction and there’s a charm. And yet there’s a one-up battle that happens throughout the entire season between the two of them and the comedy mixed in with this whole procedural science sci-fi jargon that I was most drawn to.

    Emma: The main thing for me is this strong female character; I’m a huge advocate for representations of intelligent and charmed women in TV as I think we all should be. And to that, the opportunity to play Kirsten: this incredibly complex but strong, intelligent female character was really appealing to me and I also love sci-fi. I love fantasy. I love Star Wars; I love Lord of the Rings; anything that has that element in the procedural format, which I think is great for TV. It was definitely appealing.

    Q) What can we expect to see from your characters over the course of the season?

    Emma: Kirsten is a computer science grad student and she gets recruited by this covert government agency to hack into the brains of deceased people. She has this condition called temporal dysplasia that affects her in two different ways. The first way is it affects her ability to comprehend the passage of time, so every moment to her feels as if it’s always been there, like she’s constantly experiencing déjà vu. And it also affects her ability to emotionally connect with herself with her own emotions and also with the emotions of other people. So throughout the season you see her become a part of this crazy program and how that affects her as a human being throughout the course of all the adventures they go on.

    Kyle: Cameron is the head of this Stitchers program that Kirsten is the subject in and you start to see his process. As soon as he meets Kirsten, his world is flipped upside down because now he’s got this beautiful girl inside of his lab that he has to navigate his emotions for, but at the same time feel responsible entirely for because, as you learn throughout the season, there are some things that went wrong in the past in this Stitchers programming and he vows to never have it happen again. So he’s just contemplating his emotions with Kirsten as are they romantic feelings or are they actually just overbearing parental feelings in a way because he’s got such a responsibility to protect her at all costs? You start to see him grow as more of a hero and guy as she pulls him out to the street and basically takes the crime fighting into their own hands and that’s sort of different.

    Emma: They really challenge each other and change each other and draw things out of each other that weren’t there before they met, and interestingly give each other little parts of their own personality.

  • 11:25 - Veep - Episode 4.08 - B/ill - Promo

  • 10:55 - Silicon Valley - Episode 2.08 - White Hat/Black Hat - Promo

  • 10:45 - Aquarius - TVLine Interview - Emma Dumont Talks Coming of Age
    TVLINE | Emma seems in over her head for Aquarius‘ first few episodes. Does she get to a point where she’s comfortable around Manson and his family?

    Emma definitely gets to a place where she’s very comfortable with Manson and the family. I mean, she’s kinda part of the family. She’s in way over her head when she goes in, but I don’t even think she knows she’s in over her head.

    TVLINE | Unlike some of the characters in the series, Emma is a fictional person. Did that help you? Hinder you?

    It definitely has helped me to have not so much a black-and-white guideline of who she is. It leaves things open for me to interpret her how I want, to find my own reasons for her to do these crazy things.

    TVLINE | Did you do research on the murders? On the times?

    I did a ton of research. I think all of us did. I wasn’t around in the ’60s, so [it wasn’t] just researching the characters and what they go through, but also researching the times was a big part of it. Women’s role in society, the music, the clothes…