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Outlander - Episode 1.16 - To Ransom a Man's Soul - Promos *Updated*

24 May 2015

Update: 24th May

Australian Promo

Promo #2

Original Promo


  1. OMG awful!!!!! SAVE JAMIE PLZZZ

  2. Alexandra Finet17 May 2015 at 10:36

    this week was hard, this episode would be worst ...

  3. What did Murtagh say??, "The only way to save or to see Jamie??

  4. If and I think that will be loyal to the second book, do not expect good things ...... 😡😖😭😭😵

  5. It's definitely going to be harder to watch this episode but please try for the sake of all the hard work these fantastic actors have put in. The viewing figures were down last week due to all the warning hype that went on beforehand
    . I find it hard to put aside visuals that are as disturbing as the ones witnessed last week and even though I keep reminding myself that it is acting: the fact is, that this drama and the entire production within, has been of such high quality, that it's hard to remember that as you watch.
    But that just makes me realise how privileged we are to be able to have this experience.
    So come all you fans : Be strong and get viewing - We have to see this through- We owe it to ourselves and the actors .
    We have been promised that the episode does end on a much happier note.

  6. Well said indeed. For the true fans...we know the who, what, where of the journey of Jaime and Claire. We loved the books. We read the passages. The series is done so beautifully, the actors, writers, producer...all involved have put their heart and soul into bringing it to us via the screen and staying true to the plots. We owe it to them to remain faithful.

  7. That new promo looks brutal. Damn.

  8. Mother of GOD that spanish promo! I'm already in shock.

  9. Ha!!, in Latin America we're getting the season finale one day before.

  10. These last episodes shape the lives of Jamie and Claire in the books ahead. It is never forgotten. If we love these characters, we have to read it or view it all... to understand their one of a kind journey thru their lives. Be brave and watch this phenomenal show where the finale's resolution will be that much more profound.


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