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POLL : What did you think of Atlantis - Series Finale?

16 May 2015

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  1. Frustrating ending. No chance of anyone picking it up for that third season. :(

  2. Come on Sky1 finish this for us PLEASE don't know how BBC can finish it like this

  3. Just like the BBC to finish a series before it's all resolved please give it the Firefly/Serenity treatment and give us a tv movie.

  4. seems unlikely with how they treated this second season.

  5. I think the word Frustrating needs to be added to the list

  6. just watch season 3-5 of Merlin to find out what would have happened.

  7. just watch Merlin. Atlantis is the same exact show with different characters and a different "legend" everything else is the same.

  8. I share the frustration of many others re.the cliffhanger-without-possibility-of-resolution ending, something which is all too common with BBC drama series. However, I did enjoy the finale, particularly the Daedalus / Icarus scenes - I loved their banter about the wings. There were, however, one or two wtf? moments: how, for example, did they get hold of all the wedding paraphernalia while on the run in the middle of the forest? And how did Icarus know where exactly Jason and co. were hiding and so to drop the firebombs right outside that building?

  9. Lol! You are probably right!

  10. I'm probably one of the few who isn't upset with the ending. In this show the character of Jason was a combination of the mythological Jason and Theseus. Cassandra's vision at the end showed that the story was headed toward the myth of Jason & the Argonauts. Ariadne was going to be abandoned on the island of Naxos where she will eventually meet and marry the god Dionysus. Not sure where they would've taken Jason in the show. In mythology he has 2 sons with Medea but because he breaks his vow to love her forever he dies alone and lonely.

  11. To be honest, I would not have watched series 3 anyway. As a huge Jason and Ariadne fan, the writers have really ruined their love story. In season 1, he was completely in love with Ariadne. She was everything to him. It was a storyline that many viewers loved. And then flash forward to season 2, and he has these strong feelings for Medea. And even the wedding with Jariadne didn't make me feel good. I hate triangles in general. And the idea that Jason still had feelings for Medea really turned me off. And I just felt bad for Ariadne. She proposed to him and told him that she loves him. I don't think Jason ever really told her ILY. So I don't know. For fans who watched for just the mythology/other characters, I guess they'd still watch. But Jariadne fans were definitely slapped in the face this season for sure. I feel bad for the actors losing their jobs, obviously. But as a viewer, I would not have watched next season anyway.

  12. This is why I hate UK shows and don't trust them to continue. Back to only Doctor Who, and waiting 2-3 years for Sherlock.

  13. Remember how the very first episode started? He fell off a boat Completely delirious he wakes up in Atlantis. It's rather obvious how it was meant to finish. Picked up by another boat full of the people he'd met in Atlantis.
    At least that's my guess.


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