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Scene Of The Week - May 10, 2015 - POLL

A weekly feature in which we're trying to find the most compelling, best acted, written, directed and just generally great, memorable scenes that we've seen in past seven days on TV.

ARROW, "This Is Your Sword", May 6, 2015, Actors: Rila Fukushima, Karl Yune, The Scene: Tatsu kills Maseo
Daniel van der Veer:
I am no fan of the Hongkong flashbacks but Tatsu and Maseo are an interesting couple. They have gone seperate ways since losing their son Akio and are now pitted against each other in the present. Tatsu ends up killing her husband, after which he thanks her for releasing him from his prison. Tatsu's cry was emotional to see even though I wasn't a big fan of Maseo.

BATES MOTEL, "Crazy", May 4, 2015, Actors: Vera Farmiga, Nestor Carbonell
The Scene: Norma and Romero fight (picked by DarkUFO)

CRIMINAL MINDS, "The Hunt", May 6, 2015, Actors: Matthew Gray Gubler, A. J. Cook
The Scene: Reid figures out JJ is pregnant
Klutzy girl:
I absolutely love his reaction because that scene was adorable.

FOREVER, "The Last Death of Henry Morgan", May 5, 2015, Actors: Ioan Gruffudd, MacKenzie Mauzy, Burn Gorman, The Scenes: Abigail sees Henry return home after he died & Henry incapacitates Adam
Tonya Papanikolas:
While I loved the moment at the end with Henry and Jo, this scene with Abigail left me in awe. It showed so much about the moment that Henry was first able to open up and trust someone. And it was all because of Abigail’s reaction. Instead of questioning him about what in the world happened to him, she just embraced him and felt for what he was going through. In that moment he was finally free – free to be himself and free of his fear. After all, his greatest fear (of someone finding out his secret) had come true, but he hadn’t lost everything. Instead, he gained more than he could have imagined. The scene also set up perfectly the fact that Henry was now getting to the same place with Jo, able to trust her with the truth and let her in like he did with Abigail. I’m really going to miss this show. It was so fun to watch, and I felt like the story was just beginning. I’m very sad it was cancelled but happy that it ended on a great note.
A Dahne: Henry incapacitates Adam.

GOTHAM, "All Happy Families Are Alike", May 4, 2015, Actor: Cory Michael Smith, The Scene: Nygma goes crazy
Tonya Papanikolas:
At first I didn’t know what to think of this scene because it was so different from the rest of the show. But then I found myself loving it. Cory Michael Smith was phenomenal. He commanded the screen as you see Nygma’s personality split apart. He suddenly has two very different sides to him. On one hand he’s a timid forensic scientist who likes riddles and can’t stand up to people. But now he’s also becoming a person who relishes the thrill of killing someone and being able to cover it up. Nygma has been quietly brewing in the background a lot of the time during the season. But as he begins to talk to himself and fight his different personalities, we witness the beginning of The Riddler. The transformation was stunning.

GREY'S ANATOMY, "Time Stops", May 7, 2015, Actors: Ellen Pompeo, Caterina Scorsone, The Scenes: Amelia confronts Meredith about not calling her & Meredith's breakdown in the supply closet
Diana Mack:
Ellen Pompeo and Caterina Scorsone are really two of the best actress on the show. The climax in that scene really gave me shivers. Derek's presence is always there, between those two powerful women; they need to find a good balance to give honour to the SHEPHERD name. Also picked by Jamie Coudeville
Klutzy girl: The raw emotion hurt and I felt so bad for them. Caterina knocked it out of the park again.
Max Conte: Meredith's breakdown in the supply closet. Ellen Pompeo has been fantastic these past few weeks, but that scene was killer. 

GRIMM, "Headache", May 8, 2015, Actor: David Giuntoli
The Scene: Nick sees his dead mom (picked by A Dahne & Diana Mack)

IZOMBIE, "Dead Air", May 5, 2015, Actor: Rahul Kohli
The Scene: Ravi is bitten by SuperRat (picked by A Dahne)

LOUIE, "Untitled", May 7, 2015, Actors: Louis C.K, Ursula Parker
The Scene: Louie freaks out
Max Conte:
Louie freaks out after finding out that Jane watched A Clockwork Orange at her sleepover.

MAD MEN, "Lost Horizon", May 3, 2015, Actors: Elisabeth Moss, John Slattery, The Scene: Peggy and Roger stick around the old SC&P offices
Max Conte:
Peggy and Roger sticking around the old SC&P offices; sharing drinks, him playing music, her skating around.. the scenes were funny and touching. I always loved when these two were together onscreen, so I'm glad we got some more of it before the finale.

NASHVILLE, "Is the Better Part Over", May 6, 2015, Actor: Connie Britton
The Scene: Rayna finally breaks down over Deacon's cancer
Klutzy girl:
Connie was amazing during the breakdown and the scene was so painful. I'm glad they are there for each other.

NCIS, "The Lost Boys", May 5, 2015, Actors: Mark Harmon and more
The Scene: The scene at the airport
Daniel van der Veer:
So Dorneget was the supposedly significant loss in the penultimate episode. While that was expected and not such a big loss to me, the scene at the airport when his body is brought back is quite a good one. Not only was it emotional to see, it also caused Gibbs to see some agents who have died in the past. That was a pretty powerful moment.

NEW GIRL, "Clean Break", May 5, 2015, Actors: Max Greenfield, Hannah Simone and more, The Scene: Schmidt proposes to Cece
Justyna K:
Finally. I absolutely loved these two together since season one. They were always such a fun, lovely couple, one it's hard not to root for. And after years of never being in the right place at the right time, for once, Schmidt found out about Cece's feelings and didn't waste any time to make it clear she's the one for him and decided to propose. And Cece said yes. Congrats to the happy couple. I can't wait to see them planning their lives together in the next season. It's going to be both heartwarming and funny for sure. It was such a great episode, probably one of my favorites, I think. Kudos to the writers, actors and crew for making such a beautiful finale, one that I'll definitely remember for this charming and long-awaited scene.

PERSON OF INTEREST, "YHWH", May 5, 2015, Actors: Michael Emerson and more, The Scene: Finch talks to the Machine
Justyna K:
This scene is probably my favorite one of the entire series. It says so much about the show, the characters and the main story. It's something I always wanted to see but couldn't possibly imagine it being this great. The Machine truly caring about Finch, seeing him as a father, being sorry for letting him down and even willing to die if he doesn't believe in his creation anymore - it was such an emotional and beautifully made moment. As always, unbelievebly well acted by Michael Emerson, who has to be one of TV's most impressive stars. And it changes so much in the dynamics of the show, the Machine's both heartwarming and heartbreaking confession surely changes Finch's perspective and how he feels about her. Also it's the first time for me when it actually feels right to say "her", not "it", when talking about the Machine. It's an amazing thing, this story of all the creators and writers of the show. It just works, far better than anyone could have imagined, and it's incredible. Kudos to this one-of-the-kind, one of the best and stunning shows on TV and everyone responsible for making it! Also picked by DarkUFO

REVENGE, "Plea", May 3, 2015, Actors: Emily VanCamp and more, The Scene: Emily explains how Victoria faked her death
I should be pissed, I should be really, reaaally pissed by how the show tricked me into believing Victoria was dead, I should be pissed at Madeleine Stowe for lying about it. But I'm not. This episode was classic Revenge, fooling us and delivering overly complicated and well executed and the way Emily figured out what Victoria did was truly awesome, it was a moment that felt like vintage Revenge and I loved it. With only one episode left for the series, Revenge has found its pacing in its last couple of episodes and I truly can't wait to see where it goes next.

SCANDAL, "A Few Good Women", May 7, 2015, Actors: Kerry Washington, Scott Foley, The Scene: Jake tells Liv that Russell is just like him
Tonya Papanikolas:
What a great scene. Jake and Russell seem so different from each other. You trust one and hate the other. But then Jake reminds us that the two are actually quite similar. He met Olivia the same way Russell did – all at the behest of her father. I loved Jake’s speech. It let the audience know that Jake really loves Liv. But at the same time it was important for Jake to remind Olivia of who he really was. He doesn’t want her to see him with rose-colored glasses. He needs her to know the true Jake, with his sordid past. She has to accept him for all of that. The speech also reminded Liv how much control her father has over her. As we saw from her response, that’s a subject Olivia is tired of thinking about. I felt like this entire scene showed a lot of interesting character dynamics.

THE BIG BANG THEORY, "The Commitment Determination", May 7, 2015, Actors: Jim Parsons, Mayim Bialik, The Scene: Amy breaks up with Sheldon
By far the most heartbreaking and sadly necessary development of this season; Amy has reached a breaking point in which she can no longer take feeling like she is not as important to Sheldon as she should be, and she finally decides she needs some time to herself to see if the relationship can truly work. It is truly heartbreaking because we can see how saddened both of them are by this decision, and it is even more devastating when Sheldon looks at the engagement ring he got for Amy, unsure as to what to do with it now. As a whole, it was a truly funny, well written and heartbreaking finale that puts the characters in interesting places for next season. Now it's up to the writers to live up to the promise this storyline has.
Diana Mack: After Amy broke up with Sheldon via Skype, he talks with a Gollum action figure, asking what he's supposed to do with that ring. I still don't know if I want Sheldon to get serious with Amy. I'm afraid his character will lost his sense of humour and his sarcasm that made Sheldon one of the best characters on television. But I can't deny this scene left me speechless.
Jamie Coudeville: I haven't had an actual gasp moment in a very long time. But this was definitely one.

THE BLACKLIST, "Karakurt", May 7, 2015, Actors: James Spader, Megan Boone and more
The Scene: The final scene
Daniel van der Veer:
That was a great penultimate episode of The Blacklist and certainly better than season 1's. The Cabal has now framed Liz and it looks like she will be the new FBI's most wanted. It was a great cliffhanger and now I can't wait for the season finale.
Geo N: The final scene where Red informs Liz of the Cabal's ultimate plan to frame her.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, "I'll Wed You in the Golden Summertime", May 7, 2015, Actors: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Chris Wood and more, The Scene: Kai stabs Jo
Jamie Coudeville:
Out of all the ways I saw this episode go, this was not one of them. To stab her on her wedding, in her stomach knowing she's pregnant. Brutal! I'm dying to know if she'll survive (and the babies, but the chance of that isn't likely). Can't Alaric get his happy ending for once?

Justyna JJ Kubica
22. Student. SpoilerTV Writer. Loves Movies, TV Shows (The 100, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Person Of Interest, Arrow, Supernatural (especially 1-5), Agents Of SHIELD, Doctor Who, Fringe, The Musketeers, Psych, etc.) and Books (Harry Potter!). Fantasy & SciFi geek! Scene Of The Week articles author. Writes reviews for Doctor Who, Sherlock & The Musketeers. Member of SpoilerTV team since 27th November 2011.
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