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POLL : What did you think of Game of Thrones - The Gift?

25 May 2015


  1. Now this is what I call catharsis

  2. This has been the best season yet for Lena Headley. I've noticed a lot of people have not liked this season as much as others but I for one have been enjoying it. This season just has slowed down since season 4 was so crazy.

  3. Really enjoyed this episode. Now Cersei will taste her own poison, can't wait to see what's next for her.

  4. Those tits!

  5. Sansa is on her own. I wonder what she will do with that corkscrew.

  6. I didn't expect Tyrion to actually meet Dany so soon, thought they would drag it out a but more.

    What did Sansa pick up on the bridge? Looked like a cork screw. Hopefully it's something she can used to escape, kill Ramsay or help Stannis if he makes it to Winterfell. Speaking of Stannis, please don't let him or that Red Witch kill Shireen. I'll never forgive him if he goes through with it. Although, sadly I worry that his nutjob with will go behind his back and kill poor Shireen if he refuses.

    Hi Ghost! So nice to see him again, he should always have Sam/Gilly's back.

    I don't think I ever enjoyed a Cersei scene more, watching her smug ass get hoisted on her own petard was glorious.

    The stuff in Dorne was boring but I'm glad Bronn isn't going to die...not yet anyway.

  7. To be honest. I don't give a damn about this show. I only watch because of The women. And I have to say, heeeeeeello Rosabell Laurenti Sellers.

  8. Another solid episode with some great scenes!

    - Reek, Reek. It rhymes with Weak!
    - Sansa's attempt to look inside Reek to find a rescuer in Theon failed miserably... Maybe now she will look inside herself... Although I expect Brienne to play a large hand in the rescue...
    - Ramsay flaying the northern woman was just dreadful, albeit expected. Displaying her in public like that may not have been a wise move though... The North remembers!

    The Wall:
    - I was sad to see Maester Aemon die. Not only because he had provided some incredible scenes this season, but his death ocurring earlier than the books may suggest Sam will not travel to Oldotwn. I hold out some hope yet though since the new locations for next season would lend themselves to Oldtown so perfectly...
    - It was so nice to see Sam find his courage even after being bloodied.
    - Two words: "...Pink Mast..." XD
    - One word: Ghost!

    King's Landing:
    - I want a QOT spin-off! Game of Thorns?
    - Her scenes were incredible tonight.. as were all the High Sparrow scenes!
    - I have always considered Cersei a character I have no sympathy for.... The upcoming episodes (and one scene in particular) may test that...

    - I'm glad they kept seduction and poison as part of Tyene's character, but it did feel a bit much.
    - It was worth it to keep Bronn alive! Wow, Jerome Flynn has an amazing voice...
    - Hi Jaime.. Bye Jaime...

    - I loved Tyrion demanding to be bought since he is a dangerous and deadly warrior as well!
    - BEAR ATTACK! Ser Mormont went on a rampage to impress his queen, but got no joy. Ugh!
    - At least Tyrion was able to get free (thanks giant man) to make an impression!

    Overall this was another good episode with some strong performances. I loved the scenes in King's landing in particular.

  9. I just wanted to share this in regards to last weeks episode :) I thought it was funny.

  10. About time Cersei reaps what she sows. Great scene between Olenna and Littlefinger. I hope Sansa finds a way to escape after getting some revenge first.

  11. Much better episode, well except for Dorne, it just seems so thirdary to everything else...

    -Oh, Theon, you are really gonna be dead, me thinks.
    -Sansa, yep definitely scared, but plotting. I still think her wrath is still coming...especially when I think about a single candle flame, Oh the Lord of Light...and the corkscrew might be a more twisted plot than it seems...
    -Def fear for Shireen now, but glad at least Stannis held his ground for now.
    -Those blows to Samwell's head were some of the ugliest blows I recall seeing in while!!
    -Love that Lancel was a loose end to bring Cersei down a few notches, but now I am wonder if what is coming will actually change her in this version?

    -Nice to see such emotion coming from both Tommen and Mercylla.
    -Goodbye lovely Aemon...end of an era it seems
    -And Jorah and his gift...well, this should be interesting!
    -And should I say goodbye to Bronn too? I don't see this ending well for him.

  12. My favorite episode of the season, yes or yes.

  13. So we had to wait 7 episodes for this season to actually ammount to something. And it's about to end. Can't say I'm impressed.

  14. Surely even the most hardened book fans can I agree that out of all the changes Tyrion meeting Dany now rather than the slog of book 5 and probably most of book 6 is one change we can agree is worth it! I thought it might happen in the finale but great that we have a few more episodes yet.

    Oh Cersei thinking she is Queen, she always thinks she is cleverer than she actually is. Even in chains, even in the dirt Margaery is stronger than Cersei and she has nothing on the real queen of King's Landing, Lady Olenna.

  15. Yet another rape-y scene that wasn't included in the books. I didn't think this show would sink this low in quality but I am not going to give up in the middle of the season.

  16. I didn't think it possible but i find Ramsey even more despicable than Joffrey!

    Not sure what Sansa picked up but i hope she gets to use it like in the next episode.Ramsey must suffer a slow and painful death. Okay, not slow, but Painful,please!

    and Cersi getting a taste of just deserts?! Oh how the mighty are falling!

    I'm missing Tyrion,Jamie and Breinne,especially after last season.

  17. I have been waiting for that decision to come back and bite Cersei in the ass and now it has. Finally!

    Whatever Sansa picked up, I hope she uses it against Ramsey. I do love though how she called him a bastard straight to his face even though he's been "naturalized" and threw in his face that if his step-mother's child is a boy, he'll likely no longer be the heir.

    I can't see Stannis sacrificing his daughter, especially after the beautiful moment they had a few episodes back. Selyse however...I think she'd jump at the chance to sacrifice her child to the Lord of the Light... Either way, I'm very worried for Shireen.

    It's weird I feel like this season has been so slow...but maybe that's because the characters are just too spread out and on top of that they've added more...regardless I've heard the next three episodes are going to be crazy. Can't wait to see how it all ends.

  18. there are some websites for that, you know...

  19. so many gifts giving in this one, I like Gilliy's the most :)

  20. Agree on most of this. The episode is an improvement from last week. Didn't care that much for the Wall scenes, save the Sam stuff. I think everyone expected Reek to fold under pressure. And I remember Sam going to Oldtown with Gilly was also to prevent what almost happened to her.

    As for the whole Jorah and Tyrion meeting Dany now, this should be interesting as we are officially in unknown territory not covered by the books.

  21. For what?? Masturbate?? Only because I like to see beatiful and hot women on TV?? Don't need internet. Cable provide me that. And in prime time. That is The best.

  22. HA! And you will never the full extent of it. Joffrey was a spoiled brat. A victim of that terrible person that he had for a mother. Ramsay is in a whole different league. One of the few characters in ASOIF that is pure evil.

  23. This season has been light on Tyrion screen time!
    Considering he has had the most scene in the series overall by far.. Maybe he needed to take a step back to let others move forward, but damn! I miss seeing more of him each week!

  24. Agreed about Sam and Gilly's reason for leaving...

    I've been so unsure if they will include Oldtown or not. Part of me thinks it's unavoidable if the books play out as I expect, but part of me thinks the TV adaptation could be different enough to not need it as well...

    My first real hope was hearing some of the location scouting reports earlier this month! Since then I can see how last night's episode hints at it.... Maybe. I hope!

    I'm not sure how much they will resemble what happens in upcoming books since the circumstances may be so different, but... I am looking forward to Tyrion and Dany scenes! First time I've looked forward to Dany scenes... It feels weird! XD

  25. yeah, shame this show waste so much precious time just to please people like you, who dont enjoy the series just wanna see some nudity...

  26. Nudity is a bonus. I just wanna see gorgeous women. If they are in clothes or not I'll be happy either way.

  27. I feel like both Joffery and Cersei are byproducts of some deep seeded fear and over compensating for cowardliness, which I have more empathy for, especially in Cersei's case (not that I don't think she deserves what's coming), but Ramsey just seems full fledged psychotic!!!

  28. I am the only onw who liked the episode because of Littlefinger and Olenna?

  29. In the books they went to Oldtown to get Mance Rayder's child away from Melisandre.

  30. True, with the added benefit of getting Gilly away from some of the less moral Night's Watchmen.

  31. I have had enough of Sam and Gilly. Their scenes are really beginning to bore and annoy me.

    Other than those 2, it was a good episode.

  32. When this sadistic bastard gets his i will rejoice! Yes i will! Lolololo!!!

    I think i was spoiled last season having Tyrion in almost every episode. His scenes were just so moving,powerful and heartbreaking its a shame his storyline was reduced so much....
    Things do seem to be picking up and i have high hopes these last 3 episodes will be exciting!

  33. Here i am whining about Tyrion's lack of airtime this season but Jamie is also in the same boat! There are just too many characters in too few episodes for everyone to have the spotlight all the time ...but damn,i miss that guy!

    Reek! OMG Reek.. For one second i thought i saw a glimmer of Theon,for a second i had hope for him and Sansa... I didn't care for Theon but to be reduced to this,to be so broken, in such despair is almost to much to watch.

  34. Those blows were something! I thought he was a gonner for a sec and I cheered him on when he stood up being so brave and willing to get his ass kicked or killed standing up to them,defending her honor!

  35. I thought for a second he was goner too! Such an underrated character, but I was glad for this scene, because it kind of helps justify thematically what's happening to some of the other characters like Sansa, Margaery, Jaime...they have been having little luck....

  36. I def think they had great scenes together and it was a friendly reminder that part of what's happening is because of that relationship. But both characters are delight on screen, even if I despise Petyr Baelish's methods and constantly question his motives, I can't deny that he is very well versed and a self made man.

  37. I'll be really surprised if these last three don't amaze most of us! I don't mind a slow burn too much, as long as burns to a sizable roaring flame! :D

  38. I think Joffrey was also pure evil. Sure he was spoiled, whatever, but I think he was also evil by himself. And he was also a psycho.
    However, it's ironic that Sansa escaped Joffrey, and got Ramsay instead. Poor girl.

  39. I don't agree. I am going to assume you haven't read the books. Cersei is the problem. The kid never stood a chance, being her firstborn and groomed to succeed the King. Sure he displayed some psychopathic tendencies and stuff, but I firmly believe it was due to her influence and poisoning ever since he was born. Ramsay, like I said is a whole different category of evil on his own. Joffrey would turn worse no doubt about it, but take away all the wealth and power, and he was nobody and not a threat to anyone.

    oh, and she was never supposed to get Ramsay...But yes, I believe she is missing Joffrey xD.


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