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POLL : What did you think of Atlantis - Kin?

9 May 2015

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  1. Good episode, a step up from last weeks one I thought. Only one episode to go now, until the end due to the double bill finale next week, but it doesn't quite feel like it's been a big build up to it in many ways. The long hiatus and then Medusa storyline has made the pacing seem a little off in this tail end unfortunately I feel. With the two rumoured big deaths next week I can see the series being a bit of a blow for many of the viewers :(

  2. add to that where they chose to end the first hakd seemed abrupt, almost thought it was cancelled right there and then I forgot it about it. So almost no build up at all for me. Looks we might get a half way decent ending after all.

  3. I'm concerned about how they're going to properly round off the series with only two episodes left. Hoping for more Pythagoras/Icarus next week - we still haven't got that candle scene from the trailer! Praying it hasn't been deleted.

  4. Sorry but who are these big rumoured deaths? It's a pity I feel it's difficult to find people who like to discuss this great (at least for me!) series!

  5. Hi there, I've found it hard to find people to discuss the show with too, lol. At Xmas, before the cancellation was announced, it was rumoured that Juliet Stevenson, Sarah Parish and Mark Addy were all leaving with their characters dying. Since the Oracle has now died, I have come to believe that the other two may well be true too, but it is only a rumour.

  6. I get the feeling that scene will be Icarus confessing his betrayal perhaps?

  7. Indeed, I do wonder when the decision came in to split the season up, it feels like it was after the episodes were written,


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